(upbeat music) – Hey, health nuts. Welcome back to my channel. My name is Nikole Goncalves. And today we are talking about five underrated foods that I think you need to try and that I just
don’t think get enough love. So we’re gonna hop in, they’re delicious, I’m excited to talk about them
because I’m curious to know, have you guys tried these foods before? Let me know. Before we hop in, be sure to hit that red subscribe button down below. I post here every single week. It’s free and you get just to hang out with me every single week. What’s not to love? Click that red subscribe button and let’s hop right into the video. The first food that just doesn’t get enough love is nutritional yeast. Now, if you’re a vegan, you may be like, duh, I know what nutritional yeast is. But for the rest of the
world who isn’t vegan, nutritional yeast is the best thing ever. Whether you eat cheese or not, nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast. It actually grows off of molasses, which is kind of odd. But it is a deactivated yeast so you don’t have to worry
about candida or anything. But it has a cheesy flavor. This stuff is so good, I love to have it on pasta
as a Parmesan cheese, on popcorn, it’s amazing. You can put it in salad dressings, you can make cheese sauces with it. This stuff, there’s just like, you can put it on anything
and it tastes so good. It’s super cheesy and
savory and I don’t know, there’s just something addicting about it and I’m in love with it
and I use it all the time. We go through it so fast. Matt loves is. So like I said, whether
you’re vegan or not, or you like cheese or not, this stuff is amazing, highly recommended. Like I said, you’ll see
it in a lot of my recipes it’s available at most stores, it’s not a hard to find item. And a lot of times it’s
fortified with B vitamins so there’s some extra vitamins in it, and it’s just a fun food
to add to really whatever. Look at this. It’s raining cheese, but really it’s not. Oh my god, it smells so good. Next up, we have coconut butter, also known as coconut mana. This stuff is so good, and a lot of people don’t know what it is or even how to use it, and at one point, I didn’t either and now I’m so happy I do because it is so good. So let me talk about it. Basically what it is is the meat and the oil of a coconut
blended all up together. Basically like a nut butter, but it’s coconut butter. You with me? This stuff is so delicious. Now, the trick to using it
properly is when you get it, a lot of times, you
can’t really see it here, but a lot of times the
coconut oil will be sitting on top of the meat and
it will be solidified. So just like when you
buy a new jar of some natural peanut butter or almond butter, the oil is sitting on top, that’s what happens here, except that if you guys know coconut oil, when it’s cool, it hardens. What I recommend is actually putting this into a hot pot of water just until it reaches
the top and stirring it with a butter knife just
until it fully incorporates, and then you have the
most delicious spread. It’s basically like nature’s butter, or nature’s icing. Probably closer to icing. I spread this on banana bread, you can use it as an icing
on muffins or cupcakes, you can blend it up into your coffee or hot chocolate for extra creaminess, put it in smoothies. You can just do so much with it. It’s full of healthy fats, it’s delicious and
there are actually a lot of recipes in the HealthNut
cookbook using this stuff, and it’s just delicious and I feel like it
doesn’t get enough love. People are all about the coconut oil, but I’m all about the coconut butter. It’s buttah than the oil. Anyways, I’m lame. So good, I’ll have links by the way to everything I’m mentioning down below, but you can find this at
regular grocery stores. It is not hard to find, so a lot of times you’re probably like I don’t know what coconut mana is, but now you do, you’re welcome You will love it. Next up we have carob. Carob comes in different forms. This is the powder version. I also have carob chips. So they’re made out of the same thing. They’re from a tropical pod. Basically like chocolate, and it is very similar to chocolate, taste and the way you use it. But it’s a different plant and basically what they do is they take out the pulp from the tropical pod, they roast it, they grind
it up like chocolate, I think they do that with coffee too. But anyways, it’s delicious. It has this slightly, it’s almost sweeter than chocolate, but you definitely wanna
get it either sweetened or add in your own
sweetener like maple syrup or coconut sugar when you’re baking with it because just like
chocolate on it’s own, it’s just not sweet enough. But if you’re like me and
you don’t consume caffeine, and you don’t wanna have
just the lower quality of chocolate because it
has less caffeine in it, you want the good quality stuff, sometimes it can have a high
amount of caffeine in it. So I personally try to avoid it. I’ll have chocolate here and there, but as you can tell in my channel, I don’t do a ton of chocolate. I love it, but I just
