Welcome to the five bite diet YouTube
channel. Let’s join Dr. Alwin Lewis, the five bite diet creator, as he discusses
weight loss hurdles and shares insight into this revolutionary rapid weight
loss program. Q: Do you practice what you preach? A: Absolutely! It’s how… in a sense
it’s how it came about as well, because as I started to work with more and more
people who had the complications from the extra weight that what we call
metabolic disease, right? More and more metabolic disease and you know racking
my brain trying to help patients find a way to get the extra weight off their
body, I recognized that, you know, even I myself–although I’m a healthy guy. I’m
out there running and playing tennis, you know, golfing, trying to stay active. Even
I would benefit from losing some extra weight. My blood pressure was creeping up into the borderline range. I’m like, “you know what? This is crazy.” You know, here I am, I’m really really active, I’m really healthy, I’m eating a really healthy diet,
yet of all people as a doctor even my blood pressure is creeping up and I, you
know, I put two and two together and realized you know what? I need to lose
this little extra rim of fat that I’m carrying around my the center part of my
body. So indeed I followed the diet may be even better than what I recommend for
a lot of people. I was really, really strict and I was able to lose 70 pounds
in about a month! Yeah. Very, very, very fast, quick, dramatic weight loss. But
believe it or not I felt great doing it and that’s the came once I did this I’m
like, “Oh my God! Everybody should do it this way!” I mean this is amazing! You know, and if you just if you just did it, if you just followed the 5 bite diet and
you experienced the benefits of it the way that I have you would be hooked
forever. Granted, you can’t stay on it forever right? You can only stick with it
until the weight’s gone, but once the weight is off the body you’re done!
Now you can eat more. But should you gain a little bit of weight, in time, as we all
tend to do, I mean life’s a cycle, right? We’re gaining, losing, gaining, losing as
weight tends to creep up on us unexpectedly. Maybe over a series of
holiday parties during the winter time? Fine! No big deal. You recognize that I put on a few pounds. Go back to the 5 bite diet. So even I will use the five bite diet periodically from time to time to drop those few extra pounds that I gain. Although I have found that with time and as the
years have gone by I just don’t gain me extra pounds like I
used to. My sense of control’s become really, really, really
honed in and and good. But, starting off you’re going to have periods where
you’re gonna gain a few extra pounds then you reach into your back pocket, you
pull out the five bite diet, you use those tools again to get the extra
weight off quickly, easily, comfortably, done. And then you’re
done and then you’re just back living this truly extraordinary, exceptional
life. And when you realize, you know, we’re only on this planet one time we’ve got
one shot to make the most out of our lives on this planet you think yourself
“What am I waiting for? Let’s just do it! Get this job done!” And once you’ve
perfected your health then you can move on and perfect other areas in your life
but really for me number one on the list of priorities is your health. You’ve
gotta get your body in perfect ideal health before you can focus on other
areas of your life. Thank you so much for joining us! Don’t forget to click the
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