sup guys it's Sydney and this is your 30-minute full-body strength workout so grab your dumbbells and let's get to it what's up guys welcome to your 30-minute full-body strength workout we are working in a push-pull legs fashion today and of course I'm going to throw some core in there as well so we're gonna start with our push exercises then hit some ABS pull exercises and then we'll close it out with legs okay 30 minutes so we're gonna be moving non-stop we've got dumbbells today tens 15 20s and 30s are what I'm using so I'm starting kind of in the medium range moving up to my heavier end of the spectrum so grab weights that you know are gonna push you and challenge you also make sure you have water and a sweat towel and before you head out check out all that we've got going on in the sydney squad the first link in the description below will take you there and tell you all about what we offer so I can tell you the most common compliment about the Sydney squad is that their support and there's guidance as far as nutrition and community so if you're looking for me to help you outside of this workout spend a lot more time with me than just the workout the other 96% of your day I'd love for you to join us there in the Sydney squad so check it out before you head out today okay alright give me a thumbs up if you're ready and we'll get started with our warm up with buck kicks in three two one here we go now if you need to modify take the jump out just kick we'll be doing two rounds of every exercise today and I'm gonna have you stick with one exercise for two rounds instead of doing a superset all right arms across your chest let's go open good job so we're starting off with our push motions a lot of chest and triceps okay all right backwards arm circles move your feet just a little bit as you start there you go and switch directions good job all right side to side tap tap a little squat a really good stretch here in the inner thigh as well I'm sure you're ready to push challenge yourself today every day my goal is for you guys to get stronger okay here we go check it out hamstrings for three each leg when you get to three just go ahead and switch it over and we're actually going to start in about 20 seconds with a chest press okay so I want you to go ahead and grab the weight that you want to use laying down flat on your mat for a chest press we've got two rounds of 45 seconds okay so it'll give you time if you want to bump that weight up to switch it over okay elbows are flat you're coming right up over your chest into one here we go let's get started 45 seconds if you've got a bench I didn't bring my bench out today but if you have one climb up on the bench for this chest exercise good job good job but you'll know if this is too light and round number two you can go up great work you've got 15 seconds good keep pushing keep pushing seven six three two one all right let's try and bump the weight up if you can we're going right back one more round of chest press all right here we go five seconds roll it back to one let's go 45 seconds here and we're done with chest press so let's push it start with that heavy move first there we go come on good 20 more seconds come on there we go ten nine eight come on two one and rest all right we're switching to just one dumbbell tricep overhead extension okay right here holding here Bend push right five seconds grab the weight you want to use whoo two one let's go brace your core make sure you're not letting your lower back arch you are using your triceps the lot in that chest press – so you're feeling the burn immediately that's why keep the elbows nice and tight keep that breathing going you're doing great 10 9 5 4 3 2 1 rest all right one we're on to that one come one move these out of the way done with them for now but don't want to fall over him so one more round all right grab the dumbbell you want to use if you can bump it up let's do it two one all right let's go and I like to sometimes separate my feet just a little bit to make sure that I'm not pushing my lower back in stay nice and balanced great job if you don't feel it enough either bump up the weight or also just shift your arms back a little bit more so at the top of your rep you're still under a little tension 10 seconds 9 we're going into a chest fly right after this 4 3 2 1 great job grab weights that you want to use for your chest FLAC so coming down to the floor you're coming out rounded and hugging back in ok we'll go together in 5 seconds grab those dumbbells to one let's go round it out still pushing here big job so this is exercise three we've got four exercises in the push section okay so we'll finish out this one with one more round of it and then one more tricep exercise and we're officially done with our push section ten seconds come on beautiful four three two one wrist all right stay here bump up if you need to grab water if you need to okay one more round ready three two one let's go to keep your muscles moving the entire workout today what you have to focus on is not the time but the intensity that you're working at okay don't pace yourself to make it go hard now 15 seconds come on good job four three two one and rest well come on up and grab your lighter dumbbells we're gonna go tricep kickbacks okay just one arm at a time so you can kneel here keeping your elbow right here you're gonna push and Bend okay you want you can go to arms but I really want to isolate and get as many reps per arm as I can let's go it's also make sure you've got good focus [Applause] good that elbow right up top here don't let your elbow swing so you're here okay keep the elbow locked here extend and Bend good 15 seconds there we go five four three two one all right switch hands or if you're doing both times at the same time make sure you're using a weight that's heavy enough okay if you want to bump it up now it's your time eight seconds remember the last