no matter what you think or what you’ve
heard or what you’ve been told losing weight is not about overeating it’s not
about a lack of portion control or any other crap most health and fitness gurus
want to sell you if you want to hear more of that then please stop watching
this video right now how would you like to end your sugar and fat cravings once
and for all what would it be like if you knew how to tell your brain to force
your stomach to crave healthier foods and what if you could kill your cravings
for bad foods in just a few minutes every time a craving here you you might
find that losing weight would be a lot easier many people who are serious about
their weight loss and who watch this short video than do as I say can lose
the weight shall we begin hi i’m brian flatt if you’ve listened to
the health and fitness gurus there’s a commonly repeated lie that you could
lose no more than 1 to 2 pounds a week I’m here to show you honest verifiable
scientific proof as to why that’s a bald-faced lie that lies only purpose is
to keep you from learning the real truth about the four hormones your own body
produces that really control how much fat you store and how much fat you burn
this lie has prevented you from burning stubborn hard to lose fat no matter what
diets you’ve tried or how much you exercise or starve yourself and what’s
worse is the health and fitness gurus want to keep you from doing what does
work for fast long-lasting weight loss results why because if you knew this you
wouldn’t need them anymore right look at what 42 year old Jeanne Murphy did she
followed my advice and she lost the weight I can’t thank Brian enough
everything he’s taught me has been an absolute godsend I’ve tried every diet
and and nothing has worked like this I lost
24 pounds in just four weeks and I’m not slowing down my friends and family have
noticed my transformation too it’s so great to finally have a system for
losing weight that actually works right in this video I’ll reveal how these 4
hormones work inside the body to burn fat
for fuel and why if you need to lose weight that’s proof these four hormones
are not working together the way that they should and by the end of this video
you’ll know exactly how to fix this and make your four hormones work together so
you can burn more fat much faster but first let’s see if this is right for you
I would say yes if you are fed up with not being able to lose weight if you’ve
tried every weight loss diet weight loss pill and high protein shake Under the
Sun if you’re sick and tired of counting calories or points and never want to
check a calorie sheet ever again if you’re exhausted with sweat until you
drop exercise programs that only make you gain weight if you’ve tried
expensive weight loss meal plans and found out they taste like cardboard if
you’re always craving sweets and fatty foods you know aren’t good for you but
you can’t resist them if nothing has worked and you’re sick of trying and
just want to give up then this video is for you oh and one more thing and pay
attention because this is crucial and you really need to know this your extra
weight is not your fault and you are definitely not alone
millions of people struggle every day to lose weight and can’t that is until now
what I’m about to reveal to you is the true medical science behind how each of
these four hormones can individually control and cripple your rate of fat
burn and escalate your fat storage and how conversely when they work together
your four hormones can rapidly boost your energy and skyrocket your
fat-burning metabolism I’ll even give you the simple method you can use to
force your body to control these four hormones so they work with your
weight-loss goals to rapidly melt away six to eight pounds of stubborn body fat
in just one week and burn six to eight more pounds of body fat your second week
and six to eight more pounds of fat your third week and in the fourth week
another six to eight pounds more when you do the math that means six pounds a
week times four weeks equals 24 pounds right at minimum
that’s triple the measly two pounds times four weeks or an eight pound limit
that the fitness experts in gurus claim you can lose and that’s not all there’s
a thing that is very relaxing and easy to do that I’ll show you that takes just
a few minutes a day and instantly halts your cravings for sugary and fatty foods
simply use it just once a day to stop cravings for good I know all of this
sounds incredible too incredible to believe but stick with me here because
it’s all true I’ll show you the rock-solid clinical evidence from
double-blind placebo-controlled studies with humans from highly acclaimed
medical schools such as Harvard Yale and Princeton and reveal exactly how and why
these four hormones can block your fat burning efforts I promise you once you
hear the truth and clinical science behind all of this you’ll easily break
through all four hormone fat burning blocks and ignite your own super rapid
fat loss results then up the unwanted fat stored on your hips butt waist
thighs back or arms literally anywhere on your body will be burned away you’ll
know exactly what to do to double if not triple your weight loss results in just
