What is up guys? 2HandGaming here and welcome
back another 7 Days to Die Tutorial. This time i am going to show you how you can increase
your wellness much faster. For this you are gonna need a few basic things. You’re gonna
need: Grilled Meat, Golden Rod Tea, Pain Killers, and some First Aid Bandages, Campfire and
some warm clothes. I chose Grilled Meat because it’s easiest to make and you can make bunch
of it. Just get your bow and some arrows and go out and kill a few animals. After you got
your meat read (this sounded bad), go out and find a snow biome. Ok, now that you found
your snow biome you need to wait for the night. It is finally night. Now you need to take
all your clothes off and stay still. After some time your temperature will drop and you
will start to freeze. Dont panic, that is exactly what we want. Having hypothermia increases
your calorie consumption. In other words: It makes you hungry. And the more we eat,
the more we get our wellness up. When you get to hypothermia stage 1, 2 or even 3, you
will start to lose health. Make sure to use your bandages and pain killers. Now this is
where this tutorial starts to shine. From now on you just have to eat. Eat as much as
you want. After you fill your stomach with meat, you can drink some tea. That will make
your thirst go away and give you that extra wellness. Just look at that wellness going
up. The fact that you’re having hypothermia means that you at much faster rate. Having
The Survivor perk makes things even faster. When the health starts to drop, make sure
to use your pain killers and your bandages. When you feel like you’ve had enough. Put
your warm clothes on start a fire. A
fire and some warm clothes will get you back on your feet. So you can continue to play
with your new wellness. That is it for this tutorial. If you found this video useful,
make sure to hit that like button. That is all from me guys. See you in the next video.
Peace out!