Flip Mill presents 7 Myths you still believe about exercise Number one: No pain no gain is not true! You
can easily get a good workout while not killing yourself. Pain is your body’s way of saying
something is wrong! Don’t ever work yourself too intensely. There’s no need. Just keep
to a regular workout routine suggested by a trainer and you will be set. Number two: Even if you’re not overweight,
you should still exercise. Chances are, you’re unfit. Being skinny is different than being
fit. You can be thin and unhealthy. Small amounts of exercise and a healthy diet are
the key to being fit and healthy, so don’t be fooled by your weight, as you could still
be very unhealthy. Here’s a fun fact: being obese has nothing to do with your weight.
It all has to do with body fat percentage. You could be 180 pounds and be obese if your
body has enough fat content. Number 3: Spot training is useless for shedding
fat in certain areas. Fasting and high-intensity interval training is the way to go! Don’t
waste your time by working out certain areas trying to make something happen that won’t!
Do your research first, and make sure you’re not harming your body. Number four: There is absolutely no reason
why you should break your back for hours on end trying to work out and get in shape. You
can get a great workout in a short amount of time. It’s called high-intensity training.
It’s a very short session but it’s very intense so the results will show over time. Number five: Walking is not useless! Any amount
of exercise is completely worth it! Just keep running. But remember, don’t overdo your self.
Running too much can overwork your body and legs, causing damage to your muscles and ligaments.
Medium speed running for 30 minutes a day is enough, and there’s no need for excess. Number six: Exercising when you’re older is
perfectly fine, and is recommended. Just start slowly and take your time. Any amount of exercise
strengthens your body which helps aid in immunity to health problems. Of course, it’s always
better to start younger, and keep with it. Number seven: It is not true that women will
bulk up with weight training. They have lower amounts of muscle tissue and lower testosterone
levels than men, so it’s not likely that they will build up muscle mass. Instead, they will
tone and sculpt their bodies. However, it is possible to build muscle mass, but that
requires lots of testosterone supplements. Thanks for watching for more please hit subscribe