Hi folks I’m Bob Shrupp physical therapist.Brad heineck
physical therapist, and together we are the most famous most famous physical therapists on internet. In our opinion, of course Bob.We’re
gonna do a 9 minute workout that replaces one hour of the gym now I know
you’re gonna. I’m a little skeptical Bob I’ll work with you.
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I and Brad as children we’re not liked and now we’re trying to
turn that all around. So this nine minute workout, what we’re gonna do.
We’re gonna do the workout and then after the workout that’s when
we’ll take questions and we’ll take questions on anything if you’re having
trouble with your love life. Stick to physical therapy. A broken heart, that’s right. Before you want to do any workout
of course you’re going to want to do a little warm-up. You can warm up too. Lets go, do some jumping jacks.
One thing that’s really good to warm up your shoulders Brad, is
shoulder circles. Yeah. Take a deep breath it’s really important to get that
breathing in when you’re doing your workout. Brad used to be a karate
instructor, by the way, if you get a chance, you should get his book, it’s down in the
link below Our favorite items. Yeah. Yeah, alright so the first
exercise we’re going to do, let’s see it 2:30 so this should work out pretty good Brad. I’m
gonna do a reverse lunge and by the way, I forgot to mention this Brad.
Go ahead. These are, we’re using bands today you do not need to use bands but
if you want to make it tougher and you want to kind of work on your posture
and everything while you’re working out these work out really well this is by
Can Do. Its actually a variation of Can Do. Get it out Bob. Supr Band
It’s made by FBI, but it’s a Can Do band. Right. And we have those
below. These are latex-free, this one. They have no irritating powder. They have no
powder so we like them.Give them some love.
All right so okay, we’re at 3:18. I’m gonna wait 10 seconds. Okay yeah. So we can get
on the 30 seconds mark. This is gonna help the upper extremity. So I’m putting my arms together like this I’m gonna do reverse
lunges to start off. So I’m going back I’m trying to have my knees not go in
front of my toes so these take a little bit of exercise, as you can see I’m
working my posture and I’m working on my lowers at the same time as you can see
I’m starting to get out of breath already, right Brad? I wouldn’t say he’s
working on really bringing the shoulder blades back right back in there that’s
what you really want to focus on this is not going to get your heart rate up but
it’s going to improve your body mechanics overall you know 30 seconds
seems like a long time it does Rob okay ain’t going all right next one I want to
I’m still go on breath yeah all right now interval training that’s what this
is you want to start off with a high intensity exercise and then follow up
with more a more moderate exercise this would be the moderate actions right I’m
trying to catch my breath now the nice thing about our exercise program is
we’re not only doing a moderate exercise but we’re doing a therapeutic at you
guys for the back at the scene this is good for your back and it prepares my
off my chest push it for me.these push-ups which I’m going to do next all
these should be paid for you if you’ve got a back problem this hurts do not do
it now you can do this modify you can do off your knees like this and then pull
up like this then pull up like this you know I know
even out beside or he can be a real group might
be my bowl push up pull push pull oh okay red take care of all right does
that work I’d like to do the double crunch where I’m gonna bring my knees up
and my butt but it’s coming off the table not just my knees coming up so I
want to get the foot off the table and the shoulders we’re going to keep my
head from going yeah he’s keeping his back straight as
Bacchus is protected here I’m doing a nice job on it I’m all right every
second story wow you’re doing squats because I feel strong like bulls are
there again working on posture working on lowers at the same time a wide angle
squats there thanks deep squat I’ve got my feet further apart so I’ve got good
balance and I’m certain the fields from these forty I watch going through your
obliques now I think about this the scratches are back at the same thing so
it feels good we all rise for the full purpose here all night asking which we
couldn’t remember the other day so all right Brad you’re done oh okay these are
burpees I don’t like to go all the way down to the floor so I just do bed
burpees because old so that’s because I’m all right so you’re gonna go down
back and they’re like oh oh oh can you tell me when I’m Brad but see this be
like this burr because it’s not so her the low back especially because the back
problems much better for your back well Bob you’re done love it you better
believe it okay let’s see where we are now later
dog pointed on okay this is my relaxed one again a wonderful core exercise for
the back muscles because that’s definitely part of your course not just
your abs peasants over there yeah there you go
I had a patient and he hunted and do this we called it the flavour dog and I
said yes yeah that’s exactly is doing and I make a good dog
oh yeah this dog can hunt okay Brad I think you’re up Oh forward lunge with
triceps take this along my back lure on the back I’m going to do a deep lunge
and I’m go to one two three triceps you can do five or ten if you really want to
