are you ready to move I'm Megan Rupe and I have a dance cardio workout that will have you feeling your best this sweat tea session is presented by yogi inspired by yogi mango ginger TIA this workout is a little sweet I'm definitely spicy and is designed to make you feel good from the inside out let's get started alright so let's get started with a nice big stretch I have Tara and Leilani here tarz gonna be doing the advanced version with me Leilani is going to modify so follow along with all of us let's just get a big stretch up I'm so excited to be here with you guys go ahead take it down one more time big stretch up and down that right arm is gonna go up so we can feel the back of our legs taking our time here grab that leg feel your hamstrings and bend that left knee down and up whew so I'm so excited to be here with you guys we're gonna get our dance on as we do dancing on deck let's collect our clip so in dance cardio there's lots of jumping so it's really important to stretch out our calf muscles our feet – take your time here bring it to that other side if you find that you need more time to stretch you can always pause that video and stretch a little bit more bend that right knee and up bend it and up we're gonna flex that foot feeling our calf good you got 4 we were gonna lunge it straight those legs and lunge it out so nice little hip flexor stretch for us right here you can put your knee down if you want a deeper stretch that feels good are you guys feeling that great good let's straighten those legs you can have a little micro bend in those knees if you need to first for first three we're gonna bring it to the other side for a nice big lunge whew alright so put that knee down if you want a little bit more of a hip flexor stretch yeah feels good and take your time with this let's straighten those knees back up micro bend we're gonna walk into a downward dog and just roll through our feet here so that we can really warm our feet up so we hopefully you've got tennis shoes on at home we want to protect our feet as we start to jump good first four three you're gonna take that left foot and start to roll your ankle out good reverse the roll so strong there we go other foot roll it out you've got four three two you reverse it alright are our ankles warm I though let's walk those feet and let's roll it up and shake it out all right we're gonna start with a little tap get it warmed up now remember dance cardio doesn't have to be perfect I want you to have fun with it it's for three we're gonna start to heal it out here we go so it's a front heel it's a side heel you're gonna tap it back you're gonna jump out you're gonna cross and out you're gonna cross and out so one more time little faster its heel heel kick that butt jump out cross those legs good little faster it's front side but I'll instruct it's cross its front side food cross cross it's two more times let's add some arms punch it up it's front stop booty cross cross first section done yeah whoa let's pick it up a little bit faster on the music you know it now here we go feel it it's fun that booty cross drop so more time from booty cross two more from side booty cross cut last one good hold it here you're gonna reset that leg out step step hop you walk it back so we're out you're gonna reset that leg clap it that's the hard part that reached up but we got it good here we go step hop hop walk it back here we go step hop laughs oh yeah I love the good clap get into it two more times step up back it up last time we're gonna add that on from the top here we go he lit from sad booty it's coke now really step it back it up it's cross three step that leg step yes last time here it is front side booty cross three step it out yes now left leg slow same thing front side booty cross it up so you know it we're just for a first seen it Reece up that leg step hop step hop back it up here we go on that beat front side booty cross cross three step it yeah so good two more times front side cross three step back lock I'll give it that pop go now we're gonna put it together guys right and left let's get up that beat going in five six it's right or left front side you got this front side booty just clap it out here we go yes you can add a little groove here yes it's crust three step it out step two more times if we're gonna get it here we go right back heel side cross fit right leg recess yeah ready lift that left the eye here we go so strong pop it all right new part jump forward and back right arm whoo tap a side to side left side so good two more times jump forward and back top side sister forward and back oh yeah I love it so the stronger your arms Org the harder it's gonna get how we feeling great let's top it out good new part step touch right leg step touch back it up jack is out out out so just step touch right left groove it up back it up three take a second whoa I'm feeling it I'm feeling yeah yeah yes so let's go back to those step touches that right legs always leading here we go let's add some arms here so just groove it up now we back it up jack it's out snap it out stop it groove it up right whoa no good mess it up John arms two more times here we go it's right left are you with me I know oh yeah here we go last time up good so let it go it just happens to be perfect I want you to just to have fun let's find that beat we're gonna add everything together yeah let's do it in five six three go find that right leg from side heel heel booty crumpet step clap it up oh yeah there it is groove it from side here we go left side crumpit step yes we punch it out here we go forward and back side side left arm we step touch new part you know it here we go whoa groove it back out snap it repeat it step touch so good out stop from the top here we go heel so that's the whole thing you guys so strong down have fun with it left side here we go front side booty three step it up we punch it out right good step touch right eyes your heart rate up I think my back it's pretty find that beat it's out pick up just take go moment