Hello Everyone, I’m Piea Today, I’m going to make a clip about How to get Abs within 60 days!! changing this quite big stomach and fat belly to a flatter stomach with 11 abs Let’s check this out! This is my fresh body in the morning, Yes I’m just getting up. So, I’ll show my whole body before challenging myself to get Abs Right now, my belly is quite big, as you can see My weight is now about 44-45 KG 44-45 KG around this it’s skinny fat body See! my fat I can pull it out quite a lot That’s why, it’s hard to see the muscle Within 2 months, How much I can lost my fat So, let measure my body first Let’s check my waist first 25.5 ! inches But my waist used to be 30 inches!!, When I was fattest Most people measure there body on the navel but not for me because my belly is the part that most extend and outstanding like under my navel So I’ll measure this part my belly is… This! 30.5! So… Let begin the Challenge Start from today And, don’t forget to control your diet! Yes! Fighting This is my workout equipments Mat, sandbags, resistance bands, and dumbbell with 2 kilos and 5 kilos for lifting up my arms Yeah!! 2 months already! This is my hard working paid off 60days is worth fighting for really worth for it So, now I’ll measure my body again Anything change or not, and how much? start with my waist first my goal is to get 23.5 inches 23.5! Let’s take a look together with me I’m very excited! Oh my gods! 23! I got 23 inches beyond my expectation so much Cause 23.5 inches is quite small, I mean it’s really small but I got 23 inches Is it too small? lol Next, I’m going to measure my belly I’m not measure my navel part As I mentioned in the first part of the clip I have big belly And, I make this challenge because I want to lost this belly fat I hate my belly fat! Like when you wear some tight outfits, and it’s pop up I really don’t like it! So I made up my mind to kick it out from my body!! let see! how much I lost Oh my gods!! really! you can still see my belly out there! I don’t like it! and it’s 27 inches! my belly… 27…(from 30.5) I’m really happy! see it closer my butt is getting more round Now I get Abs 🙂 I’m going to sum up what I have done to get this Abs First of all, you have to seriously control your diets! have a proper meal It is more easier to get abs within 60 days For my diets, I have 4 meals 3 main diets and 1 for snack my breakfast is Protein milk and some clean cake (cooked myself) For lunch I eat Carb and Protein at the same amount (and don’t forget to add some veggie!) My dinner, it is all for protein and veggie! some fruits really few Carbs Like vermicelli, pumpkin but really few… Carbs are most on my lunch And, my snack which is my 4th meals Mostly is fruits and yoghurt 0% fat and smoothies ice-cream (made myself) This is my 4 meals in a day for me Second! It’s about workout! I workout 5-6 days for a week It’s quite a lot but meanwhile, I also have a break break is break, like stop workout for 3-4 days because I’m on my period When I’m on my period, I’m not in a mood to do anything But yes, you still can workout when you have period if you want to My 60days challenge ends up in 3 months so it’s 90 days In 90 days, I workout only 60 days That means, the rest 30 days I do nothing Including, when I’m on my period not in the mood, and busy But when I workout, I really serious with it I do HIIT workout and then body weight I rest like 1 minute between the set yes, I rest between the set really few second HIIT for 20 minutes And stomach for 30-45 minutes I workout like this for 30 days In the day 31-60 Instead of HIIT workout, I do boxing for cardio Again, I have workout on my stomach after boxing Boxing is cardio, not body weight Let me say… In my first 30 days, As you can see in my clip I already got Abs but I have to continue cardio for getting out of fat to see the perfect abs or muscle If you still have lots of Fat, it is hard to the abs So you have to burn it out by cardio Clearly, less fat, easy to see the abs This is my easy process to get Abs My workout clips are on the description you can look for it over there And, Yes! you can workout at your home like me, No gym is fine Discipline is the answer!!