but this is a nice one on those quads okay I’m kidding my posture I’m not
getting all around and all over a good strong posture for a because he’s
talking yeah when I get to rest for Brad so I’m gonna do a hip abduction and I do
these on the ball actually but this is one way to do it and actually want to
get up like oh yeah are you gonna go up like this keeping the foot straight
forward this isn’t exactly a rest for me Bob but you need this a nice core work
and hip work I don’t I mean it’s not high-end and all her stunts like you Bob
but like me I would have run around with her all right the next one is actually
similar to this I’m gonna do two side planks so these aren’t really as high
intensity as some of the other ones we’ve been doing good so you’re doing a
plank and you’re pulling up at the same time here take you again go out up up
that the shoulder complex is really getting this good nice for a cause there
as well yeah listen I’m breathing it’s making me work that’s actually what
I’m going to do about it something go to the other side start walking in circles
otherwise that’s a big problem all you’re doing
yeah okay yeah yeah okay while you’re doing this all right left I need to do it on the
right so I’m gonna just go ahead and do some hip abduction your honor I’m
resting for you you look tired here I am but notice I’m the hip abduction to try
to keep the body in a straight line if you’re looking down don’t let the foot
come way out in front like this yeah one thing by the way you’re actually working
both of them this one is working almost as hard as this one right it’s holding
me up all right so you’re gonna find out that that one’s going to be fatigued all
right now I’m going to do reverse lunges with curls to lemma take the blue band
I’m gonna put it underneath my blue shoe which you karate can’t see and I’m gonna
reverse and then I can do some pull-ups while I’m doing there you go pull us I’m
not pull-ups girls girls girls that’s right so Han I got a switch and go to
the other side Brad my legs won’t be even all right and we’re coming down to
Brad that’s exercise oh really we’re gonna cool down we are gonna cool
down yeah we got this after I cool down so again it’s a plank and I’m just going
off to the side here Brad and I we don’t like just pure
planks we like movement with planks yeah what would those be called blankies I
don’t know what do you call something with movement
well that would be plank with the movement okay all right and then we just
cool down literature biggest among cool it now for me by others relax the
breathing slow your breathing down and everything else is going to follow
you’ve got this shallow breathing it’s not so good well yeah there’s a easier
way to do mountain climbers oh she can do them at all but if she can’t I mean
if you can stir him at all what you do is to start him this way
just do a step don’t do them so fast just do them slowly like this I mean
it’s a lot lot easier and it’s kind of like again a plank of mu’min a plank e
right it actually someone did it so you have to have a bench to do these extras
oh no no no we don’t want you this strictly for for visually or videos here
now that we can do it without having or care of going up knocks what do i’m
doing on the floor open it floor the ideal client good
question we have smart people clear Lani anything I’m just trying to read it okay
Iceland I am an artist and a student and sit on a wooden stool for several hours
sits on a sort of artisan sciatica pain and you’re gonna quit so he sits on a
wooden stool during class I wouldn’t first off recommend that I don’t know
who your instructor is but I would put your stool in the back of the class and
I would try to stand up every small sure right when you have sciatica you want to
avoid sitting much as possible the city does make your
problem worse and I don’t know how tall this personal stool is but if this is
sure to avoid see if you can get a taller one or even one that’s almost you
don’t have the citizen right oh no they have city half standing right then you
can all take stand and sit if your table or your I don’t know if you’re working
on a easel or what right you know justify mean is if you can stand most of
the class you’re going to want to do that and then also we have a whole
series of exercise you can do for sciatica but if you can do this one
without increased pain if you can go ahead and put your hands behind your
back and stretch back this way every few you know every 20 minutes or so that’s
going to help counteract them city that you problem with with sciatica so can we
have a whole playlist of videos with sciatica and we’re not going to do it
justice here but that was a good question really the city okay so lady
has plantar fasciitis and she wants to have low-impact exercises lift up when
you’re in the throes of plantar fasciitis I don’t want you doing bouncy
stuff or any water on you don’t wanna I mean you want to avoid pills right and
you’re going to get that cured first to some extent I mean calm down you know
one stretch I’m just going to show one stretch surfer I mean if you just when
you wake up in the mornings if you can take your hand I’m gonna go ahead and
take my stool or even and if you go ahead and take your hand and you know
pull your toes toward you and you’re gonna stretch that and hold fast band
before you even get out of bed and actually this point about pulling the
