what's going on everybody it's boy Tanner Waggoner Barbera my today we've gotten insane biceps and triceps home dumbbell workout routine for reference I'm personally gonna be using a pair of 225 pound dumbbells we're gonna be going through the first round right here together if you guys want to push yourselves trying to beat the workout two total times you really want to push it I challenge you to try it three times and be sure to let me know down in the comments section how far you were able to get let's get straight into this one all right we're gonna take this weight here beginning with some hammer grip curls that's thumbs-up neutral grip bring the dumbbell up towards shoulder and back down we've got a total of 12 repetitions ready and go now we're just letting the weights drop do it controlled manner there four five six halfway we've got three exercises for the biceps and then three exercises for the triceps four more three two one more and good next we're gonna be getting some inner bicep curls so we're gonna keep our elbows nice and tight to the body we're gonna be curling outwards and then back down this is gonna allow us to hit the inner head of the biceps 12 total ready and go next exercise we've got the real challenge one four six half way seven three two one more and good shit up there next we need getting into the twenty ones I'm telling you this is a tough one here so we're gonna start off we're gonna be getting 7 repetitions getting up halfway after we get the seven they're getting 7 repetitions going up the top half and then it conclude we're gonna be getting seven repetitions full range of motion seven seven seven hence the name 21 so let's get ready to get into this one here so from the first first portion bottom half the movement ready and go to one more and go to top half now now four three two one more and good 742 most ready and go five four three two one more good who doctors doubles down next we've got the triceps so we're gonna be giving with some single arm overhead extensions okay we're gonna be getting ten repetitions on each arm sit down Linda tumble come down nice and low and then right back up ten total each arm ready and go trying to get a nice stretch the triceps by bringing that dumbbell down nice and low coming down nice and slowly to milk and eccentric five and a half way and they're gonna switch arms three two you know what we're gonna get 12 I'm gonna get four more three more two sorry everybody that I'm just tripped right there last one and good I know that relief of thinking of all I got two more night to 1/12 all ready and go gotta keep you getting your toes don't worry about over the last time I do this ten ten more reps nine eight come down a slogan stretch those triceps six halfway five I've listened to be hitting the deck for finally to exercise now the first round see if you can get three three total rounds three more two last one and good all right let's double stack hitting our back here we're gonna be getting this heat press here so while we're lying down we're going to be doing dumbbells out or to bring them in towards the chest and then back outwards we got 12 total repetitions as always slow and controlled you want to keep those ends of the dumbbells connect it together and see right here bringing those dumbbells down let them touch the chest and then back up rotating the dumbbells to the original position 12 total ready and go folks it's gonna breathe in don't hold your breath feel the burn on those triceps and keep pushing me yeah put those tumbles down for a second by all means go ahead seven more five four three two one more and good dumbbells down for a second and the finishing exercise weird beginning some neutral grip skull crusher so palms facing towards each other they're gonna lock your elbows in position here bringing them down nice and slowly let the dumbbells touch the shoulders extend right back up squeeze the triceps 12 total and we've completed this routine can ready and go let them touch shoulders and back up focus on squeezing those triceps as you're bringing those dumbbells up ten more [Applause] six halfway for three keep going keep going to last one good there you guys go that completes the first round of his biceps and triceps work up as I mentioned you guys want to push yourselves trying to beat the workout two total times you sincerely want to challenge yourself I challenge you try and repeat this workout three total times and be sure to let me know down in the comments section how far you were able to get if you guys enjoyed this video be sure to smash that like button down below and also be sure to subscribe for weekly regular tips and nutrition tips that you will not want to miss thank you so much for joining me you guys I will see you all in the next video