good yeah feels good just warming up right now we have some sheep bleats or girls and then we're doing some just straight fire extensions just again I was warmed up but I actually be good session today I mean her who just shot again so should be pretty intense there so did their olympia preps we were there in the gym going hard every day and hiding herself out for no reason you just push play in recovery oh you're not stimulating no it's not a lot of it a lot of time these guys when they're training like especially waiting like feels like you are going hard enough but food does to learn but eventually it's just like it's going to keep rotating for contraction there was a muscle is really pumped entirely and you can feel anymore I couldn't you start really feeling it stop you're just postponing the recovery you're not getting any more explanation just go fit it okay we're done the workout and I don't know where Charles went but great workout we only did like for like four or five for five four or five exercises really that's all you need to destroy your arm that small smaller muscle groups so you don't need to do a ton of exercises like your legs or something we do a little bit more it was a great workout we're leaving LA tomorrow unfortunately but we'll be definitely shooting some new videos back home again as I keep the flow going make sure you guys subscribe make sure you guys like the video make Joe started to turn in Antoine's gym right oh yeah we got a straight up here Muscle & Fitness and Antoine and Dori and all of them this would be pretty exciting so stay tuned like subscribe turn on post notifications all that you guys already know it and stay tuned for some more fun