what's up guys it's Sydney and this is your 50 minute dumbbell tone and sculpt workout so grab your medium weights and your light weights and let's get started what's up guys I'm so excited that you're here with me today to rock our 50 minute workout together I have light dumbbells and medium dumbbells so what I'm using for myself today are three and five time dumbbells for the lighter section and then ten and fifteen pound dumbbells for a heavier section or the medium weight section we'll start off with our medium weights and then we'll move into some ABS and lighter weights and then we'll finish out with some low impact cardio so lots of berry and lots of sweat but a different style than our normal strength and conditioning hit strength workouts okay so make sure also you have water and a sweat towel we're gonna have some fun today if you guys are ready give me a thumbs up and we'll rock right into our warmup okay big wide stance I want you to take your left arm and reach down to the right toe and switch in three two one here we go alright so a rotating core and also we're shifting our hips back and back so if you're in a second-story apartment or if you need something to do that's a little bit more quiet well the kids are asleep for a while your significant others asleep this will be a perfect workout for you 2 1 come back into the middle reach the hips back and forth back and forth now let's go to more there's one and two perfect come right here swing let's go just one leg for ten nine eight seven six five three switch it over and here we go eight seven six five four three two one all right arms cross let's walk forward and backward good job now take your hands to your side and want you to reach back and up and good now give me a little glute squeeze when you come forward reach squeeze good job good job one more and then to rest let's go into butt kicks if you need to slow that down go here here okay there you go let's go 5 4 3 2 1 we're rocking right into our first exercise so first move is going to be a bit arm upward chop so dumbbells are here you're gonna separate your feet a little bit coming here and up okay let's go together 45 seconds right here coming down to your legs bend the knee extend the hip come right over your head lots of hip power we've got a lot of the core involved as well good job keep your arms just a little bent almost there 15 14 good job five four three two one rest good we've got one more round to that you need to drop weight step wait up now's your chance okay one more round and we're going in seven seconds okay big deep breath three two one let's go chop reach and chop in from the front you can see my arms they're here they're staying bent coming right over my head still bit okay so it's a lot of glutes and core keep your dumbbells together good job we're almost done and then we're gonna drop wait just a little bit eight seven four three two one rest I'm gonna drop down to my ten pound dumbbells for this next one okay sticking my right leg out front I've got my dumbbell here in front of my left hip I'm gonna do upward chop here down okay two one let's go start here at the hip chop over back and if you can bump up weights you can do it this is rotational core so stop here make sure you don't let yourself fall over stop right in your pocket right here extend over that opposite shoulder good job ten more seconds ten nine four three two one and rest all right we're switching legs for round number two we're gonna keep on rocking guys this workout it's gonna go like this just stay with me okay same weight if you can jump it up let's jump it up okay three two one let's go from the hip over that shoulder and you'll feel that pull right here when you get to the top of your opposite side ABS not letting you go any further that's anti rotational so you're your abs have about four jobs flexion and anti flexion rotation and anti rotation so at some point they're pulling you to turn and then at the other point they're stopping you from turning too far so a little bit of core anatomy there curve IO biokinetics biomechanics I mean four three two one wrist all right your next move is going to be around the world chest press so I'm gonna grab my other dumbbell okay so we're gonna start on our knees here we're gonna go around the world and then I'm gonna sit back chest press okay ready let's go around the world so go around your head sit back chest press sit back up switch directions chest press this doesn't feel comfortable for your knees just go right here press up okay great job shoulder control chest punch five more seconds three two one wrist 15 seconds water if you need it alright one more round if you could go up go up if you need to go down that's fine too let's wear a card to one let's go take your time around the world lots of core work in the around the world – right make sure you're not squirming around only thing that's moving is your arms okay so make sure your core is tight tight tight okay and you're not going here all right seven seconds [Applause] to one breast bring those same dumbbells up we're gonna go side to side to middle one dumbbells are crisscross here we're gonna go side squat side squat middle squat okay three two let's go to the right first here we go step squat together squat together squat side side middle good job so not a lot of time that you're up top resting just keep switching side side middle good job ten more seconds perfect we're almost there – one rep good job oh one more