one day and you’ll lose more weight than you ever did before and be the envy of
your friends still suffering in their weight loss journey and that’s why you
should think deeply about this and you’ll want to take action at the end so
you can get the weight loss results you want like I said earlier my name is
brian flatt and in the last 12 years I’ve helped over twenty nine thousand
five hundred and fifty nine women and men in the US Canada Great Britain
Australia and across Europe to lose one to two pounds per day safely and easily
what I’m about to reveal to you has nothing to do with the old eat less
sweat more ancient weight loss wisdom that’s so tragically out of date and
really doesn’t work and it doesn’t involve dangerous weight loss pills or
crazy diets either if you’ve just looked at your last diet and thought this is
crazy there must be a better way
you’re right there is a better way for you to get the weight loss results
you’ve always wanted just like these people who took my advice it’s amazing
how many dieting programs exists that don’t lead to real results I’ve tried
them all believe me then I found this and was completely blown away Brian
talks about health in a way that was super simple to understand and easy to
incorporate into my daily life in just four weeks I shed 31 pounds I’m looking
and feeling better than ever I could go on and on about this four-week diet it
literally changed the way I look at health dieting and exercise for the
better now I eat with confidence knowing that my food is providing my body with
the nourishment it needs to thrive not to mention that I dropped 28 pounds I’ve
been trying to reach my goal weight for years but nothing ever worked for me
before this thank you so much Brian just like they did
soon you’ll be seeing similar results in your own mirror visible fat loss results
with up to 32 pounds of pure body fat trimming two to four inches off your
waist line going down two to three dress or pants sizes seeing and feeling a
flatter tighter stomach in just four short weeks all this is truly possible
just from forcing all four of your fat storing and fat burning hormones to work
together in harmony to supercharge your fat-burning
metabolism just like they are supposed to what you’ll love even more is by
slowing or even stopping your fat storage you will lose weight much
quicker and keep it off while your energy levels will soar you’ll watch in
delight as week after week more stubborn inches of ugly fat are lost from your
hips thighs belly and butt you’ll be back in control of your weight for good
and easily maintain the loss for the rest of your life now you’re probably
feeling more than a little skeptical about what you’ve just heard and you
should be I understand how this all sounds too good to be true
trust me thousands of people across the globe doubted me until they saw lasting
results firsthand on their scales and in their own mirrors
my simple method gave them visible results they just couldn’t ignore
because they only had to look down at their flatter sexier stomachs to see and
feel the visible proof something finally worked if you give me another minute to
explain I’ll prove all my claims with rock-solid proven clinical science as I
mentioned earlier my name is brian flatt I am a certified personal trainer
best-selling author weight loss consultant certified sports nutritionist
speaker and creator of the four week diet
it’s a science-based system that has helped thousands of people worldwide
lose weight faster than they had ever imagined possible
what you’re about to hear is exactly what you need to do to force your own
bodies for fat storing and burning hormones to work together so you can
transform your body and lose the weight for good the information you are about
to learn is 100% accurate foolproof and scientifically proven ok so are you
ready good these for fat storage and fat burning obstacles prevented you from
losing weight and keeping it off in the past these are why you are not losing
the weight and probably never will unless these are addressed you’re going
to hear about the fat burning physiology inside the body and how these four
hormones control your weight loss this is something most doctors and health
professionals don’t know about yet now I’ll explain it all in a way that is fun
and easy to understand soon you’ll know exactly what to do to lose all the ugly
fat you want in four short weeks you are guaranteed to see visible results on
your scale and in the mirror in the shortest possible time and don’t be
surprised if in just four short weeks from now your friends come up to you and
say you’ve got to tell me what’s your secret gosh you look so thin please tell
me what you did Christina Harris watched this
presentation and after following my advice had this to say this is the only
thing that worked for me I’ve lost 29 pounds in just four weeks I wouldn’t
believe this worked unless on the scaler looked in the mirror
here’s another sad truth and why most diets fail there simply aren’t enough
rewards to match all the sacrifices you’re forced to make and this is a key
component of why my advice works when other programs fail miserably my system
