hey guys it's Keaney and I am so excited because I have here from potlikker eyewitness and she is going to lead us through a 5 minute ab circuit that's right if you haven't seen me on PopSugar fitness before you better go over there and try some of the other workouts but today I am so excited to be here with you and this 5 minute workouts going to feel good so good so if you are ready sweat that thumbs up give it a little click and let's get started all right team lxf let's do this rolling onto your back put your leg straight up and your arms straight up towards the sky you're going to lower your opposite arm and leg down trying to keep your back heel to the mat and then slowly bringing it back up we're just going to switch alternate sides I call this the reverse bird dog here exhaling as you extend inhaling as you like so this I love it 80 because it really starts to get that poor warmed up and it's like a blank like you have to keep your back really feel to the floor yeah so if you lower that leg oh yeah a little if your back first to come off the ground then don't lower as far to the ground so you can lower just a little bit you can do Kitty a modified version take that back and forth well I can't see anyone still in high school I say engage we're gonna do one more beautiful and then we're gonna do a butterfly with our feet the bottoms of our feet together hands behind the head we're going to lift the feet in the shoulders gently off the floor together exhale and then slowly lower down alright so here you want to keep your butterfly hoping you're trying not to bring your legs together so you're really requiring some lower abdominal strength and you're just peeling those shoulders off ever so slightly as well and then to rest back now when you come down try to keep your back on the floor as well you engage in the whole time it's so so good like hitting those mid and oh my god I love this one and you know it doesn't look so hot but it's all good for the core I do this in the privacy of your own home Okello maybe not the beach workout much yeah good guys now we're rolling up we're going to go into the kayak and I love this because we get those obliques engaged so you can go play off the ground or feel down we come like any of our paddles I'm going to paddle into the water so here the reason I call it high it's the way you aggressive do you think about dragging that paddle to the water so you're going role is being engaged with the core oh this is so visitors oh please and even the lower abs with the feet up off the floor oh my gosh I know it feels like modified here if you need to forget tighten your hip flexors which happens a lot right like it's going to breathe exhale as you twist oh yeah don't go please pop it on new girl like you have to last one good all right now we're going to flip over into a plank position and these next two are going to engage the entire front of the body and the back because we're going to be in that plank position okay now have your feet about as wide as your mat hands into the shoulder but we're going to rotate one arm at a time right so here we're trying to keep our hips Square to the floor oh I was just circling arm forward to challenging flat totally opposed this is really good really perfect hitting those lower abs for stabilizing and you kind of takes your mind off the fact that you're planking because that's really what you're doing yeah but now you're adding that shoulder rotation through your strengthening out your shoulders as well you have to stabilize your little joint integrity there and here it's just a nice way to kind of plank and hold it into the top Center – yes I love it I mean my husband literally but I know my right here – a calm are you guys gonna or what DAV are you going to visit there is no good keep going store 1 & 2 now take your single seconds here not too many we're going to go right back into the plank and finish with our last loop now it's your elbows feel better because your wrists are sensitive you can drop to the elbows or stay up on the hands maybe you feel like doing you can choke on the elbows I'll show on the hand but we're just going to do a nice little rainbow here so we're going to drop the hips to one side lift and lower to the other side oh yeah good yeah stay imma bother your feet number pull your toes in if they start to slide so they will you got to keep walking your toes in so I want you to keep your weight over your hands go and let your shoulders come back like there's a lot of people end up coming way far back we really keep yourself pulled over the hands my goodness I am like sweating yeah feeling my cooler shoulders are now on fire – I'm firing I love it in this little bit and you can do after a run you can do it after another kind of workout that you're doing on you know yeah maybe 20 minutes of cardio and then you just this last one and done although you've got a nice little tight stomach see boy I love it I was telling like them yeah thank you hungry this is and I was so awesome my entire body is feeling it my abs are like locked in and ready to go this would be perfect to pair with one of my other five networks I was like a five-minute booty workout or toned body yeah check out some bananas workouts on PopSugar Fitness she has a ton over gone over get a favorite move from this workout comment below tell us what it was and don't forget good things come to that OHS brain sweat yeah you