round of that and then we're gonna go single leg bridges so be ready to drop down onto your back after this round of your legs okay three two one I'm going to go to the left first this time side to side to the middle and if you can't get that rhythm down the whole point here is just to keep squatting okay got a lighter weight so you can move a little quicker good job 15 more seconds and then we're switching back to the glutes and you're gonna lay down on your back come on push push push seven four three two one rest have a seat all right so we're gonna go single leg bridge with two pulses at the top so keep the left leg down right leg is up in the air okay so you're gonna go up one two and lower ready let's go lift it one two back down one two back down good job it won't feel like you're moving a lot the whole point is just to keep that glute working well the hamstring and glute all right come on up up and down let's go 15 almost there five one more let's go three two one rest great job flip it over dumbbell on the other side if you're not ready for the dumbbell yet by the way it still burns really good you can go bodyweight style okay left leg up right leg stays down two one let's go one two down good job you know I know this is starting to burn me to keep pops pulsing up to the top great job fifteen seconds and we're jumping up to those lighter weights we're done with the mediums already almost there four three two one rest now accidentally lied we've got one more exercise not dumbbells we're not gonna use dumbbells it's gonna be body weight it's a push up crawl up okay so what you're gonna do is complete one pushup you're gonna crawl up knees under your chest crawl back out pushup ready let's go crawl up crawl back push-up and if you need to modify crawl up crawl back kneeling push-up okay you're still gonna bring your knees up under your chest and then step on back almost there ten seconds three two now I want you to stop right here take note of where your hands are if your hands are wide I want you to move them in a tricep style if they're tricep style I want you to move them wide if you're moving into tricep style your crawl up it's gonna be wide okay so do the opposite of what you just did to one let's go close hands wide crawl up or the opposite same thing goes if you need to drop to your knees go for it crawl out to the side good job we're almost there 15 more seconds six-five to one breath beautiful job now for grabbing our lightweight three pulse squats three-second hold at the bottom okay here we go five pound dumbbells right here step it wide we're going three two one three two one ready let's go three two hold two one three two one hold three two one now keep that going to three two one hold here two one count on your own I'll try not to count out loud three pulses and then a three-second hold on that last one three two one and rest okay rest we've got one more round through that and then one hit your back a little bit with these lighter weights here we go three two one here we go pulse it out good job good job come on push through the burn that's happening in your quads right now we know it's there we've all got it we're all gonna push through come on three seconds at a time come on ten seconds good we've got six five four hold with me four three two one rest come on down to the ground for me onto your right hand and I want you to go left hand with the dumbbell so you just need 100 me here we're coming from hand to up half way up half way up Teddy let's go stop right in front of your chest top middle we need to modify if this hurts your knee you can always sit here make sure that chest is open okay try to give me a little core involvement here though good job middle open middle open everything else it's completely still ten seconds come on give me seven six five four three two one rest cuz we're going right over to the other side okay same thing on the other side middle to top that's doing alright here we go three two one let's go top middle stop really and you should feel this in the back of your shoulder blade right in the back of that shoulder and the shoulder blade slowly you go on the way down and on the way up and more you're gonna feel it up top here you're kind of resting but the more time you spend here in this middle ground the better fifteen and you can notice your core is working a lot too right anti-rotation not letting you rotate five four three two one I'm gonna switch this to even lighter one three pound dumbbell we're switching back to the other side same position only we're reaching over crunching at the hip okay three two one let's go and if you can keep that leg off the ground and keep your arm off of your head okay keep it extended [Applause] great work come on keep the toe pointed the whole time so your glutes firing 14 13 12 11 let's go for ten here we go seven six four three two one rest over to the other side same thing all right set it up again same thing try to keep this leg off the floor three two one breach it and tuck try to meet right over your hip great job there's a lot of glute involvement here – I know you can feel that come on over halfway home you've got 15 seconds so let's go 9 8 7 4 come on 3 2 1 rest now we're going lateral lunge lateral raise okay big wide stance I want you to go to the right side first okay so we're gonna be bending this leg okay going down raise up down raise okay see how wide my feet are ready let's go you're too close you'll feel like you can't really sit