some home remedies to control diabetes
green D this D is unfermented and hence has high poly phenyl content which has
strong antioxidant and hypo glycemic effects the poly phenyl health in
controlled release of blood sugars cinnamon water it is an effective way of
treating diabetes at home drinking cinnamon with warm water or on an empty
stomach helps increase the metabolism drumstick leaves the fiber content in
them increases the feeling of satisfaction and slows the breakdown of
food almonds eating soaked almonds every day in the morning also helps keep
diabetes in check mathé overnight soaked methi seeds are considered a very
effective remedy tomato juice tomato juice with salt and pepper on an empty
stomach every morning also helps in controlling
diabetes high-fiber vegetables vegetables such as broccoli beans
spinach peas and leafy vegetables should definitely be included in one’s daily
diet fiber can help you feel full and satisfied and may help regulate the
blood sugar levels since people with diabetes are at double the risk for
cardiovascular complications fibers ability to lower cholesterol and blood
pressure levels is a great way to improve heart health
pulses pulses should be considered an important part of the daily diet in
diabetic people the carbs impulses do not affect the blood like other carb
sources pulses are a very rich source of protein fruits aha
many people believe that diabetic people should not consume fruits as they are
sweet in nature though that is true but not for all fruits some fruits like
mangos grapes and banana contain high sugar and should be avoided but fruits
like papaya pear apple guava orange are high in fiber and can be consumed