hey beautiful people if Dasia let's get ready to have some fun with this dance boxing and booty burns workout this episode of dance fit sugar is presented by Pete we're all wearing pink sport and we are ready to get this party started you guys ready yeah let's go all right everybody it's time to get warmed up we start with some small glides of the feet on hips we add the arms in four in three in two and one arms go up all the way high to the sky come down framing the face there we go up and down two more like that up and down last one alternating lunge into sumo squat back into our lunge here we go left foot chest up nice and tall creating two 90-degree angles with the legs in our lunge there we go down down down four more just like that can you grow an inch taller as you squat down a little lower last two then we have a single single double shuffle step with arm pumps here we go stay with us getting a little cardio in there yeah Leilani yeah keep pumping it out last four three two leg back into second arms in second tiny arm circles forward reverse it to the back here we go now we're gonna draw big circles alternating arms in three two one here we go keep breathing reverse it to the front and back to our alternating lunge into our sumo squat arms into second this time arms out nice and long beautiful lines nice work we're almost through the warmup last two and then back into our little dance single Single Double in three two one here we go [Applause] whoo last eight stay with us you're done in four three two and one great job all warmed up now now let's get into our first set of dance moves here we go we're moving to the side just down down down bring it in there we go you can get groovy with this one get creative have a little fun that's move one we're about to do move too slow in three in two and one week go out clap it above your head roll it down then we have and kick kick kick okay again out clap roll it down and kick okay let's try it two more time slow can we do that we go up clap roll and kick kick there we go one more time out clap roll and kick I'll show you both moves together slow so slow down the first movie we go down down down bring it together down down down bring it together arms go out out clap roll or kick let's try it out one more time we go down down down cop you ready to speed it up here we go in three in two in one here we go down down down out and clap for kicks there we go groove it out stay with us keep dancing you can just add a smile to this one it makes it a little more fun last one take it out roll and kick and kick and kick and kick now it's awesome we're gonna get into some boxing so let's just start here with the knife light jump rope back into stance here we go punch punch our wine and our two are just our jab in our car now we go into some rolls roll back roll front roll roll like you're getting underneath the rope in the ring in three in two twist outs of the senate's just some twist jumps we're gonna twist the torso for our hook in Port in three two one square stance hook it out nice and slow make sure you're pivoting each foot as you turn the arm over nice work four three two let's go into some flips so side to side keep breathing think of these as little baby crunches we're here for four four three four – lets get those uppercuts going here we go left right left right keep breathing keep punching we're about to switch to the other side and start with our straight punches just the one and two jab and cross three two one here we go crust keep it nice and slow pull those elbows back into the body keep those fists up blocking the face let's roll roll roll get nice and low our twist jumps are coming up nut here we go three two one twist it out can we get a little lower with our twist keep our cardio there you go bring it back out jump in the air fist bump other side here we go it's time to hook it out right here right and left keep breathing keep rotating eight more hooks six more last four three two slip it out let's go left to right we're almost out of this round and then it's back to dancing four four four three four two uppercuts in three two one here we go all the way through to the end of the song keep pushing I know you're working hard at home are you starting to see that sweat drip is doing great yeah four three two one let it go alright guys come back to that boxers bounce keep those fists up now we combine a little bit of dance with boxing we start with a jab cross uppercut so jab cross upper one to bumper beautiful pop rotate the bodies press the hips forward speeding it up in 3 2 1 pow there we go keep breathing keep punching you're almost there four three two it's time to dance arms in a reverse fly step it out front there we go elbows out creating two 90-degree angles with those arms just stepping side to side you can stay here with Leilani or jump with kashchei and I in three two one here we go like little jumping jacks on a 45 degree angle you're almost there three turn the body to the center we're kicking it up on the other side jab cross uppercut here we go yeah crap upper reset ha ha ha now practice exams on every single punch Shh that's right let me hear you double-time let's go keep breathing with every single punch you're here for 4 you're here for 3 straight to the jacks with the arms in reverse fly in 3 2 1 let's go jump it out keep breathing keep jumping let's go we're almost there turn to put it together jab cross upper jump jack up and jump let's go keep bridge four more sets you got it black three stay with us you got the power you got the push let's go and you're done amazing work Oh awesome how do you guys feel good really really good all right just come back to a bounce don't let that heart rate drop take a deep breath we're gonna go for some uppercuts here here we go rolling the shoulders back keep breathing keep pushing eyes on the prize stay focused we'll keep the tempo right here just rolling those shoulders back we're placing one hand with the other we're gonna bring these Humber tricks back a little later and they're gonna get a little backyard you know push a little more push back the limits you set on yourself today four three two one and done so it's awesome you did great you made it all the way here we got a little further to go we're gonna start with some Clio moves you ladies ready for that all right let's do it I'm gonna show you nice and slow move three so we're going to the side then we're going to the other side we're whipping our hands above our head bring it in for a tuck jump now instead of tuck jumping Leilani's gonna just press up and bring one knee up let's try it to the other side three two one slow with with again other way good you got moved three let's try move four so we go back back back throw snake move there we go other side push it up back throw snake it out nice work again back back back and throw last time slow then we're gonna put it together back back back throw snake beautiful work alright now we got it slow slow whip whip bring it in and jump we go back back back can we speed it up one time yes three two one it goes hop hop whip whip and jump back back back throw you can do it this one's a little more of a challenge but I believe in you again last one here we go I lied one more this is the last one and you did it alright now it's time for a little bit of a water break grab your water bottles grab your towels and we'll get back to work in a minute hi ladies feeling I feel great and I really love that neon green on you I love it and their shorts are super cute all right guys we're gonna slowly get