hello everybody my name is henry miguel pena palace and today i am going to tell you five reasons not to buy the Britax omni treadmill this is called have ever eaten a just in case you guys don't know the real trick only is a treadmill that allows these futures to walk inside of video games if we mustard your legs into the joystick or kids you would normally use in a video game to walk I actually think this device is pretty cool but while I was going through the purchasing process I learned a few things that made me reconsider getting it now I have nothing against the Britax company or the Omni itself but it's not like sharing this reason so that you guys can decide if you want to get it or not so here we go there's this thing known as the death of the virtuix Omni even though it's not dead what happened was that in December of 2016 – a month ago districts announced that they will not be shipping Kickstarter pre-orders to non-us customers now I know these are in effect news customers but international customers that pre-ordered this product were really really really pissed because of this and you understand why it truly must feel like a really painful stabbing the bags for all the gamers who are dreaming of being one of the first ones of having this beautiful device in their living room and now they won't be able to have it anymore so I really understand the way they feel again I know this doesn't affect me or new customers but I know many people won't even consider getting the virtuix Omni anymore because of this yes business used only this means that if you only wanted to get the Britax only to put in your living room and play Skyrim and gta5 well you can can you feel good actually being know this until I went to the Britax Omni website and i try to get the Mystics Omni package once I did this it said the only it's currently not available for consumer use if you like to use the Omni commercially in a VR arcade gaming center or shopping mall with love to hear from you you know I suppose I should tell you this as soon as we open the website that way you can spend your time looking at everything one of the products looking for basics Omni review comparing it to other treadmills so that at the end you realize you can't get it so in summary if you're not planning on using the physics all mean with a commercial purpose then you can't really get it's that simple this one is really self-explanatory so it's going to be quick you cannot Crouch unlike its competitor the virtualizer by psy buries the Britax only doesn't allow you to crouch this is because it has some kind of support ring there is a touch to your body and doesn't really let you move up and down so you are stuck in the standing up position which in my opinion is not really cool and I was written on the tree the vertex family requires you to wear a special shoes at the beginning I thought this was good because it was probably going to make the walking experience smoother but as a business you will be required to get many pairs of shoes depending on the person who is using the virtuix Omni so if you go to a website you'll find that each pair of shoes is $59 so let's say you want to buy all of the sizes verax offers which are from size for 2016 those are 12 different sizes meaning you would need to pay more than $700 just for the shoes that is the price of the vs. company by itself that is crazy the reason number 1 not to buy the Britax omni is the fact that you cannot like at least not now I try to get in touch with the Britax company to their contact form and I got the typical message that says thank you for your interest in our products we'll get in touch with you soon and all that but I didn't even get a confirmation email after several days so I decided to message them on Facebook and I'm like hey guys I'm interested in your product and how long does it you should take you guys to answer to this a specific request and I didn't get any answer so I waited some more days I mean message them again and this time they actually answered and they said that they apologize for the delay but that they were currently taking care of a large number of pre-orders and that they would not be fulfilling new orders in many months this is the kind of thing that I would have loved to know as soon as I open a web site or even before filling up the contact form I shouldn't have to contact you guys to Facebook to know that I won't be able to get your product in minimum so for me this is the number one reason because and I wanted to get it now and I won't be able to get an out so there's really no point on getting it anymore but if after all the previous reasons you feel ok with the virtuix Omni you just need to know that you'll need to wait many months in order to get it again this is use me giving you my opinion so the juicy side if you want to get it or not if you believe that the virtual economy is an amazing machine with a beautiful design and a brilliant encounter thank 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