what's up guys it's Sydney and this is your 40 minute full-body bootcamp so grab your dumbbells and let's get started what's up guys I'm so excited to have you here for our full-body boot camp we are going to be working in hit style high intensity intervals so 30 seconds of work 15 seconds rest we're using dumbbells today I'm using 8 tens and 15s so something in your medium to kind of high or medium range viewing front squats bicep curls basic movements also combined with bodyweight movements so make sure you have some options for yourself for that ok let's go ahead and get started big deep breath if you're already cross your arms over your chest I'm side step in three two one let's go start your breathing now knowing we're gonna be working in intense interval style 30 seconds of hard work half of that time as your wrists okay big wide stance let's hinge forward touch the floor come right back up though your hamstrings stretch on the way back all down the back of your legs and dig your heels into the floor to bring yourself back up let's go three two one and come back up to the top lateral lunge same wide stance you're gonna bend one leg sit down in that heel keep the other leg straight that's it let's go 4 3 2 1 all right take your right hand hand on the hip left hand big circle up and over good I'm going forwards for my first round in three two switch directions one let's go backwards good job good job three two switch arms and go right over to the other side if the shoulders warmed up we are starting with a squat movement but it's full body so we'll get to our arms and so it's directions 3 2 1 all right big wide stance right over your mat I want you to step forward in a lunge drop that back leg straight we're gonna open close your hand same side hand is your front knee open close good job two more and then you're gonna step that foot back place your hands down step it back switch it over same thing let your chest to rotate open three two and one take both of your feet back together walk it back in slowly good job bend your knees roll on up we're gonna jump right into our first circuit okay two moves back-to-back your first move is gonna be just a front squat okay so you're coming right here dumbbells at your chest sit and stand okay grab your weights we'll start there in five seconds I'll show you your bodyweight move when we get over there ready here we go 30 seconds to work right here so dumbbells are at your chest elbows stay nice and high by the way make sure you're not here squatting with your chest falling keep your elbows and your chest up good job eight more seconds three-two-one believe these on this side we're going to shuffle over to the bodyweight side okay wide stance you're gonna stay down click heels together open pop click open pop okay two one let's go click open if you can't hop just stand okay heel click open pop there you go fifteen more seconds beautiful job come on seven six three two one wrist all right those are your two circuit exercises for circuit one we've got two more rounds of that alright so grab those dumbbells front squat again big deep breath let's go three two one here we go both feet press into the floor equally technique is number one so make sure you're sitting your butt back as you go down your knees are not over your toes five four three two one rest beautiful job we're back to our heel click pop squat if you can't jump just come straight up just stand right here we go wide stance first two one let's go touch open jump there you go land nice and soft bit knees okay make sure you're not landing pogo stick style right a little soft landing you've got seven six three two one wrist last round of both of them okay you can go up over here and wait let's bump it up okay grab those dumbbells right here at your chest four three two one sit it back and down good job keep your knees out don't let your toes roll in or your knees roll in hey keep them apart eight seven you're right there good job three two one rest dumbbells up we've got one more round of your heel click pop squat again if you can't jump here here stand okay just make your cue click low and then stand up out of that squat okay – one last round let's go beautiful job soft landing great job come on okay we've got five four three two one for s your next move is going to be an alternating hammer curl strength move right here hammer curl left and right okay here we go two one let's go now this feels good feel like you can you can shift over to one foot as you curl okay just a way to switch it up so if I'm curling with my right arm my right foot stays down okay you got a little hamstring curl in there in the back seven six five two one leave your dumbbells here okay three cross punches to the right three to the left you're gonna thank high medium low switch high medium low switch okay if you can get a little bounce going right here to one to the right let's go one two three one two three good high medium-low bounce other hand stays right at your chest good job give me good punches five seconds here we go two one rest back to your hammer curls so that's got some intensity over there right the speed of your punches has to be in and out quick not just punch draw okay hammer curls again two one let's go round number two if you want curl opposite leg great job almost there five four three two one breasts