is the only one I know that focuses solely on producing extremely rapid fat
burning results by controlling these four natural fat burning and fat storing
hormones inside the body people ask me isn’t it dangerous to lose
this much weight this fast to answer let me introduce you to dr. Michael Danziger
the medical doctor and weight loss consultant to NBC’s hit show The Biggest
Loser here’s what he said about losing weight fast in theory one could drop as
much as 20 pounds in a week the truth is that nothing is wrong with losing weight
rapidly as long as you do it the right way once I heard that I knew it sounded
too good to be true so I did lots of research to discover
the truth I found that the majority of the safety data regarding weight loss
concerns the methods of losing weight not the speed that’s a critical
difference there are a few studies resulting in warnings about the speed of
weight loss because it doesn’t have to be unsafe to lose weight fast this is
important according to the Center for Disease Control if you are overweight a
BMI of 25 or higher you are more susceptible to developing coronary
artery disease type 2 diabetes Indre material cancer breast cancer colon
cancer hypertension dyslipidemia stroke liver disease gallbladder disease sleep
apnea respiratory problems osteoarthritis and gynecological
problems that list of dreadful diseases and health complications you just read
reinforces why it’s important that you really should lose the extra weight as
quickly as possible and that’s exactly why you need to keep watching by now
you’re wondering how this is different from all the other diet plans out there
why my program is unique and works when nothing else does is
because of these three critical differences one it stops your body from
forming new fat complexes or triglycerides so it stops storing fat
two it directly targets stubborn fat burning it for daily muscle and energy
needs for faster and more effective fat burning three it harnesses the fat
storing and fat burning power of these four hormones operating in sync to make
incredibly rapid weight loss scientifically possible the bottom line
is in just 28 days just by forcing your hormones to work together your body is
forced to burn more fat and faster and does it in only four weeks what other
diets take two to three months to accomplish that is if they work at all
when you take my advice you won’t be burning fat for only 1 to 2 hours each
day instead you’ll turn your body into a fat-burning machine burning fat rapidly
and safely 24 hours a day seven days a week for the entire four week period and
I’ll show you how to easily maintain your new weight loss for the rest of
your life to remember earlier when I told you it’s not your fault that you’ve
gained a little extra weight well that’s true it’s not you it’s your hormones
your hormones are blocking your fat-burning efforts and standing between
you and the thinner fitter sexier looking body you desire but don’t worry
I am here to tell you that there is a way to unblock your fat burning hormones
lose the weight and be in control of your life and your weight again just
like Christina Harris did Nicole Mackenzie said finally someone who knew
the reason why I was not losing weight in just four weeks I lost weight without
being hungry at all this is the only thing that has helped me lose weight and
I am so happy with how I look and feel okay here’s why these four hormones hold
the critical key to easily melt away the fat deposits that have been so hard to
lose for so long this is something new and it’s not what you may think hormone
number one ghrelin is your fat storage hormone if
your ghrelin levels are too high then you will constantly crave food
the more ghrelin in your body the hungrier you feel ghrelin makes you
crave sweets fatty foods and late night snacks so if you’re constantly fighting
your urges for bad foods it’s because your ghrelin level is high and
activating the hunger centers of your brain that control your appetite if your
ghrelin levels are high you will find it almost impossible to lose weight and
keep it off hormone number two insulin is your fat saving hormone there are
problems with an insulin imbalance inside the body if you are overweight
you’re probably carrying around a lot of excess sugar or glucose in your
bloodstream and storing it as fat if you eat a lot of sugar filled foods or if
you drink lots of sugary drinks your blood glucose levels are too high for
you to burn any body fat for food and if you have even a low level of insulin
resistance and most of us do it makes it virtually impossible to lose fat hormone
number 3 cortisol is your fat defense hormone there is a cortisol overload
that is harming your body’s ability to burn fat and store it excess cortisol is
produced in response to stress it apps you up to be ready to fight or flee in
case of danger cortisol can burn muscle for energy pushing fat-burning
metabolism even lower due to less muscle to burn calories which results in excess
fat in the abdominal area hormone number 4 adiponectin is your fat burning
hormone adiponectin is called the fat burning hormone because it tells your
body to use fat for fuel instead of storing it as your adiponectin levels