down over here it's got to be past your hip if you draw a straight line from your hip to the floor your foot has to be past that good job from the side I'm here okay five four two one rest great job we're going the same thing on the other side see these three pound dumbbells are necessary for this look okay go into the left now wide stance here we go – one set that hip back bend down gonna raise try to get to the point where you're raising and sitting into your heel at the same time good job keep that breath going you're right there 15 14 10 nine five four three two one and rest keep your light dumbbells here sumo deadlift back flat okay we're going to go into our wide stance sumo stance so feet are wide okay you're gonna go down fly backwards reach down to the floor kind of like you're opening up your wings to start flying ready let's go go down fly so you're moving back towards your spine a little bit more you'll notice the difference in this and this right we're going backwards on this one come about 3/4 of the way up squeeze back and go back down beautiful squeeze those shoulder blades like you're trying to get them to touch [Applause] good you're right there you've got five four three two one rest if you can go one more time at that weight go for it if you can go up try that as well deep breath five sec it's same thing wide stance here we go two one let's go touch fly and as you squeeze your back muscles your chest is going to open up just a little okay make sure you're not going here I'll open the chest so you can squeeze the back [Applause] keep your heels down come on exhale as you squeeze 15 seconds you got this we're almost done good job five four two one and rest take one dumbbell here you can let the other one hang out right up here single sidearm lower and neat crunch so starting here left arm is up in the air you're lowering to the middle and up middle up okay if you need to touch down in between that's okay meet right in front of your hip try to just extend that leg right in the front keep everything happening in front of your hip and your belly button right here your hand is in a pronated position so palm is facing the floor and your abs are very tight very nice and tight little flecks of the quad at the bottom two one rest all right other arm same thing and then we're moving onto your core this is the last light weight movement moving on to the core remember there's four sections medium weight light weight core low impact cardio ok so last one for the lightweights here two one let's go right in front of the hip and lift you can do whatever you need to with your other arm you can go here you can hold it at your chest hold it on your hip keep your spine nice and tall you find yourself slouching you're gonna feel a lot less balanced find a spot stare at it we're right there seven six five four three two one wrist we're going down for a Russian twist knee drives so grab the other flight dumbbell you got to crisscross them okay heels are down you're starting from your head knee Drive twist over okay this is nice and slow two one go twist open twist open see how tall my spine is right now I'm not here I'm here and twisting bringing my knee right around to the outside of my elbow think of yourself as rotating right around your spine 15 oh come on 14 13 12 3 2 1 rest I'm gonna grab some water you can as well if you need it one more round of that okay we're in the core for the next five moves here we go dumbbells up three two one let's go tall and slow open twist try to keep your chin lifted away from your chest that'll help with that straight spine come on good job 15 seconds come on I'm with you let's go twist open twist open seven seconds six five three two one rest all right I'm going to switch from my threes to my fives we've got a leg raise first and then a sit up okay so going back first dumbbells are here you're gonna go leg raise first sit up second okay let's go and if you need to modify just lower one leg at a time and then come up for your sit up almost there ten more seconds an arrest good job one more round there another way to modify so you drop one leg okay and then you can drop both for a sit-up all right so there's another option for you all right here we go around to ready let's go great job the whole objective here is to keep your posterior rotation of those hip bones so keep your hips rolled back to the floor don't let them sink forward like you're arching your low back ten seconds you're right there come on seven four three two one and rest all right come on up to a plank position your dumbbells are in between your hands here okay you're gonna start in a plank take one dumbbell back to the opposite toe same thing with the other one back and then go retrieve them ready let's go you're moving them up and back opposite two opposite so you're hiking up back to a plank Pike up back to a plank if you need to modify no dumbbells just reach and back okay make sure you drop into the plank each time you bring your dumbbell back up ten seconds four three two one wrist all right same thing one more time through you're doing great big deep breath here we go three two one let's go plank first push it to the opposite toe right in front good job the whole point here is to get plank pull up plank pull up almost there keep those dumbbells moving seven-six three two one breasts alright move one of those dumbbells up now we're moving to up right slow bicycles okay grab the one dumbbell here you're gonna hold it right