what's up guys it's Sydney and this is your 40-minute body weight abs and cardio workout so grab your mat let's get started what's up guys welcome to your 40 minute cardio and abs workout we do not need any equipment today all I have is some water and a sweat towel and it seems kind of lonely up here with no dumbbells no dumbbell rack so you'll just need some space to move today and your attitude to completely crush this workout okay all right big deep breath let's start with our warm up with backwards arm circles and before you head out today make sure you check out the city squad link all right here we go three two one let's get right into it now give me a sidestep jump right into this workout will get your heart rate up quickly alright switch directions forward knee job up it up good job everyone yesterday that crush that workout I know it was tough but I'm proud of you for pushing hard through it another style today no weights okay cross cross cross your chest be ready in a different way to crush this on okay we're gonna be super setting a cardio move and an ab move and we've got thirty seconds of each back-to-back three rounds and then we'll take a break okay but cakes here we go there you go let your foot relax just let it swing up towards your butt four three two big wide stance go down punch punch punch let's get the core working a little bit as you cross I want you to exhale squeeze here we go good three to come back to the middle one let's go down up down up if you need to modify down touch down tucked good let's go three two one hands on your hips reach squeeze reach squeeze good job to one wrist all right let's go jog in place okay get your heart rate up a little bit now let's go to the left and right and left right good job let's go side to side get those lateral muscles waking up all right step it out hop and kick hop and kick all right we're gonna go right into your first move here curtsy lunge hop overs so you're here here to one let's go you need to modify take the jump out of the middle okay there you go 15 14 13 good 8 seconds and you're gonna come down into a high plank 4 3 2 1 come to the high plank now let's drop elbow to hand here we go so we're gonna go three rounds of these two moves thirty seconds each non-stop and then you get a minute rest okay so just work hard for that rest 10 seconds keep your hips to keep your abs tight here we go for it back to curtsy lunges two one come on up here we go right back into it any kind of modification you need to do today do it slow down if you need to pause it if you need to but try to challenge yourself you can be ready for that challenge today eight seven six we're back into plate push-ups three two one let's go keep your abs pulled in think of zipping your bellybutton up to your chest fifteen seconds we've got one more round of each come on up in four three two come on up let's go blast around here we go good side to side make it a little tougher jump higher there you go eight seven get ready to drop down in four three two one last round here we go and then you get a minute rest I'll give you an option to stay moving but I want you to get a drink first there you go fifteen seconds last half here abs are tight pull them in five seconds four three two one rest walk your feet back up to your hands or the reverse and grab some water we've got a minute rest all right so your next two moves I'm gonna show you while you're watching me demo skip and skip okay got about 35 seconds so get that skip going just relax a little bit if you need it okay first move is gonna be leg raise with three flutters at the bottom so hands are underneath your butt going down one two three raise it up one two three raise it up we need to modify bend your legs one two three and pull okay cardio option you're gonna flip right over mountain climbers cross body so knees to the opposite elbow alright let's start with the mountain climbers two one here we go thirty Seconds here and if you need to modify these just step drive let's go we're working hard today guys ten nine eight four three two flip it right over one leg raise three flutters at the bottom one two three pull keep that back pull it down towards the mat good job three two one we're back to mountain climbers flip it over and go remember we're working hard for three minutes so don't slow down here here you go you've got ten seconds left push through it and they were going back to leg raises with the flutter come on four three two flip it over let's go three flutters and then connect your feet again come back up together fifteen seconds and we'll go one more round of each five four three two one flip it over last round of your mountain climbers let's go cross cross cross let's go breathe fill yourself breathe good ten more seconds climb that mountain you're up you're up you're up you're eight seven come on four three two flip it over here we go last round leg raises and then we rest great work come on ten seconds four three two one stay down here on the floor grab some water I'll give you an idle option for a minute rest if you want to take it you can maintain doing situps okay if you want to stay moving in the rest you can do that I'm gonna show you your next exercises okay switch toe touches right here oh wait down here sorry so you got one leg up one leg is either