exercise of these push exercises and then we're moving to some abs to one all right let's go push Bend great job focus on getting your arm all the way out if you're only getting to here and then swinging you're not really utilizing the tricep as much as you could [Applause] good job come on push push push it back get that full extension 14 13 12 11 good stay right here with the elbow 3 2 1 great job now we're going down on the floor 4 leg raises ok a couple different options here hands under your butt you can go all the way up all the way down if you need to modify legs start here one leg for the first round ok second round you can switch ready let's go if you're modifying just keep that other leg right up top keep the back down lift and lower just the right leg good job you got 15 seconds seven come on a couple more keep the back down four three two one rest a couple ways you can step this up if you want releasing your arms overhead still keeping that low back flat holding a dumbbell right between your thighs crossing and squeezing okay if you're modifying let's take it to the other leg okay two one let's go great job we're almost there fifteen ten three and rest good okay I stepped it up on that one so it wasn't super easy for me to talk your next one let's come on down to our right elbow okay roll that towel up or double your mat over we're going side crunches here okay so you're gonna tuck and reach ready let's go squeeze reach first round we're going all right elbow left leg well left arm and left leg but right elbow on the floor I really want you to squeeze obliques here the side abs [Applause] good job 10 more seconds left as of right now 5 4 3 2 1 rest and we're going to flip to the other side same exact thing so all different areas of the ABS for our core section here we go three two one let's go crunch open do you really squeeze here and also feel the stretch here using those obliques to pull you back up when you straighten so it's a lot of core work on both sides fifteen seconds ten-nine four three two one and risk your last one grab a light dumbbell we're going to go Russian twist okay so if you need to keep your heels on the ground all right here and here if you can lift them up ready let's go I don't want you to make sure you're twisting your chest with the dumbbell I'm not just going here okay twist your whole torso good job breathe we've got ten seconds five four two one rest good breathe we've got one more round and we're done with our ads we're moving on to the pull exercises here we go one more round Russian twist two one let's go try to do a couple with your feet up if you need to drop them down and if you need to drop this weight okay let's go come on keep that spine nice and tall 15 seconds 10 9 4 3 2 1 come on up for bicep curls alright grab a weight you want to use for your bicep curls nice and open okay we're going into the pull exercises so now we're pulling right here for 45 ready let's go try not to spend too much time here at the bottom okay if anything think about slowing your curl down getting a lot of good control on the way back to your legs [Applause] almost there seven seconds three two one can you bump it up if yes let's do it I'm going to do the same thing going up to my 20s if you can bump it up do it with me here we go three two one same thing let's go curl it up now even though I'm going heavier that doesn't mean I lose control of either the up or the down in the motion whoa that's hard trying to talk at the same time as these there we go good job come on we've got ten seconds can you give me just a couple more you can do it five four three two one press your next move we're pulling again bent rows one right here we can do left and right okay whatever feels good to you bending 45 degrees okay both arms or left right ready let's go obviously if you do both arms you'll get more reps in if you're going a little heavier and you want to go just one arm at a time to maintain your control that's okay too it's your workout I'll always tell you it's your workout and you're doing it with you but you've got to push yourself as hard as you can to you've got to know what you can do what you can control pull pull pull let's go good job three two one rest good fifteen seconds all right get ready five seconds one more round the rows into one let's go squeeze that shoulder blade in come on come on breathe and move those weights keep one of them moving at all times at least one good job come on 15 seconds I'm with you ten nine eight seven four three two one wrist good job your next move is a wide row and then a hammer curl okay so I'm gonna grab my lighter dumbbells okay first move wide row hammer curl wide row hammer curl ready let's go and you might be able to do a little bit heavier weight on the hammer girl but when up watching it really focus on is this wide row okay good job 15 more seconds here we go breathe through it I'm trying to breathe as well five four two one rest great job now if you can go up grab them okay the main focus here is the wide row I know you can probably go heavier on the hammer curl I don't want you to really focus on pulling those shoulders back to one let's go you can squeeze in the shoulder blades ready let's do it come on 45 seconds we are 15 seconds in and we're done with our pull motions we've got three leg exercises to go through 15 seconds good job five four three two one wrist okay moving into our legs we've got a sumo deadlift with a pause at the bottom grab your heavier weights nice and wide dumbbells are here one to stand okay ready let's go one two stick gonna pause for two seconds at the bottom take your heels down – good job and if you want a little dumbbells up here you can do that – it'll make a lot more demand on your core either way good job good job five four two one wrist good job one more round through that one then we're going to go for a squat with a lateral raise lateral raise being