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industry today I have two here with me Tahirih is a fashion and a fitness model
and she wants to share some of her experience some best practices and
things that you guys can do to stay in shape what you can do for your nutrition
in your health so stay tuned coming right up to her he’s going to
share some fitness and nutrition tips so don’t go anywhere hey you guys my name is – Tahirih so I am
a fashion and fitness model so I have a background in athleticism I used to be a
track and field runner I was a sprinter and I am a dancer I’m a current pre
professional dancer but I got into fashion and fitness modeling straight
out of high school so it’s important to have a long term life or a lifestyle
perspective on fitness so that you don’t go from out of shape to in shape and
back and forth and you just know your focus and you know your results are
going to be set and not something that’s just a temporary achievement the second
point is nutritional intake so it’s really important that you drink lots and
lots of water so water is very important for your digestive system it’s very
important for your skin it’s very important just for your
metabolism and your health furthermore the type of food I eat
everybody’s I’m not the best person we’re talking about nutrition but I
definitely try to be healthy I don’t I eat a lot of greens especially when it
comes to be around that time of the month what ladies that make sure you eat
your veggies stay away from dairy products stay away from sugar I don’t
drink any juice I haven’t juice in a very long time and I love
juice no alcoholic beverages I don’t even drink alcohol but that’s that’s a
personal one for me another thing that goes well combined with your nutritional
intake is sleep sleep is very important I know some people say it’s not
important to I mean it doesn’t matter if you eat late or whatever like it’s not
necessarily about the time when you eat but it is important that you do sleep in
order to let your body rest via rest and when our bodies our rest we actually
lose some weight so for all the college students I’ve been there I danced about
three to five times a week for a minimum of six hours and those days are every
other day or sometimes it could be back to back to back if you do not have a gym
there is literally no excuse that you are not working out the our doors are
free it’s way more fancy to go workout even by yourself you discover things
about yourself like you didn’t even know or take a friend with you take a you
know co-worker or you know somebody from your class or something someone you just
met with you on a run or in a walk just anything just get yourself active get
your heart rate pumping and you know go out and workout and before you even
realize that you’ll see results so stretching is very important in your
workout routine so I stretch before and after my workouts not only does that
prevent injuries and just to stretch my limbs out and keep my muscles toned but
it actually helps with my breathing and it helps me with I just actually just
found out that I could grow two inches taller just by stretching everyday but
it’s very important that you stretch you guys so just a quick recap in order to
achieve your fitness goals or your fitness modeling goals set goals for
yourself remain focused discipline yourself so it’s all very important that
you drink your water proper nutritional intake be disciplined or routine about
your fitness exercises the activities that you do and if you don’t have a gym
please consider going the outdoors you know our beautiful environment nature
running around you neighborhood a trail you know some some
type of cardio exercise and and yeah for more tips just check out my page on
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