the liver is the largest internal organ in our body and for a good reason it has a multitude of biochemical functions to perform from secreting bile to help digest fats to breaking down some proteins and creating others from different components more than 500 different metabolic activities are attributed to this mighty organ we can benefit from food items the aid in the detoxification process of the liver as well as those that help cleanse the liver of toxic deposits here are six foods that cleanse and detox the liver one apples the fiber in Apple's binds to toxins in the digestive tract carrying them off to the large bowels for elimination without allowing them to undergo the normal digestive process the polysaccharide pectin plays an important role in liver cleansing pectin binds with triglycerides and cholesterol and carries them out of the body without getting metabolized this can reduce the load on the liver and protect against fatty liver disease elimination of heavy metals like lead mercury and strontium is another beneficial action of pectin – green tea green tea is considered the best detoxifying food thanks to the polyphenols in the beverage the catechins in green tea epic aloe catechin galat in particular have high antioxidant capacity they eliminate excess fat from the liver to improve liver function 3 greens the greatest advantage of leafy greens is that they can be eaten raw or with minimal cooking this keeps the beneficial phytochemicals in the leaves intact and makes them available to the detoxification process the chlorophyll in the greens can absorb many environmental toxins especially pesticides and heavy metals in the stomach and prevent their absorption into the blood this keeps these toxins from reaching the liver 4 avocados the avocado is a liver cleanser par excellence for a number of reasons the healthy fats and avocado can lower low-density lipoproteins or bad fat while raising the good fat avocados contain antioxidant vitamins C and E to neutralize the highly reactive radicals that form during the metabolic processes taking in the liver five garlic garlic is usually consumed in small quantities mainly as a flavoring agent but such small amounts seem to be sufficient to cleanse the liver the sulfur compounds in garlic that give it the characteristic strong smell may make the bulb repulsive to some but these compounds can activate the liver enzymes that flush out toxic metabolites from the liver and make way for their elimination from the body through urine bile flow impairment or cholestasis either due to obstruction in the bile duct or because of liver dysfunction is one of the major causes of liver damage garlic increases bile production as well as it's free flow from the liver 6 turmeric turmeric has antibacterial antiviral and antifungal properties the active ingredient curcumin in turmeric is a well known anti-inflammatory agent turmeric is traditionally used for liver detoxification since it increases bile production and bile flow into the duodenum it can induce enzymes in the phase to detoxification process to break down the toxins more effectively