Who wouldn’t want to look strong and healthy,
have perfect posture, and exude confidence? Well, count me in! So what if I told you all
this could actually be achieved by building broader, bigger shoulders? And, it only takes
a month of training either at the gym or at home. Seriously, check it out!
But before bulking up your shoulders, it’s useful to figure out how they work. Your shoulder
muscle (aka deltoid muscle) is made up of three sets of muscle fiber. The anterior covers
your shoulder joint on the front, the lateral covers the joint from the side, and the posterior
deltoid is located on the back side of your shoulder joint.
The anterior deltoid helps you to both flex and rotate your arms. Thanks to the lateral,
you can reach out to the side. As for the posterior deltoid, it helps you to extend
your arm to the back and rotate it. The following exercises work all three muscles
and can help you get broader, more defined shoulders in a month. Well, if you don’t slack
off, that is. 1. Seated Shoulder Press
First of all, you need to adjust an incline bench so that its back is vertical. Sit down
and hold two heavy dumbbells in your hands. You can use two of your friends or you can
get some weights. Just kidding. Your arms should be bent at the elbow, your palms should
face forward, and your feet should be positioned flat on the floor. Remember that your upper
arms are supposed to be parallel to the floor. Slowly move your arms up by drawing the insides
of your elbows toward your head until your arms are straight. After that, lower the dumbbells
back to the initial position. Make sure that you have complete control over your movements.
Do 8 to 12 reps. This exercise effectively works your anteriors
in a position that prevents you from swaying or dipping your torso when you’re doing it.
As a result, you can try using heavier weights. 2. Standing Lateral Raise
Start by making sure you have enough space around you since you’ll need proper clearance
while doing this exercise. You don’t want to smash the lamp.
With a dumbbell in each hand, stand straight, your feet hip-width apart. Your palms should
be facing you, and your elbows should be slightly bent.
Raise your arms to the sides until they’re parallel to the floor. While the dumbbells
may go a bit higher, they shouldn’t end up above your head. Take a short break, breathe
in, and lower your arms back to the initial position. Repeat this exercise from 8 to 12
times. As you may guess from the name of the exercise,
standing lateral raise bulks up and strengthens your lateral deltoids. 3. Bent-Over Rows
These are great for working your posterior deltoids. But before you get down to the exercise
itself, prepare for it by putting a dumbbell on the floor near a flat bench. Then, place
your left knee on the bench so that your lower leg is parallel to the ground. Position your
right foot on the floor and slightly bend at the knee. Your left hand should be on the
bench, but not too close to your knee. This way, your back will have a neutral and straight
posture. With your right hand, reach for the dumbbell
you left on the floor and hold it with your palm facing in. Pull the dumbbell up as much
as you can but make sure that you keep it near your body. It’s crucial that you pull
the weight straight up. Also, remember to exhale when you do this movement.
Lower the dumbbell to the initial position, but don’t put it on the floor. While your
arm should get straight at the end of the movement, the dumbbell shouldn’t touch the
ground. After you finish with one side, move the dumbbell to the other and start working
your left shoulder without taking a break. Do from 10 to 12 reps on each side. 4. Handstand Pushups
To do this exercise, you’ll only need a wall. Crouch down, facing away from it. Then, slowly
and carefully, put your feet on the wall. Start to carefully walk your feet up the wall
until your body is positioned straight up. You should be facing the wall and be careful
not to lose balance. Place your hands approximately shoulder-width
apart and lower yourself down by bending your elbows. When your head is about 2 inches away
from the floor, start to straighten your arms again to the initial position. Do 8 to 12
reps. Besides helping to build massive shoulders,
this exercise also develops your back, upper chest, and core muscles. 5. Alternating Lateral and Forward Raises
Stand in the middle of a resistance band and grab its handles. Your hands should be in
front of your thighs, with the palms facing each other.
First, lift your arms to the sides until they’re parallel to the floor, then lower them to
the initial position. After that, raise your arms in front of your body until they’re parallel
to the floor, then lower them again. Alternate between lateral and forward raises while keeping
your elbows a bit bent. Do from 10 to 12 reps of the exercise. 6. Bent-Over Reverse Fly
Take a dumbbell in each hand and bend forward at the hip joint. You should keep your knees
slightly bent and your core tight. Breathe out and raise your arms to the sides so that
your palms face each other. Do 7 reps. After that, repeat this exercise 7 times with your
palms facing down. And for the last 7 reps, make sure that your palms face each other
again. But this time, do a forward raise. Be careful not to lift your shoulders.
This exercise works all three kinds of deltoids, and it’s a good idea to do it at the end of
your workout. The only thing you should remember is to keep your weights relatively light. During one training session, you should repeat
from 3 to 5 sets of these exercises. Also, for the fastest and most prominent results,
do this shoulder workout three times a week and make sure you have a day off between your
training days. At the same time, you should also avoid some
major mistakes a lot of men make. – First of all, make sure that nothing limits
your range of motion when you’re doing the exercises. If you feel some muscle tightness
during the workout, it means that you put additional stress on both your joints and
the muscles assisting them. It can lead to pain and even injuries. To avoid these issues,
it’s better to stretch before getting down to work.
– Try to choose more prolonged and more intense workouts to make your shoulders grow and bulk
up; you may want to test your limits. – Make sure you don’t concentrate on working
just one type of deltoid while neglecting others. That would sabotage your ultimate
goal of getting full, rounded shoulders. – Don’t forget that if you want to build muscle,
you need to eat. That’s why you should consume more calories than you normally would and
have more protein-rich foods, such as eggs, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and dairy
products. So, that’s it! Do you know any other exercises
that can help build impressive shoulders? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned
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