across your chest here right at your elbows okay so you're kind of cradling it going right here to one let's go or you can hold it in the middle here I just want your elbows going to your opposite knee modification heels down touch touch okay ten seconds whoop I know this one's hard especially because we've already done three other half exercises three two one the rest big deep breaths fill your lungs up here we go all right here we go five seconds last round to this one then we're moving on you guys are doing great two one let's go twist twist good breathe come on almost there whoo 20 more seconds last half let's go twist twist twist twist good ten seven six five three two one and rest grab your lightest dumbbells now all right we're shooting in the middle and outside so legs stay at 90 degrees we're going in and out ready let's go crunch outside crunch inside if this bothers your neck you can use your hands to support maybe one hand goes okay do what you need to going in and out keep your heels connected in and out let's go let's go you're doing great 15:14 beautiful this is the last ab exercise let's go three two one rest whew one more time guys and then we're going for some low impact cardio almost done with your third section of this four section workout you're doing great here we go legs back up to one let's go middle clothes sides close your eyes if you need to reach come on come on come on fifteen seconds you've got seven six three two one and rest come on up throw your dumbbells out of the way for this next one that's great job we're going forward knee drives okay so keep your left front left leg out front here reach your hands overhead you're driving that knee forward and tapping back ready let's go pull right in to your belly button right to your chest keep all the weight in this stable front leg the quicker you go the more you're going to get out of this reach pull reach pull come on let's go you've got ten nine four three two one rest same thing with the other leg water really quick if you can alright here we go five seconds reach it up to one transfer the weight right here let's go let's go come on reach pull reach pull keep your weight up front here so you're not transferring back too much you're just tapping and going let's go pull reach pull that's it you've got fifteen more seconds go for it go for it ten nine come on four three two one rest bring both of your feet over to the left side of your mat okay move your hands into the middle and I want you to either hop or skip over okay hands down hop over if you can okay if you cannot step over stand step over stand ready let's go nice soft landing you're just moving quickly keep working we've got 15 seconds come on keep moving keep moving let's go four five four three two one drift slowly roll up you'll get into the rhythm with those right one more round come up slowly after you finish round two of those all the blood is rushing to your head so come up slowly okay last round let's go hands in the middle kick over to the side come on I'm with you keep working you don't have to look up I'll tell you when to stop I've got an eye on the clock we're over halfway through this last one and then we're moving on come on we're right there 15 14 13 okay move a little quicker 4 6 5 3 2 1 wrists drop to your knees plank knee tap knee drive okay so you're going to bring your knee up opposite knee you're gonna tap it and then drive it tap it and then drive it so the second time you bring your knee up you're not touching it okay right leg only let's go first tap then drag tap drive if you can keep that right foot off the ground so you tap it drive it so it's kind of like single leg mountain climber here if you need to modify just bring your knee up and place it back down bring it up place it back okay almost there three two one rest okay same thing on the other leg for me just in my right leg so I'm gonna do my left leg all right ready left leg bring it in tap it keep your hand down and drive it ready let's go tap it drive it keep that core flat you tap and drive tap drag you want to tap right under your belly button that other leg is strong and arm good job 14 13 12 come on four three two one rest all right lateral lunge glides I'm gonna tell you to grab your very lightest dumbbells we're gonna go a lateral lunge glide and reach big wide stance okay so you're going one two three reach over one two three over ready let's go one two three reach what keep pushing keep pushing as soon as you bring this arm back in push over excuse me slide slide come on seven four three two one wrist one way around all right here we go five four let's go to one one one two three reach over there you go to 13 come on two three that's it that's it you've got to work it with me come on we got this one to finish we've got two rounds of one more after this I know you've got more left in the tank here ten nine last couple four three two one breath plank drop back and open all right so here we go new movement coming into a plank take your left leg drop it over the right open back into the middle take it over open okay if you can flip all the way over let's do that ready last move today here we go to modify you can just tap over come back in you don't have to reach all the way over if you can let it drop flip it over open hips and chest to the ceiling there you go five four two one breasts one more round of that and we have made it guys I want to see how quick you can move on this one okay last round start in