sink lower and lower due to hormone production and balanced by your glands
you will store more fat and have a harder time losing it the reason why is
because there just isn’t enough of the fat burning hormone to burn the fat you
have you need to manage all four hormones to rapidly boost your
fat-burning metabolism by one lowering your ghrelin or fat storage hormone
levels so you aren’t craving bad foods to restoring your insulin imbalance to
more normal levels so you can reduce blood glucose levels 3 we
juicing your cortisol overload which is harming your ability to burn fat at
higher levels and for boosting your adiponectin and fat burning hormone
levels to boost fat-burning metabolism you can now see why only by properly
managing all four hormones your body’s ghrelin insulin imbalance cortisol
overload and by raising your adiponectin levels can you give your body the
fighting chance it needs to slow or even stop fat storage and burn fat for energy
it’s just that simple now you know the real truth behind what forces weight
loss and it’s not so much controlling what you eat as it is controlling these
four hormones that run the fat storage and fat burning inside the body now the
only reason I am sharing this with you is so you can understand why you may
have had diets failed to work for you please remember that the diets failed
you not the other way around and now that you know what to really look for
when considering any weight loss program it has to take into consideration a
natural method that works for controlling all four of these hormones
this may lead you to wonder if there is an easier way to address all four
problems to controlling your fat burning hormones and the answer is yes I’ve
developed a unique method that incorporates all four of these hormones
so they collaborate with proven effective scientific double-blind
placebo-controlled clinical research introducing the four week diet system
trust me when I tell you there’s finally a weight loss solution that works it
works because it includes the right methods to control all four hormones so
they can work together rather than against each other to store fat and go
to work inside the body to rapidly burn fat just like they were always meant to
do in a study of 7,200 adults it showed that the weight loss difference between
the twelve popular diets including Weight Watchers Atkins in South Beach
was very little the issue is about how closely at how long you can stick to a
sensible weight-loss plan over time that matters professor susan jeb from the
university of oxford an advisor on obese told the BBC that’s why the four week
diet system is broken down into four separate handbooks each one has the
simple steps for controlling all four hormones for lightening fast
body transforming weight loss you know that actually sticking to any diet is
the hard part right and that’s just another reason why it is so much smarter
and more effective to lose weight when you focus on increasing your fat burning
hormones and reducing your fat storing hormones in a study from the Journal of
obesity people who focused on hormonal balance lost more weight compared to
those that used calorie counting as in 65% more weight in fact after just four
weeks of transforming their metabolism using similar methods to what’s inside
the four week diet system they also had a 34% decrease in their waist size alone
you can imagine that you might find what this does to your waistline could due to
the hard to lose fat on your belly size and the backs of your arms the four week
diet system removes all four barriers to your weight loss as it actively stops
cravings for sugary and fatty foods curbs appetite reduces new fat storage
burns more ugly fat on the waist hips thighs and arms helps boost mood and
energy as you eat more nutritious food so instead of a diet that works against
you the four week diet system works with your metabolism and releases the brakes
on your fat burning metabolism so you can lose 1 to 2 pounds a day the four
week diet system forces your body’s for hormones to work harder to burn fat
faster than ever before here’s what you’ll be receiving today the launch
handbook shows you how to eat in a way that forces your four hormones to work
together with tasty foods you’ll love to eat so you will never have to feel
hungry or deprived you’ll read about how we store fat and exactly how to lose
weight fast with the simple steps that guarantee you lose all the weight that
you want 1 to 2 pounds per day and up to 32 pounds in just 28 days next there’s
the diet handbook and it’s where we get down to business
you’ll see how to calculate your lean body mass and your current body fat
percentages so you can quickly and easily customize the four week diet
specifically for your body type to maximize your fat loss you’ll get a
breakdown of what to eat how much to eat and when to eat so your body works with
your four fat storing and fat burning hormones to burn more fat all day and
night long plus you’ll get my top secret weapon for maintaining your ideal weight
for a lifetime with minimal effort the four week diet system is designed to
help you burn more body fat so you probably won’t need any extra exercise
