KOBOKO FITNESS www.kobokofitness.com Welcome to this workout! Today, we’re working on belly fat, the booty and your thighs. Let’s go! We are starting off with hip swings You’re just going to… you know, swing your hips all sexy like and adding your arms for a little bit of flair This is awesome to warm up your whole body, get you in the mood, get you feeling sexy. Because you are! Welcome back All right, rocking squats You’re kind of in a squat position, but not really. And you’re just rocking from side to side because you got this, you know Left, right, left, right That’s all you have to do. Keep your abs engaged There you go. You’re already killing the warmup. You’re doing awesome already! ROCKING SQUATS Okay, next up we have hip swings … again HIP SWINGS keep those ab muscles engaged Good! Add in your arms. We want your whole body to be warm. This workout is fast, it’s furious, and it is amazing! HIP SWINGS Go on! You know you want to rock from side to side This is the last move for the warmup after this we’re gonna get into the workout and let me just tell you in advance that you are going to be glad you worked out today! Are you ready? Are you even ready? I think you are. Okay, let’s get started Our first move is going to be a side lunge as you see me do here you want to make sure your core is engaged And you’re just lunging from side to side without actually moving your legs. Let’s do it! SIDE LUNGE This is good! You’re doing good! You’re doing good. Keep going! It’s the first move just do your best Nice! Good! Keep those abs sucked in Awesome! SIDE LUNGE Try not to get let your knees go too far past your toes But if it does a little bit because you have long legs or for whatever reason, it’s fine. It’s fine, just don’t overdo it You get what I mean? All right, here’s the fun part just dance it out FREESTYLE DANCE! Oh my goodness, that was awesome! Let’s move on to squats SQUATS Remember to pretend to be sitting back into a chair Good, good! Just 30 seconds SQUATS Go, go, go, go. Don’t stop! SQUATS Try to make sure your knees don’t go too far past your toes a little bit is fine But too much is not really good for you Good, good! Just a few more one more, awesome! Back into that freestyle dance FREESTYLE DANCE! Look at you girl! That was awesome! Alright, we’re going to do a deadlift here I’m not using any weights. But if you have some light weights you want to use that’s fine Just make sure your abs are engaged and your back is flat DEADLIFT Good! Keep those abs engaged Awesome! And just pretend you’re lifting some dumbbells off of the floor The key here is to make sure that your back is flat throughout this movement DEADLIFT You’re doing good just a couple more and you already know what’s coming up after this you already know. Are you ready? Let’s go! FREESTYLE DANCE! Oh! This is awesome! Next up you have forward lunges and it’s super easy if you’ve been doing my workouts You already know how to do this. Keep your abs engaged We’re doing all the lunges on just one leg for this first round. Are you ready? Let’s go, let’s go! I told you this is fast, this is furious We are not here for games Good! Keep going Take that big step forward. Don’t let your back knee touch the floor Keep your abs engaged At all times I love what you’re doing! You are awesome! FORWARD LUNGE Remember it’s just one leg. It’s the same leg We just want to hammer that leg out and you already know what we’re about to do next, right? Let’s go! FREESTYLE DANCE! Get it Beyoncé! We’re going to do those lunges on the other leg Same thing, abs are engaged big step forward back knee doesn’t touch the floor. We’re killing it, let’s go! FORWARD LUNGE Do your best, just do your best! Go for it! FORWARD LUNGE You know what’s coming up next, right? Let’s dance! FREESTYLE DANCE! We’re going back to those side lunges again Keep your abs engaged and just lunge from side to side Are you ready? All right, let’s do it together SIDE LUNGE Good, good! Just keep going go as deep as you can go but don’t push it too far. Just do your best, you’re moving! That’s all that matters Just a few more seconds and you already know how we do Let’s go! FREESTYLE DANCE! All right you guys, squats so we’re going back to those squats keep your abs engaged With this round of squats we’re going for speed. So move as quickly as you can manage Don’t worry, your break is coming. Just hang on have faith think positive. You’ve got this! You’re here! You’re here and you’re doing this Let’s go! Keep going Push, push, push, push, push SQUATS Just a couple more, just do it! just do it, you you can handle it, you got this! It’s almost the fun part. Alright, let’s dance it out! FREESTYLE DANCE! You are having way too much fun with this workout, you know … you really are Deadlifts keep those abs sucked in and pretend you’re pulling dumbbells off of your feet. Can you do that? I think you can, I know you got this. Let’s go! DEADLIFT After this, we have one more round of dancing and you get a break Isn’t that amazing! Keep going, just a few more abs tight. Good! Keep that back straight Good! All right! Give me your best, your best moves FREESTYLE DANCE! That was amazing! Go ahead and take just under a minute to rest if you need a longer break You can just pause the video. That is totally fine. I encourage that. If you haven’t done so already take a sec and subscribe to my YouTube channel It’s totally free for you! And it just makes my heart so happy! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you. Thank you very much! REST I’m really trying to hold myself back from singing. It’s very difficult not to sing during these breaks I have to tell you that I have to tell you that! I’m sorry REST Let’s get into those side lunges Abs are engaged and you are lunging from side to side. We’ve got just 30 seconds of this Can you handle 30 seconds of this? I know you can! Let’s go! SIDE LUNGE You’re looking good! You’re doing so good! You are more than halfway through this workout Can you even believe that! You are doing so amazing! Keep going! All right, you already know what’s coming next Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it FREESTYLE DANCE!