your blank with me let's drop that right leg over top the left two one let's go drop it over open your hips open your chest sit up you can and switch 20 seconds do whatever you can on this plank open up to some degree okay there you go five four three two one hander stay right here on your butt shift back into the middle for me and I want you to just rest your shoulders first of all big open stance with your legs and rack it right here in the center let's stretch out these muscles they're definitely worked hard this week and I'm so proud of you for working hard with me I'm gonna show up for you each day make sure you do the same for yourself it's not about motivation it's about dedication do the things that you said you're gonna do after the moment you said you were going to do them take the right arm reach it up and over to the outside okay you set goals in a specific mood you're motivated you feel like you're on top of the world you have so much energy as soon as that mood fades don't let yourself down keep your word to yourself even if you're motivated on top of the world full of energy or you're tired you're exhausted you're fed up do the things that you say you're gonna do in all situations switch it over to the other side and after you're done you'll feel so much better it's just about the initiation of doing those things how many times have you shown up to a workout not feeling it the only thing that was hard about it was getting to the workout right obviously the workout was a challenge but the hardest part was getting yourself to the workout to press play to just say all right I'm gonna get my shoes on and just do it okay you just show up here I'll take care of the rest you don't have to worry about planning your workout you don't have to worry about anything you just come here press play and we'll rock it out together and every single time I hear people say they weren't feeling it but they showed up they always say they're so glad they got it done okay you know that feeling I know you do I know it as well bring your toes in together here pull your chest down forward do it for that feeling that feeling after the workout for your I'm so glad I just did it and showed up okay I've got a really great stretch for you guys coming tomorrow as well if you're doing this workout on the day that I posted Saturday it will be let's see what is the day Saturday June 15th tomorrow I've got a really great stretch for your hips and your lower back okay speaking of that come on over to your stomach drop your hips down for me I had a couple people this week in the Sydney squad requests and hips and low back stretch and that's something we all need a lot more often than we know so make sure you show up for that tomorrow and if you are someone who constantly has tight hips low back pain kind of like a dull uncomfortable feeling in your low back or you always feel tight back there that stretches for you if you know someone that has that feeling or you live with someone friends with someone you work with someone check out that stretch tomorrow and make sure you just text them the link to it it's really really going to help if they do it consistently a couple times a week at least okay come back into your hands and knees shift your hips back we use your hands to put into the mat and push backwards and make sure this weekend this week whatever day you're doing this workout you just show up for yourself okay you get the initiation you know what you have to do and you just get it started take the action step I'm all about taking the action steps come back to your hands and knees tuck your toes down and push your hips up and your nutrition it's the same exact thing no one loves cooking every day so take that step to prep meals for a couple days and don't worry about it for a week three or four days you just have to take the step to do the meal prep to do the work by going to get the groceries walk back into your hands into your toes just take the steps don't overthink it don't think oh man I'm tired I could do this I don't want to do this it's the weekend I'm supposed to relax this is when I treat myself treating yourself well would be doing the things that you need to do to feel your best and look the way you feel confident okay that's treating yourself so make sure you realize that make sure this weekend or this week you take the action steps you do the things that you promised yourself you're gonna do and write a couple things down that you want to promise yourself we all have a Y we all have a reason that we show up right whatever your motivation is it doesn't matter whatever the motivation is is always there for everyone but what's most important is your promise to yourself know that you're worth it okay you're worth that self-respect you're worth your own word to yourself so do the things that you promised yourself you know will make you feel better you know will make you a better person you know will make you show up in all areas of your life the best that you possibly can keep doing those things and don't give up on yourself ever ever okay I'll be here for you tomorrow make sure you check back in before you head out make sure you comment below that you crushed it I'm so proud of you for showing up today guys comment below and like the video before you head out if you wouldn't care subscribe to the channel and then also turn on that Bell notification I will shoot you and alert when your workouts ready for tomorrow I love you have a great day