with your legs not your arms okay three last round round number two let's go one two and Stan to remember tight core and in these leg exercises it's gonna prevent your lower back from taking all the weight so breathe in brace your abs and sit exhale on the way up [Applause] good job ten more seconds that's it five four three two one wrist now squat lateral leg raise I'm gonna grab one of my heavier dumbbells okay so what I'm gonna do here holding here I'm gonna squat lifting the right leg the whole time for round one just right leg ready let's go squat right leg if you want you can hold it here too [Applause] good job keep breathing 15 seconds try to come right up out of the squat lift here you go seven three two one rest whoa okay one more round of that move and then we've got a lunge and drive and that's it this round for one more or this move for one more round and then two rounds every last move and we've made it ready let's go other side they come up kind of push to the left and lift the right leg good job drive that heel up so you're really flexing the glute over here and not just your quad five four three two one rest there we go okay last move grab your lighter dumbbells we're gonna go lunge knee drive okay first we're going to go forward knee drive and then that same leg is going to go backwards okay so let's start stepping with the left foot forward ready let's go left foot drive the right back with the right okay left steps first drive drive leg goes back push step left drive right back with the right push to the top so that left leg in both lunges is in the front good job three two one rest grab some water if you can go up and wait we're gonna do the same thing switching legs so right leg goes forward here we go three two one let's go right leg drive left kick it right back push step drive kick back push there you go come on might be a new lunge combo but we're getting a lot of time under tension on these legs today then this is your last exercise so make sure you're going all out right now good job breathe ten seconds that's it two one and rest oh I think I blinked my eyes and we were done give me a nice wide stance here I want you to fold yourself down in front stretch it out let your back kind of hang down breathe first and just focus on relaxing all your muscles here I hope you guys pushed super hard on that I hope you use weights that were not comfortable but we're challenging you to be a better stronger version of yourself today bend to the right and to the left place your hands down and just bend side-to-side great job today take this time and breathe and just remember all these quick intense workouts are fast they do go fast but I require you come on up slowly to give me all you've got for that fast workout unlike a 60-minute workout where you think you need to maybe pace yourself a little bit thirty minutes you come in you show up you show out as soon as we get started go ahead and switch over so if you can look back at this workout today or at your day yesterday and think maybe I could have given a little bit more learn from that today and do something about it don't just notice it but do something about it in what way could you have gone a little bit harder in this workout or in what way could you have been a little bit better yesterday with your nutrition or with your workout intensity or with your job etc etc whatever it is for you as a person look back at your day yesterday and this week let's cross your arms over your chest and your workout today and think did I give my 100% here yesterday and this whole week if yes keep doing that stay consistent and stay disciplined okay if no what can you learn from that how can you change that and what step are you going to take to change it okay we can all reflect and we can all think about things and we can all be introspective big deep breath in and out but I'm a big fan of after you reflect and after you are introspective and you go into your thoughts a little bit noticing the things that you notice about yourself you have to take an action with those thoughts okay if you notice that you're unorganized and therefore you weren't prepared for your workout yesterday or you weren't prepared meal wise yesterday reflection is only going to make you aware of that okay I'm pretty sure you're already probably aware of it but what can you do what actions step can you take to be prepared to get organized okay think about it journal it notice it talk to a friend about it but that's not the only thing you have to do you have to take that next step okay so in whatever way today you can notice that you need to take that next step to be prepared to be organized to go intense to show up at work hungry to grow or show up at home with your kids ready to help them learn and grow whatever it is don't just notice it take the action step that changes the thing that you notice okay so comment below what your action step is gonna be today you can make it as vague as you want you don't have to be too informative if you know what I mean but comment let me know what your action step is gonna be not what you notice about what you're gonna do to change what you notice how can you change things to make it better how can you make those royal changes to make yourself feel like royalty okay so comment below I'm holding you accountable if you need help with your nutrition you're not sure how to organize it you're not sure how to get prepared I can help you just let me help you it's in the Sidney squad I put all my nutrition guidance in the Sidney squad for right now so make sure you check that link out in the description below and I'd love to help you a little bit more there to take that action step okay before you head out make sure you like the video and subscribe to the channel and then turn on that Bell notification over there and guys I love you I'm so proud of you let's keep taking those steps to be better today