Wondering what to use blue tansy for? Watch this video to find out five ways that I love to use doTerra’s blue tansy. I’m Mandy Sommers, an essential oil educator and for the best essential oil education subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell button so you can be notified every Tuesday when I upload a brand new essential oil video. If you want to add blue tansy to your essential oil collection but you’re not quite sure what to do with it by the end of this video You’ll have five of the most popular ways to use blue tansy essential oil I’ve tried all these ways and will even share what some of my clients are saying about Their use of blue tansy and stick around to the end for my free gift to you Number one blue tansy helps promote feelings of peace calm and relaxation Simply add 6 drops to your bath water with one cup of Epsom salt and enjoy the relaxation Benefits that come from blue team’s the Shema zlin which gives blue tansy its beautiful blue indigo color Helps your body reduce discomfort associated with inflammation Vogue magazine Recently said what it does for the outside. It does for the inside It’s anti-anxiety for your skin The blue color of blue tans will stain the skin for just a small amount of time I like to add a little bit of moisturizer When I’m using blue tansy that will help spread it out and usually within about 5 to 10 minutes The blue color has dissipated Have you used blue tanzy and had it turn your skin blue? comment blue in the comments below if you’ve used blue tanzy and turned your skin blue or tansy, if you have not tried blue tansy blue tansy is Amazing for the skin it soothes dry Reddened or sensitive skin. I love adding this to my facial cleanser every morning I personally love to use the essential skincare line from doTERRA. They have an amazing Moisturizer with Jasmine essential oil in it that I like to add my blue tansy to blue tansy significantly helps reduce the appearance of blemishes on the skin just today a friend was raving about Blu tansy and what it did for her skin she said about two months ago I decided to copy Emily right with her blue tansy and Virage immortelle serum routine within about two weeks The redness in my cheeks was gone completely Gone, and I did have ice cream because this month is the celebration of National Ice Cream month You can find out all about my favorite skincare line the essential skincare line from doTERRA right here in this video Listed above. Another great use for blue Tansy is for respiratory support blue Tansy helps you breathe easier. It helps clear congestion. This is simply done by Either diffusing it or putting it directly on your chest or putting it in a steam bowl I’ll include the recipes for those Finally my fifth and favorite way to use blue tanzy is for its emotional benefits blue Tansy is known as the oil for inspired action This is best achieved by putting one drop on your big toe in the morning or at night One blue tanzy participant said it’s been a week and I wanted to share some of my experiences I began using this oil undiluted on my big toe first thing every morning And I’ve noticed a few benefits including increased focus Intentional action throughout the day courage to step out of my comfort zone and do things. I normally would shy away from increased productivity less wasting time increased creativity and problem-solving the desire to collaborate and solve problems was also increased another participant said swimming laps for the first time in years and Finally Sarah said wow I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can definitely feel the shift happening of being productive now You know my five favorite ways that I like to use blue tansy essential oil But if you want 21 ways to use blue tansy essential oil with the recipes that I’ve referenced in this video Simply click the link below to download your free copy today Also, if you want to join my secret essential oil community for essential oil learner enthusiasts follow a link below through Facebook If you like this video, please let me know by giving it a thumbs up subscribing and sharing with your friends You can also comment below with helpful if this video was helpful for you. Don’t forget to download my free blu Tansy usage guide that has 21 tips and tricks on how I love to use Blue tansy essential oil and if you’re interested in learning how to get 25 percent off of all your essential oils Simply watch this video to learn how to join doTERRA and become part of amazing essential oil family We would love to have you. Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day You