dumbbells down over here you've got 15 seconds in between the two if you need water all right let's start punching to the left first okay high medium low okay two one let's go one two three jump switch good job just like last week I said we've got something to get off your chest this is the exercise to do it whoo let it out come on five four three two one rest one more round of hammer curls whoo big deep breath here if you can bump your weights up let's do it okay here we go five big deep breath three two one let's go curl if you want opposite leg can curl if you don't want to just stay right here okay if you chest up ten more seconds five four three two one breasts in throw those dumbbells up great job we're back over three punches right three left we're going right across your body okay last round to these two one punch to the right let's go three two one switch little upper body cardio good job hi I'm medium low come on 10 more seconds let it out let's go four let's go one more round three two one rest you've got 15 seconds to rest we're going to go wide stance alternating Romanian deadlifts so dumbbell side your feet are wide you're gonna go down to the outside of your foot to the outside of your foot so rotate your toes a little bit open ready here we go shift over into that heel up in the middle the weight goes into the heel on both sides your back remains flat even if you're twisting my back is flat it's not rounded right keep it flat ten more seconds but goes back and forward great job and rest alright drop the dumbbells down we did a little bit of this but last week but this one's gonna be 2 feet hands are down glute bridge hops okay so both feet on the ground you're coming here pop sit up sit if you don't want to hop bridge sit let's go roll under your heels as you sit come up push there you go ten more seconds come on two one rest beautiful job we're back over single side Romanian deadlifts okay I'm gonna go to the side with you this time again toes are pointed out my hips are still going backwards two one let's go reach it come back to the middle you might feel this one a little bit more on the outside back of your legs okay fifteen seconds [Applause] your shoulder blades pulled back four three two one rest good job I'm gonna bump my weight up next time so I'll throw those down these guys ready we're back to glute bridge hops okay have a seat heels down three two one let's go sit roll up little hop great job come on 15 seconds go go seven six five three two one rest all right last round here one more round of each you guys doing okay all right here we go grab those dumbbells separate your feet just a little bit toes out ready let's go down to the foot squeeze back up back is flat reach the butt squeeze the butt good job eight more seconds can you give me a couple more four three two one let's go back one more round the glute bridge hops all right here we go have a seat we're going again in three two one last round let's go if you don't feel comfortable hopping just bridge sit okay three come on we've got about ten more seconds I know you're sweating I know you're working hard push push for five three two one rest whew all right bit rows are next we're going over to the back a little bit okay we're gonna go phantos wide stance you're gonna touch the floor and row twice so it looks like this touch one to back down okay ready let's go touch row four one and two back down one two if your back hurts on this one lower the weight okay or give me an alternating and just stay right here don't go to the floor okay it's got to be your workout you've got to know your own limits good job two one rest all righty we're back over Superman pulses I want you to leave your legs on the ground okay so relax your legs lift your chest up here touch the ground let's pulse up there you go squeeze your glutes back down good job you've got about seven more seconds here we go that's it two one refs amazing job roll it up back to your rows remember you've got 15 seconds so breathe adjust your weight if you need to but don't be ashamed if you need to go down or up okay it's totally fine two one let's go from the floor one two back down one two there we go keep your back flat in all positions of this if you're touching the ground make sure you're not round it okay seven six two one red good those go back quickly huh again the format of the workout it's gonna stay the same you've just got to know if you're getting tired quicker drop your weights or take a little bit more rests okay it's your workout you can do this to one let's go dip the hips down and make sure you're squeezing your glutes here 15 seconds good job come on 7 6 5 3 2 1 rest and we've got one more round of your rows okay double rows big deep breath anyone else sweating like crazy like me these short work periods get your heart rate up get you going a little quicker here we go 2 1 let's go touch the floor and one two down two down here we go beautiful leap work in 15 seconds beautiful six five can you give me one more round give it up three two one rest whoo one more round is Superman you're almost there almost done with this one okay lay it on down all right nice flat back ready three two one and let's go up down push your hips into the floor best squeezing your glutes good job good job come on ten more seconds you're right there five four three two