you see this deltoid pump this is the consequence of the work that you guys are just about to do for reference I'm personally using pair twenty pound dumbbells let's get into this thing good luck all right so we're gonna kick this off here by beginning with the shoulder wheel we're gonna start with the first exercise being some front raises I'm going to begin this with the neutral grip just so I can focus on the front side of my deltoids here ten repetitions ready and go and what we're focusing on here is not swinging that weight I'm consciously decided to lift this by squeezing the front end my delts weight here so we're gonna be getting ten reps and then directly after with no reps we're gonna be getting into ten reps of lateral raises here four more three two bringing those arms to parallel to the ground one more and good directly into ten lateral raises four more last one and good now we're going to be getting into a bent over position turning coolster your head originally talking about a 45 degree angle back is nice and straight ten repetitions doing the lateral raise here again ready and go five four three two last one and good shake that out of it we're gonna rest then we're good to go through that one one more total time then we got to compound movements this is just really great for isolating the deltoids and really pretty exhausting them before we get into the compound movements here shake it out we're gonna begin just a few seconds here again turn around petitions we're starting with the front rates bring those arms parallel ready and go three two last one and good but we got ten lateral raises ready and go ooh last one and good oh dang he's pretty good now we're gonna be getting into the bent-over position took a posterior deltoid ready and go push it last one good oh you tell to it'll be nice and pumped at this point here next we're gonna be getting into the clean and press resting a bit let those delts recover we got some volume on the next one catch your breath keeping yourself moving here and tucks your hands on your hips and this will help you to expand your good kicks you can get deeper breaths or you bring your arms up above your head here – that'll do the exact same thing alright so we're gonna be getting dump out clean and press you're gonna start with the dumbbells down in front of your legs you're gonna pop it up to do the clean make sure you got enough room to do the press and then instantaneously another press so it'll be smooth and continuous so to look as such and that'll be one we got fifteen total here ready let's get this thing [Applause] now they keep those dumbbells apart at the top there I notice when you bring them in towards the center of your head and involves a lot of the triceps it takes a lot of the roll out from the deltoid it wraps halfway nine ten five four three two more last one and good dumbbells down breasts in and out of it one more of those catching the breath again here you need to go ahead and grab water okay last set of 15 let's get this thing ready and go you want to prevent yourself from get that torso to swing there if you want to keep that torso nice and straightened have this entirely be a deltoid exercise six seven eight halfway five more four three two last one and good rest Annette those don't soak things on fire right about now hanging in there we only got one more exercise left geez so what we're going to be getting here it's just over a head crack so you're gonna keep the dumbbells at your level pressing outwards and pressing upwards you don't have to bring them down to the upper legs and hips level this time it's just gonna be all presses alright let's get this one we're gonna get 15 repetitions here grabbing the dumbbells bringing them up to your level 15 repetitions ready and go focusing on keeping that core nice and tight and you never want to have your hips leaning forward like this it's gonna put a lot of stress and it's going to cause compression in your discs of your spine keep yourself nice and neutral core tight eight five more four three two more last one and good resting it up here one more set the desired shape kind of shake out a muscle a little bit there way to find them that will actually help these things are sore all right last step fifteen repetitions pushing here dumbbells up to your level ready and go keep that core nice and tight always breathing prevent those dumbbells from coming in at the top there six seven eight to the halfway nine ten five more four three two last one and good you guys go you've completed that very quick but super efficient and super gruesome whole dumbbell adult weight workout I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you did then be sure to give your boy hey like down below and also be sure to subscribe for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you will not want to miss thank you so much for joining me you guys see in the next video