hello ladies and gentlemen we right here at the iconic Muscle Beach I my catching the biggest man on the bars happy for Muscle Beach nutrition and I welcome you to our arms workout I like the big arms because the calling thing twice you know you don't get many problems with big arms and all the ladies got some of the grab on man you know nice and chiseled nice and chill it's about a 40 minute workout it's about building some extra muscle you know we're building the muscles we're not trying to do too many reps today we're trying to go heavy always try to be a better version of yourself always trying to improve yourself don't get comfortable and yeah let's get it started that no free entry at least this much muscles to enter we start with the EZ bar curl I'd like to keep the pace of three sets and eight to ten reps and then with training arms we're not training on the big muscle parts where I keep the volume lower but eight to ten reps it's good to build the muscle and get a nice pump cone I like the EZ bar because the way you grip it it really takes the tension of your wrist keep a full range of motion and then keep that tension in your arm don't just let loose no just relax get into a nice groove a nice rhythm and then you know taking a little break and hit another set next exercise we're going to do is the concentration curl 8 to 10 reps so when we do the concentration curls let's say we're doing the right hand we're placing the left hand on the left leg and then at the right hand we trying to turn the arm in get a nice little twist in it so we can really feel the biceps and then release the most common mistake of seen with the concentration curls is that people lean their elbow on their leg you know you're gonna have to suspend it in the air don't wanna have it leaning nowhere I like to do one arm exercises because you can really focus on the concentration of your biceps a lot more than when you're doing with both arms you know you gotta mix it up you shouldn't do too much 201 handed stuff at both is great lovely muscle beats me how could you not enjoy your time next exercise we're gonna do some triceps pull down eight to ten reps it's the only triceps exercise in the arms workout because we really trying to focus on the biceps and that massive biceps pump let's try some school down you want to try to keep the elbows tight to your body and then you just pull out of your triceps always advised to twist the wrist out just because better activation your triceps next thing on our list is the Scott crow another beautiful one arm exercise what we're gonna do is we get a bench and set it up like a little bit less than 90 degrees and then set the arm on a bench and extend the weight and come back up it's such a great exercise because you can't get a better biceps isolation than with this exercise 69 so for all you tall people out there this exercise if you want to have a good biceps on a long for years when I first started training up and struggling so we're down to the last exercise seated incline dumbbell curls preset and eight to ten reps I like to put that on the last because it's really exercise that incorporates more than its your arms and what it does to stretches your whole body out that you got a 10 score – the tension test tense arm and everything got to be a package stuff so I like doing that you bring everything together in the end you know with the seated incline dumbbell across we got a different album positioning so we put a different twist on our biceps and we get more than like inner part right here just puts another little angle on the arm gives us more up for shaping devices come on today we attack your biceps from all different angles because we want to really work out the shape like a sculpture you know you can't just hammer a stone from one direction and hope it's gonna look nice no you gotta come from different sides and different angles so you can totally do this multiple times a week it's nothing too crazy it's a nice workout that gets you nice and chisels and ripped and slow full breakdown for this workout it's below on bodybuilding.com if you have any questions about my workout or training style you can find me on Muscle Beach comm or go to my Instagram which is I can catch it for more free videos and free articles like this come back to bodybuilding.com