hello! i am back again in my youtube channel i so thankful for those who watch and support me who subscribe to me untill now thank you so much I have the hard time to conceptualize but i will endure this. thank you so much never get in tired of watching my videos because what i am going to share is about being healthy what are the things you to do in order for you to achieve your goal but before that i mean to the talk not in youtube channel (hahaha) shout to Gloria Marcos who who visit my facebook, ops i mean in my youtube channel thank you so much iha for your support and appreciation in my videos, thank you Gloria Marcos stay tuned in my videos keep watching on my latest vidoes sorry for my unrehearsed words. but please continue watching till the end so let’s start the talk. particularly in our body. how we should achieve the hour glass body shape so how can we really achieve this? all we need is to work hard to achieve the hour glass shape the first thing i will share is what do we mean by know your self who are you in the goal you want to achieve are you this kind of person who is determine or your just this, i will exercise today i will diet today and then tommorow you will just tell. maybe tommorrow or maybe nextime maybe next year (hahaha) you should remove that attitude know yourself if your really determined to loosed weight or to have the hour glass so when we say know your goal what do you want in your body? you just want to loose weight just to have skinny body, toned muscle or to beautiful body so how to that know your goal, you need to instill in your mind and heart that you need to diet, you need exercise it’s up to you to the exercise or before you sleep or every time you wake up or every after work or if you just want to warm up even just for little time it’s up to you, even just for a lil time it will help you a lot at the same time, if you really need if you want this hour glass shape body you need exercise, that targets your desired part of your body to develop since i have mentioned it, your goal, know your target that you want to enhance or to develop in your body, coz in myself i know my target it is my tummy i have a big stomach and it really sucks but as of now i am controlling myself, i do exercise not at list i had my exercise not abrupt, it is gradual gradually exercise and i don’t base in repetiton i base in time in 30 minutes what are the exercise i did you should know, so if you wanted tummy trimming exercise, know the exercises that targets your tummy but there exercise that targets the whole body but still it targets your tummy know what you want in your body what is it that again? what is work out plan you will make a routine routines that you need to do exercise routines that helps you loosed weight to develop your desired body part in one week exercise what are the exercises that you need to do you need to do jumping jack jumping without rope planking you neeeeed squat so 4 example of exercises 4 exercise in one week but our body will adjust in the routine for instance the jumping jacks, you can do 30 30 counts and you keep doing 30 counts for 1 week nothing will be develop because the body adjusted from the routine so you need add extra work gradually so if you do jumping jacks the next (Tuesday) add extra counts make it 35 gradual, add and add extra counts to engage and engage our muscle to avoid stagnant routines so our muscle knows to adjust that they need work more so work out plan is very vital so you would not be mislead and to avoid laziness at list every morning you know your routines when we say health habits yes, you look skinny but some part of your body are not equally distributed not proportion it will depends on what we eat lack of exercise you loved processed foods so much so high index food so the result, you always feel bloated what i am telling is, know your food that help you, help you your body improved for you to loose weight and you will appropriate your body if you eat 3, ahm in your meal morning, in afternoon or lunch maybe you you eat, put in your plate 3 cups of rice that is really heavy so if you really determined you need to lessen your carbs intake, sugar avoid processed foods, it is really hard to digest sugar stores in our tummy resulting into belly fats same with the carbs to much carbs precisely, resulting into fats so try to avoid this so if you love soft drinks you love chocolates stop it, i am not telling you that you should remove this totally in your life style minimize it if you can drink 1 bottle before one coke mismo wiw endorser of coke (pls. pay me haha) now try not to drink all, just sip to satisfy your craving if you want to eat chocolate, 1 is enough if you want to eat cake, 1 slice please and always hydrate yourself drink water everyday if your really wanted to detoxify your body you can make an alternative water to boring if you water is plain you can add lemon, apple or cucumber, that will depend on your taste i love lemon and cucumber in my water and if drink this feel detoxify, my body is detoxifying different feeling when i perspire, call of nature keep calling me (poop) it always detoxify me cleans my body healthy habit is good you know what is right and wrong in the food always remember eating to much eating to much is not good we have this what we call stress eating people like that are more likely to get fat the very important tips is your not that timid person so you need to exercise, when you say i will exercise you should be determine, you need to that if you saw food that tempts you it is not bad to taste it but don’t eat all in one sitting that is to much you should instill in yourself that you wanted to be skinny i want hour glass body because all of us girls isn’t it you can’t do that instantly do it step by step that’s it, do it slowly, so that’s it those are my tip on how to have healthy life or healthy body or to have a hour glass body so let’s recall what’s the last? opps, i forgot what’s the last tip again? i almost forget the very important tips you can apply this in your daily life and apply this if you wanted to i already applied this in my self i can see now the result i really quit sodas though i love this (meow) i lessen the soda intake (haha) so i love my body now i trimmed my belly (haha) i don’t feel bloated now so what i share would help you hoping this good for you so if there are thing you want to say or something you want to know, you can comment down below thank you very much for watching and if your new to my youtube channel for the updates of my upcoming videos for the updates of my upcoming videos for the updates of my upcoming videos thank for watching