but if you want to push your fat burning’ even further the activity
handbook gives you the quick and easy exercises that force your body to
release even more stubborn stored body fat sin2 fatty acids so these fats are
quickly burned as fuel these short yet intense 15-minute full body exercises
pack a fat burning punch that are far better than long drawn-out exercises and
can be done anywhere I’ve included my ultimate abs exercise to flatten your
stomach and build a set of sexy six-pack abs
many customers have stated that this one exercise alone is worth the tiny
investment in the four week diet system finally you’ll receive the motivation
handbook with a treasure trove of tips tricks tools and secrets for losing
weight and for keeping it off you’ll receive quick and easy to do tips for
staying motivated reaching your weight loss goals now and maintaining your new
body for life and whenever you need inspiration the four week diet system is
unlike anything else you have ever seen or heard about before and it works
inside you’ll get my advice for how to force your four hormones to burn fat
faster and at a steady rate it’s simply the easiest way to drop up to 32 pounds
in just four weeks get it now do as I say and you can lose the weight fast for
a wedding highschool reunion a beach vacation or an upcoming family gathering
you want to look slimmer for the four week diet system not only Hill
you lose weight it’s also designed to help protect your health and assist in
preventing problems with sicknesses that could be triggered by excess weight you
know that sickness may befall you in the future if you don’t do something about
this excess weight today if you don’t try the four-week diet today and you
ignore your weight gain problems it could lead to your doctor prescribing
new medications for your cholesterol your blood pressure your thyroid or your
circulation and remember each medication comes with a laundry list of nasty side
effects many older people find themselves adding medication after
medication to cure another symptom that some other medication caused I wouldn’t
want this for myself and I definitely don’t want this for you I’m not being
dramatic the American Society for clinical pathology estimates that the
average 80 year old takes about 18 prescription medications per year you
know they didn’t start out with 18 medications they just kept snowballing
remember if you don’t listen to this right now and do what I say you know
your only alternative is to try and fail conclusively with another ineffective
weight loss solution don’t you agree that’s why the sooner you get in on this
the sooner you will lose the weight by now you can clearly see when you try the
four week diet system you’re tapping into over a decade of experience and
assisting people just like you with overcoming their weight loss issues the
four week diet system can free you from worrying that you’ll never get the body
you want or the fear of how much your weight is affecting your health you can
be 100% assured that you will lose a tremendous amount of body fat over the
next 28 days because you are protected by my risk-free triple guarantee I know
the four week diet works and it delivers the best results possible while you
enjoy eating the foods you’ll love so you never starve yourself of food and
energy guarantee number one easy to use you will be amazed at how the guides lay
out each step so you get the fastest fat-burning possible
simple and easy-to-follow guarantee number to achieve and keep your weight
loss results for life you will not only lose the weight up to 32 pounds in four
weeks you will keep the weight off forever when you continue to follow my
advice guarantee none scible customer support our friendly staff is always
here to answer any questions you may have to ensure your weight loss success
in fact I believe in this system so much I’m taking all the risk if it doesn’t
work like I say it does within 60 days I don’t want your money
you must be 100% satisfied or you’ll get your money back you could look all you
want but you won’t find a better guarantee than this to help you reach
all your weight loss goals so with this risk-free triple guarantee
I’ve made sure you have nothing to lose except those unwanted pounds and inches
you can tell by now that there’s no way I would put my name on any product that
didn’t do exactly what I say it does let me help you fix your low metabolism lose
that stubborn fat and regain your energy starting today I hope you’ll join me and
thousands of formerly frustrated women and men like yourself who are showing
the world that losing weight is not just a matter of eating less or exercising
more or having tremendous willpower I’m proving that with the right knowledge
you can get those hunger and fat loss hormones working for you instead of
against you your metabolism naturally starts burning more ugly fat so the
weight drops and your youthful energy and health returns so how much is losing
the weight and keeping it off for good worth to you as a fitness consultant my
clients pay me $100 per hour for one-on-one weight loss coaching and they
use what’s inside the four week diet to achieve their weight loss goals