toes off is a critical point that a lot of people don’t get so that that can
make a big difference but if you do this right out of bed in the morning go into
it gently might be a little yeah seriously most people when they first
get out of bed that’s the problem they have they get that sharp pain yeah so
you should do this stretch before you get out of it and put your shoes on
right away right don’t walk barefoot as far as I mean low-impact but you can
bike right sure alright you could swim oh wonderful option yeah yeah if that’s
available out of people available but only a stationary bank or
bicycle or elliptical yeah be fine so all those things would be your little
impact there’s responsive we’ve got a number of videos on plantar fascitis in
more details I got a nice playlist question one of the person asked about
can use dumbbells as a surer band for absolutely right
lutely there are some advantages to the thinner band or a number one it’s
lighter and that provides in some ways better exercise because it’s resistance
only sure you can do you’re not going to get the postural yeah with dumbbells
exercise which really are you know dumbbell up here you’re strengthening
the shoulder you’re not pulling the shoulders back it’s right so you can do
it but this is designed that just for getting your heart rate up or for
therapeutic reasons for plasticulture back issues I mean certainly with the
lunges forward and doing curls but that would be really good that’s the big
difference between exercise program designed by therapists and one designed
by someone who just wants to get your heart rate up and tired or even
ourselves on the healthy okay it’s getting better but I still have a little
sorry my triceps and my thumb is still English I got from work I love that when
those four villa windows and was wondering is okay for me to return back
to you have some windows that be a little bit tough on yeah I mean the
tingling is usually the last thing that it goes away I don’t know what you’re
doing for exercises but generally you know we work on the McKenzie technique
again we have a video on that but generally you know it’s the hip forward
that makes the pain worse and you want to eventually work on getting you NIC
back further and further and that often makes the tingling go away I mean you
need to get that tingling gone before I go back to any heavy lifting because I
think you’re just going to get right back into where you were if you do
I’m not sure what you mean by lifting up windows putting up windows
yeah installing them Steve is asking at COPD if that’s the
case this particular routine is probably to a roll baby I know it’s too hard on
you yeah unless you could go through it and slow slow to speak slow motion to
get the postural benefits and the strength but slow down so you don’t have
or just take some breaks multiple breaks right I have the COPD by the way we did
a video on that where we had people using a harmonica and that’s become more
popular again the blowing you blowing out of a harmonica oh really good
training for COPD is fine like first breathing yeah kind of replicates good
that’s the musical talent you could start yeah so a win-win situation there
so on the tailbone when he bent forward in bed okay
pain the tailbone even though it’s in the tailbone I’m still thinking it’s
coming from the back more likely than not and you can see especially I feel
bad and you lean forward like this you know you’re bending the back and it
actually is often referred pain down into that tailbone so I mean what I
would try again if you don’t have any problems with your back that you know us
like spirals also anything I would try and press up like this to see if that
takes away the pain going down into your tailbone sure sure and you know you do
these only up to the point where it doesn’t hurt you having you don’t go
into a painful range you don’t lift your pelvis up like this you keep your pelvis
down and you can do the short arch to start off with and then eventually work
all the way up right that’s why we did this turn the exercise program keep your
back in shape right make sure they aren’t creating pain I’m Dyana thoughts
about seeing at a computer nine hours a day that she’s talking about how can she
do some exercises throughout the day well one good one is that that third
band one right that’s a good posture one we actually have a video with a two
minutes sighs for people specifically that sit
at a desk laughs oh yeah and it’s a and you turn it on it’s 2 minutes you can go
through it that would be a good option two minutes I’m having the exact time little Bobby rad-foot 2 minute workout
and a desk or computer workstation I think they’ll pop up yeah and you know
like this is a good posture and that’s what I mean like this band here you just
put your hands together and you squeeze back like this and this is just a good
way to you know it’s going to strengthen the muscles that need strengthening and
you can also go up like this and then come down like this now we’re stretching
and strengthening at the same time just a real simple one easy to have at your
desk because it’s so lightweight you can put in your pocket so Lonnie while
you’re a lane okay yeah that’s a tough one in there I would do two things on
the plane the question was any recommendations for sciatica flare up
all your own plane you want to pull it Cheryl sure so one thing you’re going to
want to definitely do is you’re going to want to take you know some type of
