Have you ever wanted to lose weight? Have there been times where you just wanted
to improve your health without taking any medicine? Well, good, news everyone. There is a great food resource called chia
seeds, and if you want to learn about them stay tuned until the end of the video. A little background on chia seeds before we
get into their benefits… Chia seeds are part of the mint family and
are typically found in Guatemala and Mexico, specifically the central and southern parts. Did you know that back in ancient times, chia
seeds were consumed by warriors and runners, as it gave them fuel when they were about
to go into battle or to run a long distance? Chia seeds are rich in omega-3, antioxidants,
vitamins, and minerals. Also, they are 20% protein and 37% dietary
fiber. That’s just the tip of the iceberg ! Chia
seeds have thiamine, iron, iodine, and niacin. There are linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids
as well. Even if you’re only aware of those facts,
you wouldn’t be able to dismiss the superfood’s nutritional value and health-boosting potential. But today, we will discuss six of the most
amazing benefits of chia seeds. 1. Chia Seeds Make Weight Loss Easier
The first perk is that it helps us lose weight and boosts our metabolism. These seeds are great at facilitating the
burning of fat, balancing blood sugar, and helping build muscle. With these seeds, you’ll finally conquer
those nasty cravings and midnight binges. 2. Chia Seeds Make the Heart Healthier
As mentioned earlier, chia seeds are loaded with omega-3, which brings us to the second
benefit. Due to the abundant amounts of omega-3 in
these seeds, they can improve heart health by regulating cholesterol, lowering blood
pressure, and reversing inflammation. 3. Chia Seeds Enhance Digestion
The third benefit is that chia seeds improve digestion. For every 100-gram serving, you’ll get almost
35 grams of fiber. Just so you know, men only need 38 grams of
fiber daily, while women merely require 25 grams. 4. Chia Seeds Fight the Aging Process
If you’re the type who gets easily conscious about the way you look, or if you’ve been
noticing signs of aging, then this fourth benefit is for you. It’s impossible to stop aging, but thanks
to the chia seeds we can now slow it down. Due to the sheer abundance of antioxidants
in chia seeds, consuming these will help rejuvenate your skin and protect you from within. 5. Chia Seeds Make Bones Stronger
The fifth benefit is that we can get stronger bones by simply consuming these seeds. They provide 18% of our recommended calcium
intake. 6. Chia Seeds Keep Diabetes at Bay
Finally, the sixth benefit is that the superfood makes it easier to avoid (or even manage)
diabetes. Thanks to the alpha-linolenic acid and dietary
fiber found within the seeds, you can effectively fight off insulin resistance and dyslipidemia. Given that healthy food has the reputation
of being not so pleasant tasting, you’ll be glad that there are two delicious ways
to eat chia seeds. You can add them to a smoothie, or you can
make pudding out of them. Just remember to soak the seeds enough to
unlock their full potential. A simple reminder though—eating too much
of these seeds can make you dehydrated, so don’t go overboard. Well, that’s it for today’s video. If you’ve enjoyed it, don’t hesitate to
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