tap it oh yes my heart rate heart rate is up we're going on the top couple more times we're gonna master here we go drop that booty steps up so make it big there we go heel it booty CrossFit Stephan clock back it up you punch it out here we go side side strong arms here we go step touch oh yes there it is how we feeling at home you're getting it I know you're crushing it keep going there it is if that nigga we take your moment free at scoring it three little following it to do yeah Graham going to jumping jack – Jack here we go – nice just walk it out oh yeah you're getting it so if you got that room to move I want you to travel we're gonna turn the grapevine turn it jobs here we go oh yeah I love a turn those I'm blue you guys that's the whole first dance you just oh so much fun let's really go through that first dance so that we know it whoo we're going from the top first dance here we go go ahead front nine here we go from stock profit then pop it up yes let's dive you lit front side it props three step left are you ready punch it out here we go touch stop it yes all right here we go bring it up I love this part make it through move back it up we're done it yes you guys so we're gonna repeat it because you know it now get confident here we go from the top healing crumb sack booty crop step think lock back it up left side good jump in clap punch here we go are we having fun yes yes you guys the best thing about dance is that you don't feel like you're working wedding we're dying here hopefully you guys are feeling this at home back it up and snap whoo tap it out it's a moment for you a little fall and get cardio back to those grapevines to Jack here we go great back to jumping jacks I mean make it your own oh yeah hey it goes back in just step touched we're gonna start to learn the second combo because you are a pro nice as well let's step it out it's step heel step heel so no arms just heel step heel it's at an arm point side point down no it's right left left right don't make it complicated you know it would you be good last one you're gonna add two heels right here you've got two one Jack it up and out that's the hardest part so one more time slow we'll go back to this after our sculpting two heels it's left it's right it's Jack down all right let's take a break guys now let's take a quick step now we get to go to our sculpting yeah get into our legs a little bit more the nice little break between learning choreography yeah so let's get that right leg going into a curtsy squat so crossing it down getting both hip bones squared off wait isn't that front feel you should go wiggle those front toes I'm bringing it up okay let's go on that beat here we go it's down up if you're advanced here you can always grab some light hand weights three three pounds are great we're not gonna use anything our body weight today is just fine wherever you're at make it work so good last one you're gonna hold it down and pulse it out we're breathing oh yeah I'm gonna start to shape that back up tail bones down square off those hips and weighting that heel here we go nice and slow bring that knee up into your chest here we go it's up find your core and down one more time nice and slow and the sheet from your abs high knee high knee we're gonna pick up the pace guys here we go it's up it's down so if your range of motion is a little smaller than mine that's okay make it work wherever you're at today you're gonna hold it extend that leg straight back tap it in Wilson you're back is up chest is up you're strong and proud yet four three wiggle those toes one more time from the top here we go curtsey up so I love to add a little bit of sculpting with my cardio our heart rates up and then we get into this sculpting so it's a nice little burn a little spicy right here you pulse it out can you wiggle those front toes back is up booties down square it up high knees first floor here we go it's up it's down it's up its down yes high knee last one you're gonna hold it extend it back here we go cross it tap it in so this moving light is so light you could hover it test yourself yeah yeah – whoo here we go left side curtsy squat right and do it yeah oh yeah I'm feeling my cycle how about you guys love a curtsy squat for that reason somehow it never gets easier I don't know why all burn though you're gonna hold and pull it down so let's square those hips off yeah chest is up wiggle those front toes high knee first two are gonna be slow then we're gonna pick up the face here it is slow slow good so control it with your core I think about my core and squeeze it's hot oh yeah taking this balanced oh yeah challenge pick up the face here we go so balancing is so courage for our stability right whoo but if you fall over no big deal join us back good hold it extend it cross it light weight in that supporting heel oh yeah whoo you got to back us up last time from the top let's finish it together it's four oh yes homestretch yeah got to hold it pulse it square those hip bones out are you feeling it for three high knee pick up that pace little faster it's for eight sit down so we'll go and finish it with us we got it yeah we're in it with you we're feeling it – whoa last one hold it extend it cross yes you've got four can you wiggle those toes three keep it strong – still good and one oh yeah yeah who are you feeling a guy yeah yeah all right so take a quick sip of water you earned it guys at home you know you're working hard with us we're gonna go into that second dance combo that we already learned the first part too so the first part is probably the most complicated part walking it through with us yeah step heel step down to heels heel heel jacket one more time slow step heel heel to heels there we go we're gonna pick up the pace here we go step heel to heel and out step heel heel two more times step heel heel 2 1 and Jack good to 1 and Jack Chasse slow and tough slow now turn it around we got two slides slide it back good put a little sass in there one more time it's just a step chasse step turn