frozen shoulder can be a very painful
experience it makes your shoulder painful when
reaching clothes or combing hairs it is painful while trying to lift
something it is current like pain when trying to move the hand and shoulder
fortunately it can be cured if proper exercises are done in this video we will
discuss five most effective exercises that is going to give you relief from
pain and help improve your lifestyle moreover it can be done at home
frozen shoulder sufferers should maintain a daily routine of exercises
initially exercises are done very gently within the limit of pain
as pain improves the frequency and duration of exercises is increased the
application of a hot pack after exercises will make the exercises more
tolerable so let us start with shoulder elevation exercise shoulder elevation in
lying lie down straight on you back clasp both the hand
together then slowly elevate your hand keeping the elbow straight elevates your
shoulder to the point where you feel slight pain then slowly lower down
repeat the exercise for minimum of 20 times in single session
shoulder external rotation in lying lie down
straighten your back clasp your both the hands together behind the neck now
slowly lower both the elbow up to the point where you feel pain then again
slowly raise your elbow repeat this exercise for minimum of 20 times in the
single session external rotation cane exercises lie
down straight on your back hold the cane in front of you parallel to the floor
now bring elbow to 90 degree of angle so as it remains vertically straight elbows
touching your sides palms up and hands shoulder-width apart slowly shift the
cane away from your body in a sideways direction toward the side of the
affected shoulder keep the cane parallel to the ground and elbows in contact with
your sides 10 to 20 repetitions is required in a single session shoulder
pendulum begin the exercise by using only the weight of your arm without any
added weights gradually progress it by holding light weight such as dumbbells
packet of salt water bottles into the routine
keep back straight feet shoulder-width apart
support opposite arm on a table to allow the affected arm to hang straight down
with full relaxation of that shoulders muscles using the motion of your body to
create shoulder motion sway your body start with small circles gradually
increasing to larger circles perform twenty to twenty-five circles in each
direction advanced anterior shoulder stretch
once you have progressed through the previous exercise you can try the
stretch with your arm at 90 degrees placing your elbow against the War law
at the door lean forward until you feel a comfortable stretch in the anterior
aspect of your shoulder use the same key points for timing reps from the previous
exercise hold for ten to thirty seconds perform five to ten repetitions as
tolerated remember that healing from a frozen
shoulder will take time in some cases a lot of time but regular and correct
exercises combined with proper physiotherapy guidance it can be cured