join me today for a 5-minute toned ab workout to strengthen our core and help burn that belly fat today we're going to be doing a challenging but very doable 5 minute workout on our abs and I'd like to take the opportunity to say hi to all of my beautiful subscribers and if you're new to the channel click subscribe and click the bell and you'll be alerted every time there's a new video we don't need to be a paletes now we're over 50 but if you want to stay strong and fit and healthy we do need to do some form of physical exercise every single day so let's start working our abs and reduce that belly fat ok let's get our bodies moving let's get a heart rate going and get our body in the mood to exercise if you can't jump around like this that's ok just move your body swing your arms raise your knees get your body a little bit warmed up so we can get into our workout and you're going to feel great the first exercise is knee taps hold your core in tight raise your left knee to your right hand and then your right knee to your left hand now this can be a little bit tricky and you've got to think about it as we get older we have to challenge our brains so our brain stays young and this exercise is the perfect way to do it let me know if you have to think about this we're going to do a plank now so get down on the mat and I'm going to show you three different ways to do this depending on what stage you're at first position is hold your arms straight body straight and your core held in very tight or you can try this putting all your weight on your elbows keep your body in a straight line and your core held in tight and if you get tired doing that don't worry lower your knees to the ground and hold your body weight up with your arms hold your core in tight and if you need a rest lower your knees get up again when you can and try holding for as long as you can this takes practice that's amazing well done finished now we're going to take a counter pose spend all the way back stretch your arms out straight and just relieve your back feel how nice that is and you've only got a few more seconds so enjoy it our third ad exercise is lying leg extensions line your back legs at a 90 degree angle and lower your left leg slowly while holding in your core and stop just below the mat repeat this with each leg do this with purpose and put all your attention onto your abdominal muscles contract them in and hold your mind is hardwired towards pleasure and away from pain so you've got to work through the uncomfortable parts and just tell yourself that exercise makes me feel good the fourth exercise is spider climbers so get down on the mat arms straight back straight and bring your knee towards the outside of your elbow and repeat these exercises are so great for us because they help burn belly fat plus it strengthens our entire core we're working here on the lower and middle ABS the obliques and that's the muffin top so if you want to work on your muffin top get used to doing these if this exercise is a bit challenging take it very slowly we've got 45 seconds here so if you spend five seconds on each leg you're going to do this nine times and that's amazing take a break if you need but keep practicing another counter pose rest that back stretch your arms just enjoy a little bit of peace before we go again we're going to do 45 seconds of reverse crunches lie on your back arms straight raise your knees and use your lower abdominal muscles to lift your hips off the ground the more you bend your knees and swing the easier it will be remember we're using our abs to lift our hips not our knees to lift our hips and the more advanced version of this movement is no swinging just abdominals and lifting our legs up straight we'll do that next time this is the exercise that's going to help us develop our lower abs and that's what helps us get a flat stomach so you want to get good at this the best part of all its stretch time so take your right knee with your left hand and gently cross it over your body take your right hand and stretch it and look out the other way it feels so amazing to stretch now take your left knee and your right hand and do the same well done on making exercise a part of your day your estar just decide to become that person who exercises every single day you've just done it so it doesn't take long please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed the workout and share it to a playlist so you can do it again during the week thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week