What’s up Brisbane, my name is Tiae Marks
and in this video I’m gonna give you guys five reasons why you should suit
up with Bionic fitness. This crazy suit is a full-body electro muscle
stimulation suit one of the first in Australia. Just a 20-minute workout in
this bad boy is equivalent to an hour and a half inside the gym. So here’s the five
reasons why you need a stop training like a caveman and started training like you’re
living in the future. reason number one. It’s like nothing
you’ve ever experienced before. It feels weird, intense and good all the same time.
Reason number two. You can increase your strength and endurance in just a few
weeks. You can even see high level athletes like Usain Bolt plugging in for workout.
Number three. You can lose body fat, increase muscle tone and decrease
body Fat. Reason number four. Since the electrodes do most of the work, there is
zero risk of injury to your joints or ligaments. You can even do it after
you’ve had surgery, if you’re experiencing back pain or even if you just had a
baby. Reason number five. After you’re done you’re
going to feel like a superhero. Unlike a normal workout where you’re so
exhausted that you end up having to crawl back into car. After an EMS workout you
will be feeling buzzed and more relaxed then ever before.
EMS is now internationally massive. With over 10,000 studios worldwide. I
guarantee that in 20 years you’re going to be seeing these Bionic suits everywhere.
But since this technology is brand new to Australia, Bionic Fitness is inviting
everyone to come and experience it for themselves. So what are you waiting for
come and try for yourself for free and if you don’t absolutely love it I will
personally buy you a coffee. We will be seeing you guys very soon.
I wear suits and I’m awesome