today I’m going to show you seven ab
exercises that you can do at home three times a week to tighten strengthen
and reduce your belly fat over the age of 50 so if you’d like to know more
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there’s a new video and they’ll all relate to you today we’re going to burn
some fat and tone and strengthen our ABS if you haven’t worked out for like 20
years it doesn’t matter because you’re going to start today take it very very
slow and gentle and make sure that you do something every single day to keep
your body strong and healthy so when you think I couldn’t be bothered exercising
just see yourself in ten years time and decide what kind of health you want to
have and if you follow this ab workout I can guarantee you will start noticing a
difference my son Nathan and I are going to show you seven exercises that are
really going to reduce your belly fat and tighten the muscles underneath the
bellies to get toned abs it takes a lot of work doesn’t it Nathan it’s not
something that you can just do a quick 10-minute workout once a week and you’ll
start getting abs it’s way more than that
getting a 6-pack isn’t the issue everybody’s gonna have a six-pack for
sure it’s a part of who you are you need it to breathe and digest food and
regulate your posture and things like that but the belly fat on top of it you
know makes it very difficult to see okay so by doing ab exercises with
strengthening and toning that but we’ve got to burn the fat as well when you’ve
done this workout afterwards when you feel the muscles burn that that feeling
of the burning is burning body fat so that’s that feeling is your muscles
recovering and while they’re recovering they’re burning body fat hours and hours
now after their exercise okay so if you saw
after this exercise it’s a good thing right very good sign
okay so the aim is to do this really well and to do it properly so that you
can get some burn and be sore in the morning
and aside from sort of building the muscle what you want to also do with
these exercises is get to the point where you’re short of breath and
sweating that’s your body letting you know you’re in the zone where your
burning body fat and I guarantee you this ab workout will make you sweat for
sure I was doing a lot of ab exercises and they weren’t making a difference
because I was doing the wrong kinds of exercise so we’ve broken down just to
these seven to give you a really good chance of getting some results fairly
quickly just be mindful that it’s your body and you know what’s going to work
for you if it’s dads hurting stop and for each exercise we do 30 seconds of
the exercise 30 seconds break and then 30 seconds again of the exercise so
that’s if you’re starting 30 seconds on 30 seconds off 30 seconds on stop move
to the next exercise when you’ve built yourself up to you can handle it you do
4 sets with a 30 second break in between you can use your stop clock on your
phone just to set 30 seconds or you can get a nap and I’ll leave a link to what
sort of app you can get for that ok let’s get started okay the first
exercise is a plank and we’ll do it two ways one for if you’re beginning and the
second way will be if you’re a bit more advanced okay so this is the easier
version of the plank so you want to keep yourself very straight and the elbows
bent so if you have your elbows bent it’s gonna be much easier on your upper
back and shoulders that way you can just focus on your lower back and core so if
you’re doing it too low it’s gonna put stress on your lower back if you’re
doing it too high you just there’s no benefit there for anybody so this second
way of doing the plank is much harder because you’ve got your arms straight
here so it’s putting some more stress on your upper back and shoulders but if
you’ve mastered the first version of like and the second version show us a
yoga stuffed shell this tiny little difference of coming forward doesn’t
look like much at all but it makes the exercise so much harder so if you want
to try and really go the extra mile go for this one second exercise is a
mountain climber and this is really great so why are you doing this you’ve
got to keep your core tight okay so this is one of my favorite exercises because
it gets both through your obliques and your abs at the same time but I was
very disappointed when I found out that it didn’t actually help you climb
mountains at all okay the third exercise is one of my favorites because once I
started doing this I started seeing some definition down the side here in my
obliques so I’ll show you how to do that so with this exercise you want to take
the side of your hips and bring it down as close as you can to the floor and
it’s really uncomfortable and it doesn’t feel great but it’s super effective so
when I’m finished that exercise I do a counter pose for the thirty seconds like
this fourth exercise is leg raises so the the simpler way to do this is to be
back on the ground hands under your bum to balance you so that will keep
everything steady and then you bring your legs up 90 degrees and then really
slow down so when they’re coming down you want to feel your abs because you’ll
definitely feel very very strong when they’re coming down just go slowly at this point and that’s
where all the work is done the fifth exercise we’re going to do is toe taps
these are probably the easiest to do out of everything so you put your back at
this angle and your buns slightly off the ground and you tap your toes and you
hold your core in very tight while you’re doing it
thirty Seconds on and thirty Seconds off x to the sixth exercise is called a
Russian twist and it’s a really great one for your obliques again so it gives
you that shape so so with with this exercise you want to keep your feet
together on the floor yeah and then you want to twist your body so your shoulder
and you need a parallel on the opposite sides and you can feel this so much if
you want to increase your level here you can lift your feet up and you could use
some hand weights or a medicine ball Nathan thinks that you don’t know what I
mean so I’m gonna use his shoe but you do this with your legs above the floor
oh you can feel that okay the seventh exercise is scissors
and I’ve left this to the end because it’s hard it’s hard so if you get to the
end and you’ve got nothing left just do a couple of these and work your way up
to it so what you want to do is have your hands flat to balance yourself lift
your legs up and then you want to keep the toes pointed more pointed and
legs straight so it doesn’t really matter how well you’re doing it or what
your range of motion is but you need to keep your toes pointing your legs
straight because that’ll keep all your abs doing this thing okay so that was
our seven exercises I’m really puffed out that was a hard workout but set
realistic goals for yourself so don’t push yourself too hard particularly if
you haven’t exercised for maybe twenty years take it very slow your abs will
start toning but you’ve got to put the work here it’s not something that’s just
going to happen overnight and like Nathan said there’s no ten-minute
miracle is there even though you see it everywhere advertised yeah if you can do
this 20 minutes a day you’ll get results overtime 100% it’s a really good workout
yeah but anyone selling five minutes a week
this miracle product or this seven-minute workout here it’s all
marketing and and none of that stuff works yeah and as we’re getting older we
just have to work a little bit harder to get the same results as we got when we
were Nathan’s age that’s for sure but it’s worth it because whatever effort
we’re going to put in now we’re going to start seeing results and then in a
year’s time you’ll look back and you say I’m so glad I got started when I did
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