originally I had priced the four week diet for 297 dollars
seeing as it’s the result of over two years of my life and development time to
bring it to you today you know that’s less than the cost of a
gym membership and less than the cost of a 30 day supply of a miracle shake or
magic pill neither of which has worked for you in
the past to lose and keep off the weight the four week diet system is inexpensive
because you invest in at once and it works there is no monthly gym membership
cost no miracle weight loss pills at $90 a month which adds up to a thousand
eighty dollars a year by the way you won’t have to wait months for the
results either instead when you try the four week diet system today you’ll
experience rapid weight loss and shed up to thirty-two pounds in just 28 easy
days and you watch the video to take my advice and you’ll want to get started
now although many clients agree it’s well worth 297 dollars when they see
their weight loss results on the scale for a limited time you’re going to get
the entire four week diet system the launch handbook the diet handbook the
activity handbook and the motivation handbook which together make up a total
value of 297 dollars all for the tiny investment of not ninety seven dollars
but only forty seven dollars and the best part you don’t have to pay for
shipping or wait around for delivery because I’ve made it available by
instant download so you can get started in less than two minutes starting right
now you can immediately experience the energizing feeling of turning your body
into a 24-hour fat burning furnace because you’ll be able to control all
four hormones that manage your fat storage and fat loss plus when you place
your order today you’ll receive my special surprise bonus that I mentioned
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be what would that feel like pretty incredible right it’s like having a
weight loss hypnotherapist right at your home anytime you need one plus the
hypnosis for weight loss audios can be played on any mp3 player anywhere you
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all while you relax and simply listen could there even be an easier way to
stop cravings while you relax but remember you’re also going to get my
100% no nonsense risk free trip will guarantee to go with a four week diet
just for watching this far and taking my advice to try it you might say that it’s
the world’s best weight loss plan because people regularly drop 20 40 even
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strenuous exercise by now there are over 30,000 people who have tried and
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visibly see and feel in a record time and when you follow my advice you’ll
know that it can work for you – I’ve seen this proven scientific approach
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me letters and emails with their sincerest gratitude isn’t it time you
tried it that’s why I’ve made it as easy inexpensive and risk-free to do this so
you can verify this works for yourself take the full 60 days that’s double the
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thank you for taking my advice and watching this informative presentation
to the end I hope you decide to get the four week diet system so you can act on
your new knowledge to force your four hormones to stop snoring and start
burning more unwanted body fat decide now to give your body the fighting
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thrilled as each week goes by and the pounds and inches drop away so in four
short weeks time you’ll love the slender person you see in the mirror then you’ll
be telling everyone how getting this was the turning point in your new slimmer
sexier life still thinking about it I want to just
put this price tag in perspective and the incredible value to your health you
will be getting let’s say you decide to forget about the four week diet system
and buy a new weight loss shake you’ve heard advertised instead I’ll say each
shake costs two dollars but we know they usually are much more so two dollars a
day for one month is $60 now here’s the big question are you going to lose 32
pounds in one month from those shakes no way
so you’d effectively waste a whole month plus $60 of your hard-earned money at
best you might lose 4 or 5 pounds but with a 4 week diet system you can lose
up to 32 pounds in just 28 days all for just forty seven dollars that’s much
less than those weight loss shakes that didn’t work as advertised the four week
diet system is only forty seven dollars you know you want to give this a shot
and you know in your heart it’s a good deal
pound for pound the weight loss results you’ll get with a four week diet system
is by far cheaper than any other system available anywhere else at any price and
it works look this isn’t for everyone it isn’t for you if you’re not trying to
lose weight if you don’t care about revitalizing your body if you aren’t
worried about health problems you may develop as a result of being outside
your ideal weight you can just ignore this idea of losing weight anytime soon
completely but that’s not really you is it or else you wouldn’t have watched
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