what's going on everybody it's your boy tanner why I'm enough Barbera bikes a week I'm at home dumbbell only biceps workout routine for reference I'm persons gonna be using a pair of 25 pound dumbbells we've got five very intense exercises I mean it this thing is tough and that's gonna make up the first round if you guys want to challenge yourselves I challenge you to try to keep the workout two total times really want to push it I challenge you to nail up three total times and be sure to let me know down in the comment section how far are you able to get let's get straight into this one all right we're gonna kick this thing off here with some cross body hammer curls so we're gonna start with the right arm across the torso bring it up to the shoulders focus on squeezing the outer head of the bicep at the peak of the contraction hold for about a half of a second we've got ten on the right ten on the left ready and go never just letting those dumbbells drop focus on utilizing the negative or the eccentric portion of this exercise to maximize the effectiveness also focus on squeezing that dumbbell when it's up actually level good breathe for good focusing on that go ahead to the biceps also be able to hit a limit of that brachialis as well five halfway next we're gonna get into a gruesome one one you guys all love the twenty one three more always focusing on breathing never holding your breath – one more in each and good now for the 21 so we're getting three distinct movements the first movement the bottom half of the exercise we're gonna get seven then after that seven at the top and then complete seven full repetitions with a supinated grip palms facing upwards we got one tool set twenty-one repetitions ready and go seven at the bottom half first five six seven seven at the top that's now and remember after we get seven up at this portion when they need to get seven four repetitions three mark to last one good seven full repetitions down five four three two one more and good toss those doubles down for a second shake it out next we're getting into some hammer curls so it's the neutral grip or hammer grip dumbest to the side 10 total repetitions again folks on the other hand that biceps and the brachialis which is in between the biceps and the triceps we gotta talk about positions ready 5 halfway four three two one more and good next you'll be getting into some three second negative supinated cross so palms facing up coming up at the top coming down one two three soon as we get some bottom back up again one two and three we got a total six repetitions it's gonna be tough ready and go good one two three maximizing time under tension for every single repetition here three halfway for two more slow on the way down last one finishing exercise here ready to get into the zabun curls so starting with the palms facing inward we're gonna rotate upwards up to the soup in position then rotate downwards coming back down we got a total of six repetitions ready and go finishing this off here supinated rotate coming down nice and slowly good rotate I'd say four more three two just rotate down slowly last one good oh so you guys go that concludes the first round of this biceps dumbo only records iam as I mentioned if you guys want to push yourselves try to repeat the workout two total times if you really want to push it be sure to try it three twelve times and also be sure to let me know down in the comments section how far you guys were able to get if you guys enjoyed this video then be sure to smash that like button down below and also be sure to subscribe weekly where contents and nutrition tips that you will not once miss thank you so much for joining me guys I'll see you all in the next video