I literally sat down to do this video
and realize my lip was bleeding I think I like ripped some skin off so if you
see blood trickling down my face during this video that’s why I don’t worry
about it I’m fine hey guys it’s Adrienne of
welcome back to my channel if you are new here I’m so happy I have not done
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which now is officially Wednesdays and Saturdays I tried so hard to get on the
schedule it’s very hard I’m really gonna try to do it this time so like I said
haven’t done one of these in a long time this is my 7 iPhone apps series so today
we are talking about 7 iPhone apps that are great for fitness weight loss things
like that you guys have requested this video for a while so I thought I’d bring
it to you especially because it’s almost summer it basically is summer and some
of you are already on summer break so it’s the perfect time to really like get
that bikini bod you’ve always wanted and right from the comfort of your home when
it comes to working out I’ve honestly tried it all and what I know is that I
want to be quick I want it to be relatively easy and I do want to see
results I’m a lazy person when it comes to working out I don’t want it to take
too much time out of my day so I’m gonna be showing you guys some apps that are
awesome for working out at home normally I don’t push this but you’re
gonna want to follow me on Instagram right now because I’m gonna be posting a
lot of my little workout cheat sheets on my Instagram stories that you can kind
of screenshot and do those workouts at home if you want before we get into the
video leave me a comment down below letting me know where your favorite
place to workout is the gym outside or at your own house I’m very curious
because I’ve realized like I like working out at home in the gym I really
hate running outside but I’m still trying to get in the flow of like what
my favorite thing to do is so I’m curious to hear from you guys and
without further ado let’s get into it are you guys so I’m gonna start out with
the apps that are completely free no caches you don’t have to pay any money
and then I will work my way into a couple that have certain options of
things you can purchase to make your experience better and overall they’re
still way cheaper than a gym membership so we’re gonna start there and yeah so
the first app is called seven-minute women or it’s something 7m
women women women so this is like my new favorite app right now I love it because
it’s laid out very simply you can just simply click on any one of these
categories that you want to do they’re all really quick workouts between about
7 and 15 minutes and not only that but they show you like step by step how to
do each of the workouts which for me is really nice because sometimes it’s hard
to describe a workout they’ll be like left side leg lunge plank thing and I’m
like what are you but so they have a bunch of these different categories I
love that they have but ABS things like that and they vary in levels too in
terms of what your skill is right now and where you are at on your finished
journey so for example we will just click on seven minutes sweat so here it
goes through all of the exercises that you’re gonna do in this seven-minute
interval thing so jumping jacks high me running etc so let’s say you don’t know
what one is you can click on it squat thrusts it not only shows you a full
video tutorial but it gives you some text information as well so you can
really know what you’re doing there you can watch the video that way you can
become really familiar with these exercises before you start and then once
you’re ready to start you just click start and of course there are a couple
ads because it’s free but when you’re ready to go you just click I’m ready it
gives you kind of a ten-second like prepare for it to start thing but we
can’t hear the sounds right now so it basically counts for you like 30 seconds
of jumping jacks and then it tells you what’s next and if you want to just skip
it you can just skip it I don’t know why you would but it only takes seven
minutes and I feel like doing interval training like this it’s not only really
good for you and keeps your heart rate up it’s quick and easy so that’s one of
my favorites right now it’s absolutely free and I highly highly recommend again
there are like tons of different things you can do but blaster 15 minutes it’s
like all but exercises I mean it doesn’t get much better than that you guys
seriously so I highly recommend this up the next app I figure I’ll talk about
right now because it’s actually built it’s made by the same developers as that
app is this butt workout app so it’s the same exact concept it’s all free but
instead of kind of those other ones it gives you these ones are just for butt
so it looks like as you can see like this has the same ones that are on that
other app but it is kind of cool to know they’re like if you go onto the butt
workout one it’s just for your butt and who doesn’t want a good
this summer let’s be real the next app is called 30 day Fitness so this app
again is completely free and what this app does is it runs you through 30-day
challenges so you can pick whatever challenge you want so they have
different options for challenges they have 30 days of abs they have 30 day
pushup squats arms sorry I just have to take a phone call yeah basically they
have all of these 30-day challenges and how it works is if you click on one
let’s say intermediate level one so then these are all the days of the month so
