four apps that pay you to exercise in
2019. What’s going on everyone Attan here and that’s exactly what we are
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now it’s time to go ahead go to the gym go out for a book no matter what you do
go out exercise and actually make money with it let’s get started all right so
the first step that we are going to have a look at his achievements and you can
have a look at it no matter if you go to the App Store or Google Play or you can
go to the site if you’re on a desktop it is my achievement com so by having a
quick look here you can see that over 3 million app downloads millions of people
participating in cutting-edge medical research top 10 best health tracking
basically what you do is you connect apps here and your own points so you
choose from 20-plus popular apps and you start earning points for activities such
as walking meditating logging meals and answering questions about yourself so
it’s not only about exercise you can see your biked but it could be actually for
meditating you can actually put your meal plans in here and a lot more and of
course then you earn ten dollars for every 10,000 points redeemable via
PayPal so that is really nice or direct deposit to your bank account or if you
prefer to donate it you can do that as well
rewards are paid within seven business days and you also participate in a
cutting-edge research here as it says so you can see that there is over three
million achievement members eight hundred and
sixty thousand achievers have participated in research so it’s
definitely a very very popular after and by having a quick look in Google Play
you can see it more or less tells us the same what we saw earlier here so they
pay you for tracking steps log food logging the meditation sessions you can
also make money for answering some surveys they’re also so four point five
means that it is definitely a popular after have a look at it just search for
achievement or go to my achievement com alright let’s move on to the next one
and that is dietbet comm is the site on the desktop here so you can see here it
says I want to lose ten percent join a weekly transform a diet but basically
how it works is that if you have a look at it here on the how it works section
you bet on yourself to lose weight you reach the goal and you split the post so
first you join you do a weigh-in here and you of course take up on the
challenge you start to play and you weigh out after the final day so it is a
challenge actually and after that you will win of course it is necessary that
you have actually achieved the goals there but it’s definitely a good way
instead of having maybe accountability partner to make this kind of a challenge
it is a good way to push yourself actually to lose the weight you want to
lose there so have a look at it at dietbet calm
there is also an FAQ section and the app is available on both iOS and Android as
you can see right here I’m not going to go into details here with the FAQ you
can have a look at it for yourself just go to dietbet dot-com alright let’s move
on to the next step and that is step that if you are on the desktop you will
find it on the way better calm / step bet and win together with step bets
achieve your fitness goals by putting real money on the line you connect your
favorite fitness tracker here and beat your personalized step goals to win so
that is a different way actually so you select the game to get your step goals
and then back into the pot to join you reach your personalized step goals for
each week of the game you make your goals for the whole game and you split
the pot there get back you get back your bed plus a profit also so you can see
that it works with the most popular trackers around Apple watch
Google fitbit’s Garmin those are the most popular star so here is a
testimonial located in the FAQ section is a fitness
game that motivates you to be more active exactly as I said earlier here it
is a good kick actually to help you to reach your weight-loss goals there so
how do we win the money you must hit the personalized step goals for the entire
game and you split with the other winner so if the reserved the winners you do
need to split eights but you might be alone of course you have actually done
it so you can see that most bets are foodie dollars here okay it depends on
how many people are actually playing the game together with you also there so how
long is the game usually six weeks how do you play it explains everything in
details so I want to go into no need for me to read here everything have a look
at it for yourself you can see here so definitely another great way to make
money by just exercising all right let’s move on to the final ad here and there
is sweat coin you can find it if you are on desktop on sweat co dot I n o you can
go to App Store and Google Play here also and just type a sweat coin so sweat
coin it pays to walk as it said here like money but healthier because your
step had value to your health some sweat coins will become a universally accepted
form of payment so they pay you out in digital currency here actually but it’s
definitely a cool way and one of the most popular apps I would say actually
by having a quick look here at Google Play as Swift Cohen pays you to get fits
is a new breed of a step counter and activity tracker that pays you digital
currency which is sweat coin for you for your spend
for you to spend on gadget sport kids fitness training healthy nutrition and
much more have a look at the details as I said you can see it’s 4.0 pretty good
reviews also so definitely worth to have a low calorie it’s also ok as I said in
the beginning you’re probably not going to get rich with these apps that you’re
going to download that pays you to exercise so if you’re interested in
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