down on the ground or floating here okay you're gonna toe touch switch toe touch switch now this back leg can be on the ground if you need it to be okay and that instance you'll toe touch toe touch okay so twenty seconds and we'll start with tuck tuck tuck jump plank Jack okay so that move you're gonna be up on your hands you're gonna go tuck jump plank Jack okay let's start here I flip over onto your hands for me tuck both feet up and a little hop two one here we go tuck it up plank Jack it out now to modify this step up and back out and in okay this is your cardio but as you can tell there's some core in there too we're flipping over for that single leg toe touch in three two one lay it on down let's go up switch float the leg if you can to make it tougher switch quicker okay make it easier put one foot on the ground switch okay four we're back to tuck in plank Jack three two one flip it over let's go hand tuck Dan Jack remember you can step up and back and then plank Jack okay good job 14 13 12 six-five back to our single leg toe touch you ready to one flip it over let's go reach switch try to get those shoulder blades off the ground and like I said if you need to modify bend your legs we're leave one on the ground okay we got it I know your abs are burning push four three two one back over last round of both you still with me come on let's go good job let's earn that one-minute rest go a little harder for 11 10 8 7 come on three two flip it over and last around the toe touches let's go hop switch up switch Oh 15 seconds good job 7-6 three two one and you've got one minute rest grab some water if you want to move in your idle time I want you to go high knees backwards high knees forwards okay so figure out a way to watch me when I show you here next to okay first exercise is your core we're gonna go single leg extension so you're crunched right here you're gonna go open back in to touch your ankles open touch okay that's your core exercise your cardio exercise you're actually gonna get up for high knees for punches so we're right here 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 ok let's start up here ok so come on up 10 seconds all right big deep breath for high knees or power marches for punches here we go 3 2 1 let's go 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 what good let's go so this one is pretty intense up top here and then we slow it down in the ABS okay one two three four ha let's go get ready four three two one have a seat tuck and crunch release one leg open crunch open crunch keep those shoulder blades off the floor as you reach your leg you're touching your fingertips good job five seconds keep that back glued to the ground two one come right on up from there let's go four three two one good job come on 15 seconds that's it eight seconds you're gonna drop down we're only going to move the right leg on this one okay two one come on down just the right leg here we go open right open right you want to make it tougher leave your hands up here straight leg try it out there we go three two one roll it up last round four high knees let's go one two three four come on quick quick quick transition quick next round inner core you're just moving your left leg straight leg it's tougher you can go bent leg or straight leg three two one come on down just the left leg crunch release crunch straight leg if you can leave those hands up keep the back flat come on 10 seconds shorter blades up 6 5 2 1 rest you've got one minute rest and your 1 minute rest you can do bicycles right here ok if you want to grab some water first next two exercises we've got Russian twist in side step and hop ok Russian twists are gonna look like this legs are up if you need to modify heels are on the ground your arms are gonna be straight so we're here then here we're touching back behind us on the ground ok meeting back together at the top here your cardio is gonna be a sidestep three side steps and a hop so 1 2 3 hop 1 2 3 hop ok to modify 1 2 3 hop ok let's start with the 3 slides and one hop and then we'll go down to Russian twist 5 seconds you ready here we go three two one three hops one two three [Applause] good job one two three up well we're seconds and we're going to Russian twist to one come on down legs up arms out front here we go touch middle touch middle we need to modify heels down lean back you want to aim to reach right back directly from your spine five seconds get ready to come back up for your three hops in two one come on up let's go three hops one two three and up you can also modify go one two three play it both feet and hop good job good job five seconds back to Russian twist in three two one let's go legs up straight if you can but if you need to on the floor if you need to just keep that lean back ten seconds we got one more round of each you're doing great come on four three two come on up let's go three hops use that knee on your third hop right here to drive it up okay swing it up eight seconds to one wrist last around a Russian twist let's go good job come on legs up reach and twist turn your head with your arms that's it ten seconds four three come on two one come on up grab some water amazing job if you want to work in your rest time you're gonna go here kick kick kick okay I'll show you next – all right next exercise – Jack