what's up everyone Chris Gronkowski here owner of ice shaker today I'm gonna show you how to get abs in just five minutes a day don't believe me try it at home yourself exercise number one call these Indy ups a nice little warm-up full-body ab routine right here really get loose I like to start with 20 on this exercise here's the second exercise heel touches coming up getting a nice squeeze at the top we're going ten reps here pulling ten reps for most of the sets for here on out we're going non-stop here we're feeling the burn third exercise here call this reach for the sky you're going straight up you're trying to touch the ceiling you're activating more of your upper abs you're feeling it in a little different spot we're starting to feel a little bit of burn now exercise for 10 reps once again same thing as the heel touches but this time we're bringing our legs up hit this 10 reps and let's move on exercise 5 just like exercise 3 but this time we're raising our legs up reach for the sky exercise 6 if you can't reach them just try anyways we're doing toe touches here try to touch your toes 10 times in a row exercise 7 we're really starting to target those lower abs hardest part the gets those lower abs so we want to hit them our 10 leg raises to start it off with exercise 8 I know you're feeling the burn now we're gonna keep it going though don't pause yet let's keep fighting through it feel that burn we're gonna hit the lower abs even more this time we're doing some scissor kicks exercise 9 it's one of my favourite ones this one burns so get ready for it it's a combo we're doing sit-ups and toe touches combine 10 of each get them in you're gonna feel it at this point what we're gonna switch it up a little bit after this exercise 10 we're gonna start trying to target those side ABS those obliques a little bit now I'm gonna give your main core a little bit of rest on these we got a cross legs sit up make sure you're getting all the way across giving a good squeeze on these hit 10 on each side exercise 11 once again let's keep it going let's hit those sides we got side crunches here same thing make sure you're coming up and getting a good squeeze on though side abs on those obliques you want to be looking good at the beach right exercise 12 we're getting there we're almost done a couple more left keep going though at this point if you can fight through it your money this is when it really burns this is when you actually get those ABS this is when you start building them you start seeing that six-pack coming through these bicycles feel good start off slow good form hold it it's gonna be hard holding these first five but take them slow hold him for a second pause and how I like to do it 5 then 10 at a medium speed and then 10 more if you're a beast exercise 13 you might know this by a different name but we call it the Patriot twist around here we're gonna hit 20 on each side here switch it up feel that burn one more exercise left exercise 14 you should be right at about 5 minutes maybe a little less at this point like I said 5 minute abs they can be done you're gonna be absolutely lit right now but we got one thing left we call this the fruit roll-up finisher get that extension you're gonna feel it make sure you're all the way out hold it for a second and then roll it up at this point some of you might have made it through some of you might have took on a long break some of you might not have made it but I guarantee if you do this at work out at least once a week you're gonna see results within a month just 5 minutes a day that's really all it is get those ABS that you want that's how I got here that's how I built it this is my favorite AB routine that I do at a minimum once a week if you like this video make sure you comment you share you like it and hit that notification bell and also hit me up in the comments tell me what your favorite ab exercise was that I did here and tell me some of your favorites because I want to try them out