cushion with maybe you’re cushioning your breath
I’ve got a friend Pacific flight Las Vegas Monday and she is going to get one
of these what’s your shoulder on so this is Brad’s favorite cushion there I’m
gonna do it you want to keep the back a slight arch into it because the more you
rough backgrounds out the worse it makes your sciatica right so you’ve gotta do
something I mean you could take one of the pillows from the plane too sure but
I always bring a cushion along yeah always something bring a couple of a lot
of times even to kind of get myself seated I have even rolled up my cold one
in my car yeah my cold but anything to help support that low back in an arch
position so it’s not rounding because a lot of airplane seats are rounded out
and they just do not promote good healthy posture this happens to be a
memory foam so it really works it’s yes down in our list recommended list for
Amazon on YouTube I also you know as much as difficult it is if you can stand
up in a plane I can’t even stand up in a plane I mean I’m sure the short line he
laughs at that so she can’t even imagine that neither
no it’s not that I but you can also stick and if you can tolerate these do a
couple extension like this sure that really helps too
so now we never we got more than one request for a hip flexor stretch can you
join us a couple our show a couple one actually you’re stretching the hip
flexor when you just do this but the one I do is I usually put a pillow down and
then I go like this I’ll grab on to something and and this is really
stretching this hip extensor our flexure quite well yeah so put a pill there
doing it on the floor of course not on your table I’m keeping a good posture
although we found out if you go like this to bread it does she likes to do it
that we tried it I still like this little then I do it this way sometimes
I’ll finish up my commentary so you can obviously get both of them you can also
do it you can do it on come up to a bend like this just back like this and I’m
leading up like the tennis so it’s another way to stretch it good muscle to
stretch because when you’re sitting all day that tightens up and it actually you
know it tightens up so you need to stretch it out and I’ll pull your bed a
little pull on your back and make you have but bad posture so anything else
Elly’s wondering it’s a good general question hi Ali
how do you find any good physical therapists any red flags for someone who
maybe you don’t want to see I guess what Bob and I are both probably agree and
we’re very strong and agree with Mackenzie rather Mackenzie’s especially
of neck and back pain you know they’re they emphasize how to take care of
yourself you’re going to go away learning huh how to help yourself not
just get treated and then absolutely right right and we’re in the book if you
type in again bottom Brad and you two are in on YouTube or and then put in
Mackenzie MC ke + zi e it’ll come up and shows you shows you how to find a
therapist locator you no matter where you are in the world they get there like
I think affects you more than that now but yeah all over so and they’ll show
generally you’ll find one in your area and you really can’t go wrong this these
are usually pretty smart therapists that are going on and usually they I would
have to say that’s you know you get certified and those those authors a
certified therapist you know your hours yeah pelota
a lot of time in there they’re learning the philosophy of treatment like is
teach you to help yourself not just go get treated very good starting point and
that’s the people I’m here looking for they want to learn how to help them sell
right my goodness exercise for lower back it’s going to depend on what your
problem is but generally overall I would say 80% of the population the best
exercise to do is that one I was showing this one right here were you go ahead
and work on extension because our days are spent bending forward like this so
it’s so good to actually extend it the opposite direction and keeps your back
out of trouble by doing these Brandi come up with anything there you just Brandon appears by the way if you don’t
know they don’t mix its oil and water well for tight milania’s the question
said on Facebook what do you do for tight muscles it really is stretching
and we actually are coming out this week with the whole stretching program that
we did using the stretch house crown we went from head to toe with this thing
this is very inexpensive these are great for stretching I start using it because
I’m getting back back behind on my hamstring and what’s nice it’s got
multiple loops they’re really easy to use but like so I do my hamstring every
morning I did this morning and I just get down like this and I can
pull back I can push down even and then pull back again and push down and that’s
called protract and laughs and he actually stretches the muscle even more
and so you can you can stretch virtually on every muscle on the body using the
stretch I’ll strap again it’s going to be coming up within the next week stay
tuned on our channel you’ll see that so that’s it for me but remember of
comments but some of the comments are are pretty specific and it actually
would over this it’s kind of hard to get in the F so I have to person or party to
look it over they’ll come over make your face oh yeah one more lie your way oh
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we’re gonna have to say goodbye huh oh yeah so long goodbye fun of war