rat Jack knives on the right two on the left so you got 1 & 2 switch 1 & 2 that's your ab move okay if you're doing your side step right now our cardio move is ski hops so you're gonna hop over swing this leg right inside your inner thigh over here push back over to the side here here we need to modify step touch step touch okay moving laterally nine seconds so grab some water we're going to start up here with our ski hops 4 3 to the right let's go 30 seconds here try to stay leaned into the middle also make sure you're not hitting your knee really hard with your other knee right inside just tuck it right inside 15 14 come on pin 9 that's it go for it 4 3 jackknives and 2 1 have a seat 2 on the right and two on the left but if you need to modify bend that leg crunch crunch 10 seconds that's it 5 4 get ready for ski ops 2 1 let's go back up get right into it the faster you can get up in transition the more your heart rates gonna Sam let's go come on whoo 10 seconds let's go 5 4 2 1 rest come on down jackknives two on the right two on the left come on keep breathing up then up you still with me come on we got this eight seven go for it go for it two one come on up last round of both are you ready let's go come up slowly if you need to use your arms lean in towards the middle all right ten seconds speed it up push three two one last round jackknives let's go come on breathe with me squeeze good job we've got ten eight seven four three two one you've got one minute rest whoo your option here for your rest is to hold a plank okay so grab some water you want to stay moving in your rest hold that plank if you don't have to it's just an option for people that want to stay moving all right you with me so virtual high five ready you're doing great I know you're out of breath I know you're sweating heavy we're gonna make it together okay here we go your next cardio move there's a pulldown jack so legs are gonna be doing the same thing they do it a jumping jack you're gonna pull pull okay bringing that one knee up to meet your hands AB move I'll show you real quick you can stay up we're gonna start with the cardio ab moobs gonna be sit up row your legs sit up throw modification sit up touch your toes okay so let's start with our jumping jack poles hands up knee to elbow ready let's go good job pull it down down a little twist here keep those feet moving quick to modify no jump just drive pull drive pull drive six seconds you're gonna sit down for those sit-ups with a row at the top two one come on down sit up and as you sit up lift your feet row like you're in a boat or like you're trying to get something under your legs we need to modify sit up toe touch sit up toe touch okay work on getting that full range of motion five seconds rest good come on up pull those hands up me drive me drive home we're working hard today right we've got each other I'm here for you go go go fifteen fourteen nine eight seven reach pull reach pull four three two one have a seat sit up in row under your legs modifies setup and back down or crunch he'll touch okay that's an option to seven big reach big squeeze at the top – one last round come on up reach those hands up pull pull come on we've got this you're so close to being done I need you to realize you're in the last third of this workout okay do you have anything left if yes turn it up five seconds let's go four three two one blast you're under situps let's go come on control your core 10987 three two one breath grab some water you're doing amazing okay their option for cardio here to say moving heel taps right here okay we got about 45 seconds so if you want to stay moving you can also grab some water okay your ab option and move for the next move is a side plank open up okay two options here you can stay high on your hands open open and if you want to make it tougher you can go to your elbows open tuck them under open okay so hands or elbows your cardio move it's gonna be a kick with a punch opposite hand opposite leg so we're gonna start right left left right if you can hop and then hop okay five seconds we're gonna start up here you ready three two one let's go start here boom boom and if you feel good add that hop in let's go punch to the toe good come on 15 14 13 that's it that's it 10 9 8 get ready to drop into that plank in 5 4 3 2 let's go hands or elbows we're gonna open tuck open tuck come on keep those hips low abs tight 15:14 that's it nine eight seven get ready to go back up punch and kick and four three two one come on up let's go boom boom come on move quick up that's it we've got this set of three rounds one more superset can we've made it okay so turn it up a little more let's go eight seven four three two one come on down plank whoo if you're going on your hands same thing you're opening up open keep the hips up open your hips and your chest 15 seconds come on come on let's go keep working six five three two last round come on up right into it punch kick go go go earn that one-minute rest that you're about to get come on work it hard let's go higher with those kicks whoa seven six five let's go four three two last round down here on the planks let's go good job 15 seconds nine eight seven four three two one one-minute rest I know you're breathing heavy grab some water this is your last minute rest so if you want to