one rip beautiful job all right a little more combo work now let's move it over second half of the workout here we've got combos okay so lighter dumbbells we're gonna go plie squat with a front raise okay start together let's step it over to the side front raise come back up okay here we go and if you need to you can just take one arm front raise all right totally fine just make sure you're sitting in that weight beautiful job 4 3 2 1 rest now leave the dumbbells here right now we're doing it without the dumbbells ok so start together you're gonna pop squat down raise your hands come back up raise turn back up if you're modifying step raise step raise ready let's go here you go sit down sit down ten nine [Applause] that's it three two one rest you heard me do this my counting was a little off and I cut myself right before I said it I was about to say six five but my math was off so I just held this okay here we go we're on number two two one let's go step it out front raise you're slowing it back down here going a little heavier still using the legs that's for sure so if you need to drop one of your dumbbells go here switch go here okay or just wait till you get to the top and then do your race okay you got to know what works for you today and rest anytime you need to switch it up to keep yourself safe to keep yourself in the workout that's fine it's your workout okay I'm gonna provide the structure for the timing and the focus you got to know what's best for you though okay two one pop squat front raise if you're just stepping out step graze okay either way you're squatting when you're lifting those arms to the front for 10 more seconds three two one wrist one last round over here big deep breath come on we got one more round to this one all right here we go four three two one sit it down lift it up here we go sit [Applause] good work last ten seconds that's it five four three two one beautiful throw those dumbbells up they've got your bodyweight move pop squats front arm raise here we go big deep breath start with your feet together three two one let's go pop it out raise to the front together you're not jumping still raise to the front okay 20 seconds you can do this come on we're with you I'm in it with you we're in it together seven six five four three two one breasts can grab one dumbbell all right one dumbbell we're gonna go glute bridge side shoulder press take the dumbbell in your right hand first heels down we're going here and sit ready let's go bridge your legs raise the dumbbell have a seat your feet and your one hand pushing into the mat eight more seconds four three two one rest move your dumbbell out of the way now for the other side the bodyweight side we're gonna bridge up there you're gonna switch reach reach okay here we go three two one let's go lift the hips reach reach if you need to modify set it down lift reach forward okay reach right here but my goal is for you to get your hands and your hips all the way up so maybe you're here on two hands bridging that's okay – all right do what you have to to get that glute working to get those gluts ex what am I looking for the word here rest get those glutes activated not excited all right other side okay so last one I did my right arm now I'm going from my left to one let's go there you go take your time breathe through it you got 15 more seconds dig the heels down to use those glutes they're strong eight seconds five four three two one rest all right leave that dumbbell here glute bridge hand switches whoo all right here we go three two one bridge it up switch switch every time you reach high then with those glutes to reach high – ok 15 more seconds there we go seven six almost there push push push three two one and rest we're back over here first half of the move we're going with the right hand second half of the move are going for the left so 15 seconds on the right and then you can put it down here in the middle switch to 15 on the left okay here we go last 30 let's do it 15 seconds on this arm I'll tell you when to switch three two one place that dumbbell down in the middle switch hands and let's go fifteen more seconds here beautiful wrist all right laughs around here glute bridge switch in those hands you got this come on seven seconds big deep breath three two one let's go be careful with your shoulders you know what feels good and what feels like it's uncomfortable or not safe for you you've got to do your best in this workout today technique is everything 10 9 5 4 3 2 1 rest beautiful job come on back we're going for the lighter dumbbells lateral lunge tricep extension okay so grabbing onto your dumbbells here we're gonna go lateral lunge tricep kickback holding them right here kickback let's go lateral to the middle kick it back see how I'm kind of staying bent leg the whole time hey God ten more seconds five four to one rest all right release those dumbbells over here now we're gonna go tricep push-up on your knees with a fire hydrant hold okay so I want you to lift one leg out to the side okay tricep push-up or you can do your push-up and then lift okay your choice ready let's go and keep switching your legs okay if you want to hold and do the pushup you can do it that's kind of an advanced move okay if you want to do the push-up and then do your lift just keep switching 15 more seconds eight seven four three two