don’t want the caffeine. So if you’re like me, and you want an alternative, carob is amazing. You can get it in the chocolate chip form, you can add this to banana bread, you can melt it and make
your own chocolate with some different mixing like dried
fruit and nuts and stuff. It’s delicious, you can make
chocolate bark out of it. The carob, you can put this
into brownies, cake batter. You can add this to your smoothies. It’s so versatile. It’s good for you. I love using fun foods like this to create things in the kitchen, especially when I am inspired by already chocolate desserts that I’m craving. I can just swap it out with carob and you can also make your
furry friends who can’t have chocolate because
it’ll make them sick, you can make them a carob
chocolate treat instead. And they’re just really fun, I will link this as well down below. The smell and taste is
very similar to chocolate. I don’t know, I feel like I can sometimes not tell the difference
when it’s in stuff, especially when it’s sweetened
up with other things. I love it, it’s really good, and there’s so many uses to it. Try out some carob. I think it’s very underrated and I feel like it needs
more love in its life. Next up we have water chestnuts, which I’ve actually been a huge fan of water chestnuts for years. I remember eating them as a kid and really enjoying them, but I just don’t hear enough about them. They’re so good. I feel like they get
neglected on the shelf in the wall of cans. And I just think that
they’re so fun to eat. They kinda have like this
firm, crisp, crunchy texture and a fresh crisp taste. Think of an apple, a really crisp apple, but more of a, has a nutty flavor. So I like to use this in savory dishes. A lot of times you’ll
find this in stir frys. The the cool thing about
water chestnuts is that it keeps its crisp, firm
texture even when heated. You don’t wanna overcook it, but you can just stir fry this up with some noodles and vegetables. It’s so good, it adds a really
fun texture element to it. And like I said, it’s fresh,
it’s nutty, it’s crispy, it’s delicious and it’s
actually high in nutrients. So even though it’s like 74% water, so it’s really hydrating, it’s also high in fiber, it’s low calorie if you’re counting. And I just love it. It’s also just, yeah, I think it’s high in antioxidants too, which I didn’t know that ’cause
it’s just a white vegetable. Even though also, fun fact, it’s called a chestnut, it is actually a vegetable. I think you can also put it in soups. You can eat it raw, boiled, roasted, pickled, lots of things. Super versatile, highly recommend trying
it out in stir frys. This is one of the things
that you either love it or you hate it ’cause the texture. I love it. Matt sometimes loves it, but I’m trying to persuade him to love it as much as I do ’cause it’s so good. Last but not least, I
have Chinese five spice. This is one of my favorite spices, it’s so underrated. It has such a distinct flavor. Any time I eat anything
that has this spice in it, I can detect it right away. There’s five spices in it. It’s cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise, and Szechuan peppercorns. A lot of times you’ll find
this in Asian cooking. A lot of Chinese and
Vietnamese broths and stir frys and foods will have
Chinese five spice in it. And it has a sweet, warm, aromatic flavor. It’s kind of like a sweet and savory. I don’t know, it’s so good. That cinnamon is unexpected, but it works really well with the fennel and the peppercorns and I just think it’s delicious. Let me smell it. It has the most unique spice
blend flavor I’ve ever smelt. It’s so good. So what I really like using
this for is roasting things. I have a chicken wing recipe, it’s so good. I’ll link that one down below. You can put this into soups, stir frys. Actually, Matt was the one
that got me onto this stuff. When we started dating, he would make stir frys all the time. It was his go-to thing. Chili and stir frys. And he would use this all the time in his stir frys because he grew up on it, his mom would use it all the time. So thank you momma Matt for getting Matt on this because it’s delicious. And that’s how I discovered it, otherwise, I think I
still wouldn’t have known about the wonders of
the Chinese five spice. It’s so good, and just get yourself a good quality just like any spice blend. But try it out, and you
can use it in marinades, rubs, in soup. Really, you can use it in anything that you wanna spice
up and add some flavor. It’s delicious, I love it and I just always am looking
for new ways on how to use it. It’s so good. There you have it, health nuts. Five underrated foods that
I think you need to try. I’m curious, have you guys
tried any of these foods? Leave me a comment down below. Also, let me know your number one underrated food that you love and you feel like just not
enough people know about it. I wanna know about it. Leave me a comment down below. And let me know what it is
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