let’s just say you’re obviously starting on day one then basically what you do is
you click on this X when you’re done with the exercises so to kind of check
off that you did it or you push the I to like to see what the exercises are so 30
sit-ups and it kind of gives you this like demonstration they also have video
demonstrations if you need and you do 30 of them and then when you’re done you
click the X and then each of the green days is your rest they also have these
like random more information options like best recipes for fitness they have
like wow their food recipes that’s awesome they have weight charts you can
put like photos of your progress like how your body looks I really like this
to have like of course there are ads because again it’s free but it’s really
worth if you guys want to do some 30-day challenges this summer do three of them
for the three months of this summer is that how many month there are yeah I’ll
doing with you let me know if you’re gonna do any of them so the next app I’m
gonna talk about is actually not an app designed specifically for working out
but it is Pinterest okay because Pinterest is one of my favorite apps to
use when it comes to figuring out workouts that I want to do so basically
I just love going to Pinterest and typing in let’s say I want to do a butt
workout but work out uh-huh so what Pinterest has a ton of are these
little infographics so basically if you click online it’ll show you the
different movements to do and it’ll tell you how many sets of how many reps to do
so I just love to like screenshot these on my phone take them to the gym or do
them at home so it tells you like three sets of 30 seconds and it demonstrates
it so it’s very very easy for you to do and it’s obviously free and look at how
many there are there are so many and I just love this this is definitely what
I’ve been doing at the gym recently I’ve been using bees when I
my will LA Fitness with Shelby engineer it’s been good so I have my favorite one
on my Instagram stories right now so go ahead and check that out follow me there
if you want to screenshot some of those I’ll show you guys the ones that I’ve
been doing to get this booty in shape and everything else yeah I really really
recommend using Pinterest it’s absolutely free and obviously you can
also save things to boards so I have this fitness board I like oh there’s my
video so the next app I’m gonna talk about it’s called app dip I think this
one my friend Haley showed me I actually just downloaded it I haven’t used it yet
but she preaches that it’s like the best thing ever
this one unfortunately is a free 30-day trial and then after that I think it’s
$8.99 a month so it does cost some money but again if you guys love it after the
30 day trial $8.99 a month is way way cheaper than a
gym membership let’s see it’s asking me what my fitness goal is I would say
reduce stress my fitness level I usually exercise regularly but lately it’s been
a little more casual um where do you work out I’m gonna stay at the gym it
analyzes my responses and finds me some workouts and what I’m told about this
app is that it gives you a different workout specifically to music so I
obviously love using music when I workout and so these ones are made to
like go to the beat so that it kind of motivates you and keeps you on track so
recommend it for you they have like okay low intensity training they have yoga
beginner beginner or whatever browse all categories let’s say strength training
okay Oh pop dance electronic okay so let’s just say this 17 minute ag-1 so
I’m gonna save this save to favorites even though I haven’t done it yet but
you know let’s just try oh okay it took me a second to understand what was going
on here because there was no sound when I was screen recording what it does
basically is you choose your workout and it tells you what to do and then there’s
music playing but there’s also a trainer in your ear telling you what to do so
here’s this trainer Jessica and she has different little workouts we’re gonna
try the elliptical one so basically if you click on it you know you have to get
on the elliptical and then it kind of gives you a description it tells you how
long it’s gonna be other than that she just tells you what to do so this one is
too cardi B which we love some cardi B so basically when you push start workout if she’s talking you so she’s telling
you what to do okay so basically the music playing and she’s telling you like
what inclined to put it on what speed to put it on depending on the machine
you’re using okay that actually is pretty cool you’re
basically having a trainer in your ear for $8.99 a month definitely gonna try
this definitely actually gonna try this I believe my roommate when she says that
she highly recommends the next app I’m gonna talk about is called weight loss
fitness it looks like this so this one is mostly focused on weight loss so if
you are trying to slim down it is this six week great program you guys can use
this one as well has a 30 day free trial and then it’s actually $14.99 a month
after that so of course like again it’s cheaper than a gym workout but it does
require some payment but I’m gonna show you guys anyway for those of you
considering really getting on that summer grind first they are asking you
just some basic questions about yourself I would say I’m fairly up let it what’s
my goal loose fat get toned for sure tap on your problem area they’re all problem
