When users need more than just the basic “Quickstart”
workout… a great place to start is the 30:30 interval program. This program will assess
the users fitness level; and can be used as a benchmark to follow progress moving forward. It’s a great program to establish a starting
point for creating goals; it’s a great way for a trainer to assess the progress of a
client; and it’s a great way to maximize cardio performance by using it as a part of a regular
weekly program. 30:30 was developed in conjunction with Athletes
Performance, a world class training facility for elite athletes. The 30:30 is all about high intensity intervals
followed by recovery. The ability to recover is one of the most important aspects of being
an athlete, AND one of the most important aspects to a healthy heart. So 30:30 is a great program to use, whether
a beginner or a pro athlete. The concept is simple, just like the name
suggests, a 30 second sprint, followed by 30 seconds of recovery, 5 times in a row for
as long as the user specifies. During the sprint intervals, the user should
be at their highest sustainable effort, known as your Anaerobic Threshold. During the recovery period, users should use
a slower pace to bring down their heart rate, so they can attack the next 30 second interval
and push it to almost breathless again. This interval program is intense and after
the 5 intervals of sprint and recovery, the user earns a much needed 3 minute rest to
bring their heart rate back down into a comfortable zone. The program will then provide the users first
interval HEART RATE RECOVERY SCORE. This score is a number, that will appear after
each 5 interval set, and is a measurement of the users ability to recover. After completing a workout, the 30:30 program
will produce an average HR recovery score. The higher the number, the better your fitness
level. This number is a benchmark, and should be
re-evaluated often to track progress. Users can track it weekly or can work on increasing
long-term cardio performance by doing a 30:30 workout 2 or 3 times a week. To really take it up a notch, increase the
resistance level while trying to maintain a consistent HR recovery score from the previous
workout. Use the 30:30 to improve overall cardiovascular
endurance and performance. The higher the number the better the condition of the user.
whats your score?… GIVE IT A TRY!