back into a little bit of movement it's my favorite part we its freestyle just create your own moves here don't be afraid to be free cash hey here we go five six hop in the middle it's your time to shine yeah let me see what you got Leilani here we go yeah I'm coming in ladies hey hey when I first saw one let it go alright guys we're gonna go for some strength moves now these strength moves help build muscular endurance this will help with boxing range of motion shoulder endurance and the fluidity of movement so I just want you to take your arms across the body nice long reaches keep breathing here reaching it to the sky in three two one up and across nice long lines here finishing it with a pointed toe four three two let's reach down towards the toes here we go reach low we're bringing it back to the middle one more time in four and three two one across the body reach bringing those elbows back to the body just like you do in your boxing four three two one let's turn to the side hands on our hips or hands out to second you're lifting your leg just back back a little work in the glutes here and a little balance right here four more four three last two two and it doesn't matter how high you lift your leg switch other side just matters that you really feel it in the glutes for yourself keep that chest up tall nice work I'm concentrating so I hold my balance lots of our last three – and wine alright now we're gonna switch to the other side we're going for a single leg RDL Romanian deadlift so we're reaching all the way down for our toes a little working the hamstring here slightly bend it standing leg and go into a flat back last two one more just like that switching to the other side here we go take it down down and another extra challenge you can keep the float the foot floating above the ground last to take some deep breaths here as we're about to get those bodies and move in one more time whoo and face the Frog fingertips behind the head you're standing bikes twist and twist keep that core nice and tight here chest up nice and tall you're almost there +8 seven six five four more sets you can do it last two and one nice right guys now we're gonna review all four of the dance moves from the previous part of the workout so we got move one move to move three more four are you guys ready are you guys ready let's do this so we start to the side shimmy down down down bring it in and have a little fun with it you already know the step last two and then we're on to move – here we go in three two one you step out pop roll for kicks again here we go two more last one move three in five six seven eight hop hop whip whip touch jump hop hop whip whip tuck jump and hop hop whip whip last one we got moved for snake it out there we go we're gonna stick with this wine for four more huh again just two more times last one back to move one shimmy it down there we go last round of all the dance moves and then we have our grand finale move – in three two one here it goes again last one move three five six seven eight ha ha whip whip check it out last time with move boy here we go five six seven eight make it a little more groovy on the snake moves make it your own because this is your dance party last you last one there you go guys all right are you ready for the grand finale I'm ready for the grand finale let's pump our energy all the way up ladies Oh face the front shake it out and let's get ready we start with high knees in four three two one get those knees up there you go keep breathing we start with straight punches pick your favorite side in four in three in two in one let's go just the cross and the jab beautiful one two one two we're gonna take two high to low in three in two in one let's go really Bend those knees on those body shots keep that chin tucked down we got quick quick quick quick and step back once you want to keep breathing keep punching there you go ladies it's trying to pump it up let's dance ladies three two one make it really big keep that heart rate high you're either on the floor we're gonna put it all together in three if two in one stay here with me ladies four three two one ha ha high and low for quick pump it up back to guard ha ha ha ha head head body body for quick back to guard only one more four quick pump it up jack it out stay here with me getting that heart rate back high clap Jack's underneath the leg here we go switch to the other side four hooks in three and two and one let's go hook hook hook hook keep breathing keep pushing now just like we did on the other side with the straight punches we have two to the head two to the body three two one let's go high high low low for more now we're gonna rip this one with some power hooks in three in two in one big power hot four more three more two more now we got a different dance step here we take it high take it low take it high take it low just like that we're gonna add that to our combo in four in three two one back to guard let's go hook high high low low up up down down power power slide back to guard power power slide up you only got two more stick with me last one nice bring it back to centre let's just stick with some uppercuts here as we finish nice and strong we got a little burnout for you oh yeah you're ready for that right now Leilani are you ready Ke$ha let's take some speed on here turn it up burn it out let's go if you get really quick with it you can add some bass beat into it you're not here for long play with the speed there boy three you're almost there two and one nice work you made it all the way to the finish line and now it's time to cool it down let's take some slow neck rolls feet wide in three two one head to the left let's go let that body loosen up you can close your eyes if you need to and let my voice be your guide reverse the neck roll nice deep breaths here roll the shoulders back big shoulder rolls there we go reverse it to the front we're moving right down the body with some soft isolations rolling the ribs in three two one here we go reverse it to the right same thing with our hips roll it to the left and just let your arms hang let your upper body relax to the right nice work arms up reach high for the sky all the way up exhale release reach for the toes walk the toes and heels in just having that left leg back to a nice long lunge press that hip down we hold four three two one drop that knee and if you can reach for the back foot get a good quad stretch here four three two release back up to your lunge straighten up both legs hips to the sky and set that foot in other side step back into a lunge you're here for three two one drop that back knee and reach for that back foot today make the commitment to stop doubting yourself you tried this workout and with something new for you and I guarantee you can do anything you put your mind to release the back foot dressing up both legs straight set that foot in let the body hang forward slightly bend the knees low roll up here we go feet out nice and wide take one arm across the body just stretch it out here we did a lot of work with our arms use our back there switch size keep the hips rocking side to side one arm up and over behind the head good last arm stretch here reach the fingertips up and switch arms and add a little smile to your sweaty body the best accessory I think bring the feet in nice and tight two fists high to the sky one fist to your hearts one fist to your gut always trust those two things they will never lead you astray and remember the power is in your heart not in your hands great job today guys great job today ladies you crushed it yeah