I am Robyn Openshaw and I’m the Green Smoothie Girl and they were talking about seven
principles of what is the perfect diet? The Perfect Diet of course
isn’t something we can apply to everyone it
depends on you surely as much diversity is we have in every other aspect of life
there can’t be a one-size-fits-all it comes to diet
however it seems like there’s some good basic guidelines as well some guiding principles so these
are the seven principles to the perfect diet for you number one it feels abundant it doesn’t feel like depravation start
asking yourself the question how can I eat whole foods unprocessed food and still enjoy my diet
okay of that question make a list love the Greens veggies
fruits legumes nuts and seeds whole grains that you like keep a file on recipes that you
like number two a perfect diet can be a whole food
there’s no perfect diet that involves processed foods you eat them fine but it’s not part of a
perfect diet number three in involved eating animals and their byproducts only about
feels important to you and if you do make sure those packs are
clean their organic free-range wild Kat number for your perfect I should be
sunny can afford number five your perfect diet should be sustainable you not gon do if it feels like a diet
number six when you eat it you feel high-energy not
talking about stimulant energy cell I’m having
stimulants like copy and you know energy drinks in your
diet is not what i’m talking out when its they’re
not part of a perfect I i’m talking about. calm peaceful energy that you get for meeting really nutritious feed that
your body responds to you and last number seven principles a
perfect diet contains a lot Raw plant food. Enzymes are good for
everyone some people an irate X talk about this a
lot need a lot of hot food I personally
don’t I’m perfectly happy eating raw feeding even in the winter and I live in a really cool place but I
believe it applies to everyone that easily digested high and I’m living
foods are good for everyone doesn’t have to be 100 percent of your
diet probably not and there are now enough a raw food urs
for a few decades to show some other problems and deficit being a purist about that the perfect
diet for me involve lots of greens green juice green
smoothies are literally the main fear that I eat every day the perfect diet for me is a sixty-two
eighty percent raw at every meal and very very happily
plant-based so while the perfect diet might be
different for you than for me I hope that these are some printable the I
think are ubiquitous I think that research bears them out I think
that we can all have a very different diet
with some basic guiding principles I’m wrapping up into I am the green me
the girl and I’ll see you next time