I’ll just say buddy set your training days Monday through Friday okay I’m not
doing multiple per day no thank you then it basically it creates a personal
workout plan so mine says twelve weeks five per week make it happen okay
here it says training day one cardio seven minutes if you click on the info
button it tells you what you’re gonna do cross Jack’s behind you running so it’s
similar to the other one I love how this app looks and when you click on the
thing it shows you instructions and a video as well which again I love the
only weird thing about it I guess is that it’s only like a seven-minute
exercise per day and also it looks a lot like that first half I talked about that
was free so I kind of feel like you don’t need to pay for it but let’s see
what it has that the other one doesn’t have it looks like this one is very
focused on your weight progress so it’ll show you it’ll show you your progress
here oh you can sync it to your health thing okay you can make your workout
schedule it’ll give you tips things like that it also motivates you by playing
music it’ll remind you about your workouts it’ll also give you just some
like motivational quotes for like health and fitness tips so that’s kind of cool
but overall I mean this is definitely one you can look into it has more
options than those first ones I was talking about but it does cost money so
that’s really up to you you also have a trainer kind of telling you like what to
do but not in as much depth as the last app I talked about yeah you have short
easy guided workout and they customize a plan based on your needs and it’s also
available in ten languages which is the next app I’m gonna talk about is called
My Fitness Pal so this one mostly has to do with diet and food not so much the
workouts but you can track your workouts so basically what you do is that every
single day based on your weight and what your goal is in terms of how much weight
you want to lose it’ll tell you how many calories you should be consuming and
then you can add like your food that you’re having you can select a meal
breakfast lunch dinner snacks you can actually scan the barcode of things that
you eat which is really cool so if you just scan a barcode it’ll tell you like
what it is and how many calories it is per serving things like that so like
yesterday for example I logged what my breakfast was and what my lunch was I
didn’t actually log my dinner or snack scoob’s
but if you look at the nutrients of everything I added it kind of just tells
you a huge breakdown it’s like all the foods that you ate and things like that
you can also track your water intake your exercise your weight things like
that so you can just track your progress it’s just kind of like if you’re someone
who wants to count calories or count what you eat which I don’t think anyone
needs to count calories I really don’t think so but if you just want to become
more aware of what you’re putting in your body and really like how that’s
affecting maybe your weight then it’s really nice to just kind of have a place
that you can put it but you guys seriously like I don’t recommend
obsessing over food I think we should eat when you’re hungry you should eat
all the food so this is just more for people who are
trying to like cut back a little bit or just have a diet plan that is suitable
for your needs if you’re trying to lose weight so I used to use this a lot I’ve
been a member of this app since like 2011 in the last app that I’m gonna tell
you guys about it’s called mind body so this is an app that is so this is an app
that shows you guys fitness classes and health services things like that that
are near you and what kind of deals you can get on them so as you can see
there’s fitness wellness and so let’s say we click on wellness if you
need a massage if you want to meditate things like that physical therapy if you
click on it it’ll just show you like near your location where you can go to
get certain things done you are a member of a gym oftentimes they will have you
booked workout classes through this app today near my location there is a salsa
dance class and it’ll tell you how much they cost or if you have a membership
there already you can obviously just booked it through this so it’s super
nice to just kind of see everything here so if you are someone looking for some
fun workout classes or some other fitness related things mind body has it
all kind of in one app so this isn’t necessarily an app to do workouts from
your phone this is just something that I have found very helpful in the past when
I’ve been wanting to try new gyms or try new workout classes I really liked using
this so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you guys
found these apps to be helpful let me know your favorites once you try them I
would really love to hear from you guys I hope you get those bikini bugs you’ve
always wanted but at the same time you guys don’t stress out have fun you’re
beautiful no matter what you do not need to lose weight
I mean exercising honestly is really good for your brain and your body so you
do need to exercise but these are just my helpful tips I’m also gonna be trying
to get my bikini bod back this summer I’m gonna try to get in a lot of shape
not even so much for how I look but really just for how I feel I love how I
feel after a good workout it just makes me feel so revived and strong and just
good so I hope you guys like this and give it a thumbs up and remember to
subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video love you so much