hi guys welcome back to pre-packed
product today we’re going to cover osteoarthritis and the different types
of exercises to help relieve your pain if you’re bothered by knee
osteoarthritis with pain in your knee joint just the thought of exercise is
enough to probably have you running for the couch but as it turns out
strengthening and stretching your muscles with osteoarthritis knee
exercises actually support your aching joints and increases mobility exercise
also helps to circulate synovial fluid in the joint this clear
slightly viscous fluid actually feeds joint cartilage and helps to lubricate
the joint which uses pain here’s a photo of a healthy joint and what you’ll see
here is all of this light material is synovial fluid and this little line
right here on the top of each of the bones is the cartilage here you can see
how the muscle that runs along the outside of the joint actually helps to
protect and support the joint there are six ways that exercise helps you it
lubricates and nourishes joint cartilage it maintains and restores the joint full
range of motion it strengthens the muscles which support your joint it
absorbs joint shock it combats fatigue by increasing your stamina and it builds
strong healthy bones your doctor or physical therapist can recommend
specific knee exercises for your osteoarthritis these exercises generally
fall into three categories and are helpful if you want to mitigate the pain
of osteoarthritis naturally without surgery range of motion exercises these
exercises preserve joint function and increase mobility as you move the joint
through its full motion range of motion exercises can be
done daily Yoga for osteoarthritis has been shown to be a great way to increase
your range of motion and your flexibility strengthening exercises
strengthening exercises build muscles that support and protect your joints use
free weights weight machines or resistive tubing two to three days per
week to strengthen your muscles aerobic exercises aerobic exercises or endurance
exercises greatly improve your cardiovascular health low-impact aerobic
exercises such as walking bicycling swimming or using the elliptical machine
at moderate intensity are all great ways to improve your mobility and your health
osteoarthritis is basically the wearing down of the cushioning cartilage in your
joint to the point where the bones interact in ways where they’re not
intended to here’s a normal knee joint as you can see there’s a lot of
cartilage here to protect the bones are all smooth the joints are smooth with
osteoarthritis however the cushioning cartilage starts to degrade and
deteriorate and develop bone spurs start to get rough so their contact between
the bones is very uncomfortable and painful as you get older it’s best to
use caution with high-impact weight-bearing exercises such as jumping
and running stick to osteoarthritis knee exercises that are low-impact we hope
this information can help you as you begin your journey back to greater
health and greater mobility I’m Judy from pre-pak products
thank you