one rest good body weight side is still tough huh alright lateral lunge tricep kickback remember you're stepping way out for these lunges not just here you got to be able to sit down ready let's go sit and kick it back you're doing great come on nine eight seven beautiful three two one wrist alright dumbbells out of the way and by the way if you need something to put your knees on grab a towel or double your mat up okay that's fine too here we go triceps you're gonna lift and do the push-up do it if you want to do push-up and then lifts you can do that too let's go hands are close elbows go to the ribs then push back hold it as you do the push-up or do the push-up and then lift it's up to you make sure you get both parts of the move in to one rest beautiful all right come on back one more round of each you're doing okay we're rocking it gasps heart rate is up breathing is heavy let's keep going last round here we go there you go push push push it back ten more seconds come on – one beautiful wrist though these dumbbells up last round tricep push up and your fire hydrant lift whatever it looks like for you all right here we go on the knees to one let's do it remember elbows are going right to your ribs brace your abs pull them in push away make sure your hands aren't far out here they're right under your shoulders ten seconds there we go – beautiful job grab one of your heavy dumbbells actually grab both of them we're gonna do a burpee snatch for your cardio or your for your weighted move over here hands are down beside the dumbbells or on them step back or jump back step up or jump up you're going overhead okay I'll give you eight seconds and we'll start together hands on their dumbbells or on the side two one let's go jump or step back jump or step up dumbbells come right up over your head thirty seconds if you're slowing it down put your hands on the ground step it step it and just do one okay it's your level today whatever is best for you let's go to one rest move those dumbbells out of the way no weights on this one Burpee jacks you're gonna go hands down jump or step back jumping jack jump or step up jumping jack okay jumping jack at the back ain't at the top ready let's go one at the top one at the bottom good job you got seven three two one rest okay barfi snatch it's the last circuit it's intense you've got to bring it last circuit this is it two one let's go jump jump get those dumbbells or dumbbell overhead come on push yourself push push punch ten seconds for one more three two one rest Burpee Jack we're right there this will finish on round two for us we've got one more round and that's it that's how close we are come on four three two one jump or step back jump it and now jump or step up jumping jack okay it's your 100% right now come on I'm going hard as well we've got ten seconds to finish together come on four three two one wrist last round to this one and this one and we've made it this is it here we go grab those dumbbells big deep breath we're going in four three two let's get it take those heels down and use the power from your hips to get those dumbbells going 7:6 push push push can you give me one more three two one rest 30 seconds and you're done Burpee jacks this is it right here okay there we go let's go in four three two one here we go open at the top open at the bottom even if you're steppin step step push it back step step come on I'm with you ten seconds seven six three two one rest come back up to the top here hands are right in front of your feet then I want you to kick your right leg back behind you drop your foot flat on the ground we're gonna move right into the cooldown big deep breath remember June 29th I'll be in New York City and I would love love love to meet you I'm gonna do my first ever meet and greet in Sheep Meadow in Central Park big open field I'd love to see you guys meet you hug you hear your stories go ahead and switch your legs back 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. and I'll put the link or the details in the description below you don't have to sign up you don't have to purchase a ticket or anything like that I just love to meet you give you some freebies and here your stories cut the clock rolls down to zero walk it back into the middle and I'm gonna link another stretch video here at the end of the workout okay so if you want a little bit more cool down stretch you can roll it on up some guys I'm so proud of you today if you're coming here showing up showing out showing yourself that you can do this showing yourself that when you make those promises to yourself the consistency happens just keep your word to yourself I'm gonna show up here I'm gonna be that dependable thing for you so you know this is a little bit of the extra work that I don't have to worry about I'm just gonna show up do the workout and I'm doing it for this feeling right here the feeling of being done feeling of feeling tough challenge in the workout but making it through okay so do it for this feeling right here make sure before you head out if you finish the workout you're here right now because you're done with the workout with me make sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel so we can keep working out together staying consistent then turn on your Bell notification hell love you guys I'm gonna catch my breath but I will see you tomorrow