stay working and this one legs up open open okay you got about 45 seconds so if you want to stay there and work I'll show you your next two exercises okay good your first exercise is a plank forward punch high plank so you're going on your hands okay you're gonna punch left right knee tuck knee tuck left right knee tuck knee tuck okay that's your core exercise cardio exercise I'm with you I feel exactly how you feel okay it's gonna be a half squat double punch up so wide feet hands are here half squat both arms punch up okay kind of like cheerleaders down up down up let's start there come on up to one wide feet hands here let's go down up down up it's all about moving quickly here whoops time should move seven seconds rule into that plane punch four three two one let's go punch right left right left right left don't let your hips move keep that belly button tight two one two let's go seven seconds four three two one back up legs wide hands here let's go punch punch round two you don't okay okay fifteen seconds turn it up fifteen fourteen thirteen that's it we've got eight seven six five seconds three two one come on down to your plank punch punch knee cross knee cross the goal is to let your hips barely move I don't want you to look out in front of you where you're punching good job you got four three two one last round of cardio right here let's go last minute of work come on we got it okay a little faster ready fifteen fourteen that's it eleven ten nine good come on three two one come on down punch and kick pull the ABS in pull the ABS in good job 15 seconds come on come on work work work let's go you've got eight seconds you're gonna stay right here and we're going to hold a 30 second plank together three two one say right here thirty seconds you can drop down to your arms run your elbows if you want you can expand your reach a little if you want pull that belly button in come on 13 seconds don't stop let's go 7 6 5 4 2 1 drop to your stomach and place your hands right under your shoulders big deep breath in then you as you exhale push your chest up let's rock right into our cool down guys amazing job don't leave yet we've got a cool-down to go this is incorporated into your workout time so make sure you understand the importance of a cool-down I want you back tomorrow feeling good feeling mobile not feeling stiff and sore so stay right here with me tuck your toes down lift your hips up and push your heels down towards the ground use your hands to push into the floor and breathe [Applause] walk back to your toes slow slow slow I want you to think about how strong you feel right now not how you felt in the middle of the workout okay not how you felt when you think oh my gosh I don't know if I can make it I might need a stop think about right now one vertebrae at a time I want you to roll up nice and slow come back into the middle nice wide stance remember this feeling okay take your right arm put it on your leg left arm reaches over top I know if you did yesterday's workout I know it was challenging I absolutely know it was tough and I do that because I know you guys show up to be pushed to your limits okay switch sides right the workout was tough I wanted to show you what you can get through all right you have to push yourself in order to see changes you've got to make changes you've got to get outside of that comfort zone so thank you to everyone who appreciate it or who said they crushed it yesterday I know it was tough trust me I did it with you but what you gotta understand is every challenge is set up to make you stronger not to make you feel defeated not to make you say I didn't like this and this and this because it made me feel uncomfortable where I was tired where I was uninterested challenge yourself every challenge is there to make you stronger okay it's never to defeat you it's never to set you back it's never to make you feel like a failure ever challenges are there to make you dig deep from your strengths that's where you get these workouts done I'm not there moving your body no one's making you do that you are incredibly strong okay so even if you had to modify even if you had to stop even if you had to drop weights that's not a failure a failure is quitting it's not trying it's giving up when it gets tough okay don't give up when it gets tough don't quit on yourself and accept every challenge as a way to make you stronger okay and challenge yourself to make yourself stronger okay and these workouts I'm here doing it with you but it's ultimately up to you to make sure you go hard to make your body move at your 100% intensity okay and I hope today you did that I hope you can stay in here right now and say you worked your hardest you left everything on the mat here you gave it a hundred percent and you accepted this challenge to make you stronger if you did I want you to comment below and say I am strong if you finish this workout okay comment I am strong in the box right below here okay also don't forget before you head out if you wouldn't care make sure you click the thumbs up button here and also subscribe to the channel so we can keep going turn on that Bell notification and don't forget to share this workout with a friend on your social media platforms I love you guys and I will see you tomorrow so proud of you remember you are strong