Hello! My name is Amy Sturkey. I am a
pediatric physical therapist. I am here with my Myla who is two and a half
years old. She is close to walking, but not walking yet. She can walk with two
hands held and sometimes with one hand held. So the things to think about when
you are walking your child is the lower you hold the hands the less support
you are giving. So if I am holding her and walking her like this, I am giving her a
lot of help. If I’m holding her hands lower, I am giving her less help. That is
true whether you have got one hand held. Up higher is more support. Lower is less
support. I do not think it is surprising that every time I lower her
hand, she sits down. There we go. One of the things is…early on, I let them
hold on to me when they’re walking so they can work on that strength
themselves to hold on and walk. But as a kid gets better and better at walking,
when they are holding on very tight and getting lots of help from you, I start
encouraging families to hold on to the back of their forearms. Uh-oh. What
happened? You are looking a little uncomfortable. Walk…mmm…Let me get
behind you. Okay. Walking holding onto the back of their forearms and that way you
can control how much support you are giving her to walk. So when you are
controlling the support you can be somebody who is rock steady as you walk
her or you can be someone who gives a whole lot less steady support.
Let’s go, sweet pea. Here we go. Let’s go.
mm-hmm And so the second one was an example of me giving less support. So you
want to find if you are giving more support than she needs to try to back
off and give less support either by taking the hand down lower or holding on
to her and being a less solid support. I hope that is helpful. I will see you
next time.