Hi guys, it’s summer, and I know you want to lose your weight. I think you already heard about kPOp girl Group members Extreme diet habits such as the one food diet Or the papers cup diet this can be very effective if you have to lose your weight in a short time But this can cause a lot of health problems and Eating disorders, I’d like to tell you that this don’t follow this crazy and dangerous diet habit, I don’t even know if I have to call them diet habits because it’s more like about starving yourself We don’t need to look super skinny like K-Pop idols I think what important is eating healthy food and staying in shape. So for today’s video I’d like to share my small habits that keep my body slim and healthy Have you heard the dieting advice eat breakfast like a king lunch like a prince, and you know like a pauper? Well you it is important, and it’s better to have a big meal in the morning to lose your weight I’ve never skipped my breakfast for 28 years except a few days when I was really late for my work Of course, I enjoyed snacks But it should contain nutrients all yogurts are excellent sources of calcium potassium Protein and Vitamin b. I enjoyed this ui greek yogurts and these days and the taste is just Amazing and the cream is rich while it has 200? million subjective affiliates, so Whatever. I want to have some snacks. I can enjoy it without feeling guilty I eat Little and often By eating smaller meals the body functions more efficiently throughout the day, and it burns your calories They say it’s good to have small meals but for me it’s two months to have like six meals a day so I just be first I have rice for almost every meal, but it consists of carbohydrate, which is not good for losing weight, so Whatever. I eat. I choose smaller bowls so I can eat less When you watch TV. You are relaxed you separate yourself a little bit from your routine and problems That is why you eat more without realizing it you put things in your mouth mechanically which can cause stomach pain Actually, this is something that I’m not really good at it You will know two muscles causes a lot of health problems Also, it does make you thirsty and this leads you to drink more fluids And if the flow is our sugary drink they can cause weight gain because they contain a lot of energy And I drink a lot of water It’s like you should drink. L is two litres of water a day, but I don’t really measure how much I drink this can get talked to your body and Boost Metabolism I Hope you enjoyed this video and if you have other diet habits Please catch me on your instagram photos and let me know your big trip. See you next time. Bye