Oh! It’s not something you open. It’s cool! It’s so cold… What is the “surge” stand for? AAAAAAAAAAA Like a wet snake… I don’t know. 12000 won? I’d rather get a foot-long size subway My name is you Hwa Gyu Seong. People call me HK because it’s so hard to pronounce. Hi, my name is Sam. I’m a graduate student
and I like to work out a lot I’m Lee In Seo.
Just call me Lee. I’m a body consultant. which is someone that helps others
with comprehensive care to strengthen their muscles and lose weight. Hi, my name is Haileigh
and I’m a grad student at Sogang University. I just I usually go to Fitness Center four
to five times a week and work out very little aerobics. I do weight training mostly I do some cardio I just went on a trip to Jeju
to ride around Jeju for three days on a bike. But usually I do four days of weight training per week. I like all type of exercise. such as soccer, swimming and wrestling. I like all things that require muscle use But above all, I like weight training the most. I like taking spin classes. Otherwise, I just work out. Just a regular workout. I take off my shirt. I do so because it’s so hot. Fight fire with fire. I make myself hotter so that I can’t feel the heat outside. Uh, I get cold easy. And I don’t I don’t sweat that much. To be honest, we think exercising at a gym is boring But we like jumping around at a festival,
over a glass of beer. After we go to festival, we lose 2-3 kilograms. Start moving your body a lot,
while listening to your favorite music with your favorite people. Uh… It’s very cool. It feels like a sausage.
I can eat it? Wow. Why is this so cold.
It feels like cold jelly. Uh…. I don’t know…
Like a wet… towel…. Maybe I can put it on somewhere… There we go! This is really cooling! Like a wet snake? I don’t know. I don’t know. On my head like this? Oh I think you tie it on your head.
Like your head gets hot when you workout. Do you put it around your necks,
so it cools you down like this around your neck? Can I take the blindfolds off? Ok, it’s like a cooling thing,
so do you put this around a neck. Ah~ a scarf? It doesn’t feel good.
It’s… gross… I see a lot of Ajeossi doing this
at like the mountains and stuff. There’s something like this in recovery products. What is this? I just spin this? These are all easy exercises for me. Squats. Sit ups. Okay, I can do plank Push-ups! 30 push-ups. okay.
I don’t think I can do 30 push-ups One, two I have to show my tightened hips when I do squats. I am very confident with my hips. Five sets of it every day and really helped a lot. AAAAAAAAAAAAA Oh my God! It’s definitely cool, I think if you can get over
the embarrassment of wearing this in public Well, I don’t think I like the design.
I think it’s too cute. I think I’m able to work out a bit more with this on because it’s cooling I can exercise longer. It definitely cools me down a bit Maybe when I go outside on a hot day Going for a walk I might actually use it. because I was aware that
this thing was on my neck and I was aware I had like 27 more situps to do
and that was not a pleasant thing. Oh, How much it cost? I’d say like maximum 4,000 won. 10,000 won? 29800 won? This? Um.. like 3000 won? I think I won’t purchase it personally,
but if someone would give it to me as a present then I might use it in like two or three times in a hot summer. Is it 2000 won? Where do you buy this? Think if it’s 2000 won, I would buy it. Of course. I think it would be nice to buy around 4, wrap them around my neck and take a nap. Maybe if I had a dog, I would like get it for her to put it around her neck, but I don’t think
this is really good for exercising because This thing gets loose and it just keeps moving around. It’s like a handheld fan, right? Some sort of liquid inside of…in the white one. A hidden function? This thing has like the water stuff in it. Like… water comes out. Oh Okay, oh now I see okay. It sprays water. Wait… So this basically has this uh… moisturizing function. It feels cooling. Yeah, I like this one better. I think this is great.
But can you change out the water though? But like you know how people like
when like women put on like facial mist to stay hydrated if.. is this just regular water?
Maybe if you put like like toner or like some makeup stuff products in here. Yeah, it’d be better, but this I don’t think
this would um ruin my makeup or anything. I’d say about 25,000 won? It does have a water thing. 10000 won? About 10000 won up to 12000 won? 30000 won? My god, really? Oh, okay.
