Hey, my name is Erin, and I’m a former US
Junior Olympic certified swim coach and personal trainer, and fitness is my passion so I cannot
wait to share it with you guys. All right, diet and nutrition tips for women. Your workout really isn’t gonna make a difference
if your diet is not clean. So you’re putting in all this effort at the
gym or at home or in the pool or wherever it may be, doing our videos, and that’s all
great, but you’re not going to see the results if your diet is not clean. You need to keep a healthy, rested, hydrated
body, free of garbage and chemicals as much as possible. You don’t have to be perfect, but just try
and make small changes, because small changes over time do add up. The first thing that I always stress is water. Water, water everywhere. Seriously, you need to drink at least half
of your body weight in ounces of water each day. Another component of clean eating is making
sure that your food is literally clean. We’re fortunate that in this day and age,
organic health food stores are springing up all over the place and that sort of access
to that is easier than it has been in the past. If organic is not available to you, or it’s
too expensive, that’s fine, just try to go for hormone and antibiotic free. Because what you don’t want is you don’t want
to be consuming tons of protein to try and build this muscle mass, at the same time consuming
antibiotics and growth hormones and all sorts of other garbage that unfortunately is in
a lot of lower quality meat. You really just want to stay as close to nature
as possible. That’s the key to clean eating. And then last but not least, it’s really important
to enjoy yourself. So you should enjoy your food, you should
pay attention to what you’re eating, how you’re eating it, when you’re eating it, and how
you feel when you’re consuming your food. Because at the end of the day, consuming food
should be pleasurable, but it should also be nourishing. And so the best way to know if something’s
good for you or not is just listening to your body. How many times do we eat, I don’t know, a
large burrito from a fast food chain let’s say, and two hours later you’re like ‘Oh my
god, I can’t believe I just did that!’ Part of it is because, you just don’t feel
good. You feel slow, weighed down, or gassy, or
whatever it may be. It’s fine to indulge, but just indulge wisely. Do it in moderation, don’t do it all the time. Don’t freak out if you fall off, that’s the
worst thing you could do. You know, a donut is not gonna kill you. It’s really, really pretty simple and straightforward. Most important is keep it clean, drink tons
of water, and listen to your body.