So is this like a hot item because I water in it. Okay, cool. Yeah, as I said I would actually order a chicken with that money. I guess I’m bad at guessing prices. There’s no big difference in cooling between this and this. I’d rather buy this and buy something
tasty to eat with the leftover 5000 won. No. because I don’t want to carry around a fan,
but if I were to choose one Then I would pick this one Surge cool sports cooling spray. What is the surge stand for, though? I think it’s supposed to make the sweat smell go away. On whatever you wearing, it cools you down? Something you spray on your clothes to cool? I think I can use one bottle in a month. I don’t see what the differences
between just spraying water and I don’t know it just
seems like scented water at the moment. Okay, that’s These are all easy exercises for me. Exercise for 7 minutes? Fat burn! I mean you guys only talked about bodyweight squats. So I thought “oh the work that’s gonna be pretty easy.” Didn’t really see this coming. Oh, what is this! exercises that don’t require equipment are
more difficult than those that require them. I think so. I can’t talk How do people do The whole was it’s like 17 minutes. Oh my god Don’t eat chicken at night. Burpee, okay But like you imagine that you’re getting paid
like millions of dollars if you talk while you exercise…. Then maybe… I will talk too. Also, rather than doint it alone
it’s best to learn difficult movements from a trained professional like me. Also, my instagram is…
Oh it’s begun!!! So I can’t really feel the difference
between the two sides at this point because I’m already sweaty and I feel like the cooling miss. Only out of cooling effect
when it just was applied But then right now it doesn’t really
feel that much different. I didn’t know you’d make me do this much.. Not really I’d say Yeah, it was uh, this side. This side was much cooler in the beginning
before the workout, but afterwards I barely Recognize any difference. I think it feels cool when you’re applying it So it’s like effective for that one second,
but that doesn’t have a lasting effect after that. It’s cool. Just this side. It has that cool feeling that pain relieving patches have. What is this? It’s all 7 minutes!!! Yeah in the beginning it felt really nice
but oh right now feels just the same. I can do the same as before. But !!! Sice there’s more to film… Really really hot as you can tell.
I sweat a lot so I think it shows up in camera. Really hot. Can I have some cooling products, please? Twelve thousand? I brought my wallet.
Can I buy it now? 12,000 won? I would rather get a footlong size subway with that money. 12000 won?
I think I’d buy it. I think I’d buy one of those fans. Ror 12,000? You know what? I would rather just get like a spray bottle and put it with water. I think it’s like the same thing. I think I know this I think I’ve seen this before is it isn’t it basically like you apply it on your head? Rub yourself with it and it cools you down I guess. So do I put this like this on my skin? Wow. Oh, It’s not something you open. It’s cool. It’s so cold. Think put it on your like skin. You use this like when you get shots,
like shots… like to paralyze you a little bit? So it’s cold like this for 2 to 3 hours? Does it? It’s really great. I like it not because it feels like a massage
but because it’s cooling. Oh I see.
Oh. It’s nice. I don’t know because like I don’t want to…
I don’t like touching my face or my skin with my fingers. So…It actually feels really um… clean. Like it’s really cool. I’ve been so wrong with the price guessing though. I’m afraid to make a guess.
I think I’m gonna be wrong. Anyway, uh, 15000 ? I feel like this would be a bit pricey.
25000 won? 23000 won? Like 19000 won? It’s a little bit too pricey for me. Yes. Another chicken.19000 won?
You can get Jamaican chicken legs form BBQ. But.. You can only eat chicken once. Right? Think I’d uh…. Oh the fan! yeah, the one with the Moisturizing effect I think Yeah, I think that’s the most attractive item for me. Icy white. Yeah, I think that will be the first one. Because I just felt like an immediate de- puffing
and cooling effect on my skin. And then I think my second choice would be the fan with the water coming out. The third one! The side I didn’t spray was dray like a desert The other side I sprayed felt like an oasis. The fan. The mist fan. I said I don’t buy fans like those fans
because I lose it all the time. Even if I don’t sweat much I do get hot.
So if I carry it around I think it will be very useful. I hope you guys had a great time
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