that grapevine to the corner go to slides whoa let's pick up the pace here we go chasse yeah shut it down turn it to slides back yes make your own chasse top chefs a turn it arms go up you slide it back last time Shogun whoo so if you feel a little silly here and breaks it yeah last time go ahead so we're gonna go from the top yeah we're gonna sequence it together so that we get it you step touch he lit out here we go step heel to heel Jack it up repeat it there we go chasse it out here we go front corner get a little pair turn it so good drag it back from the top one more time step heel to one are we getting it guys I know that sounds a little trickier shot they remember I'm gonna say it a million times it doesn't have to be perfect as long as you're having fun from the top last time whoo – heels jacket step heel just say it out blood turn it turn groove it where to take a second we're going on that left side nice and slow step it out here we go step heel so we're gonna reverse it it's so good for our brains it's – it's one it's jack one more time step heel step heel to heels to one Oregon a shot they threw that left corner and chuffing chuffing turn that grapevine – slides back one more time Chasse chuffing chassé yes it's a turn we're gonna pick up the paint left side step to heels jacket one more time oh good shot say here we go oh no don't thank you look good go to the grapevine yeah one more thing I'm left I'm here we go to last time it's step heel heel to heels just say it out it's chasse Chasse turn it so good take a second we're gonna piece those together right and left how do we feel like that do it yeah here we go step touch you to heels rough kita step heel step heel it's true it's one Chasse here we go make it big oh yeah this beat is good get into it turn it get ready with that left thigh here we go left to heels so strong are you ready tossed a corner left side drag it out take a beat we're going on yeah you know the first part get confident second part in this dance it's a hip shake here we go hip shake now slam it down down one more time hip shake side to side with those hips then slam it down now we just do too you've got two and one two one it's hip hip – two more times you've got this yes strong arm the last time we add on we party circle around yourself oh hey check it out here we go Burke you add one party jacket for two we'll party are we gonna love a good party allow yourself to have some fun let me take a second to breathe we're gonna piece those together we shake slammin party here we go shake for two Blandford to party to Jackson two more times here we go shake yes make your big party – Jax last time here we go it's to choose glam now party are you ready for that left side same thing on the left – two slams now you party whoo oh yeah shake it lips planet for – party for two that's last time here we go oh we're gonna sequence it together from the top are you ready go step touch to the right step heel to heels repeat it oh yeah jump it out here we go Schatzi get some air so go turn it arms up two slides left oh yeah you're weak let's back good to heels one step there it is sha hey here we go it's been big turn it oh two slides we shake it out new part for to slam it for two party yes Jack it out left side here we go slam it out party so freakin good take a second Embry how are you doing great almost there guys third section of the stands let's go over these legs you're just tapping that right leg oh yeah you can make it big or you can make it small now let's go over these arms if cross elbow out crops shoulder out crops shoulder out cross shoulder out for three two whoa others back here we go so same arm cross shoulder out cross shoulder out so stops now just two on the right here we go it's two and one left side same thing for – yeah oh yeah just tap it out circle those arms hurts you to breathing to hop out out in in for two one two one two one two one last two whoo one yes you guys that's the whole way I know it's a lot I'm sweaty so sweaty all right all right so let's see what's out together do not get overwhelmed you part yeah – one two one left side here we go – one c1 circle Berchem now out out in in press two one one more time new part topic stop yes other type for to circle those arms for to burn out out in in Preston are you ready from the top it's it's it's – it's one chasse corner Oh breathing turn it oh yeah slide it left side here we go it's step go to heels breeding step yes it's – it's one shot they corner yes shall say turn it slide it back here we go shake it slam it go ahead party take a second here we go to other pack it shake it slams party new part here we go pop it out it crossed shoulders out yeah oh this beats so good here we go are you having fun at home so good out out in its – from the top here we go take a second just top chip heels Jack it up step heel we shot a corner here we go Khmer jump yes turn it to slides move it out left eye here we go oh yeah stop it shine that feet yes find it you got it here we go you shake it out slam it right through by two jacks let's that shake it find it so good so strong bring it home whoo-whee tap it out here we go just crap shoulder yes Circle those arms just tap it circle breathe green out out in it God oh yeah you guys so how do we feel about going back to stop dance one and then doing it too all right let's get our dance reins on we got this yeah we're in it together here we go from the top heel it frontside boutique rustic stepping clap oh yeah you know it here we go left side front side booty cross pop it out we punch it out here we go stronger top side beside other side get ready with our right leg step touch it out breathe so good back it up orange snap repeat it stop touching you got this are you ready for that second dance do it here we go step heel to heel repeat it yeah yeah turn it gladden crew left ah here we go go to Jack step step heel it's – it's one chocolate yes you guys are crushing it I love it turn it let it up new parts shake it to the right to slam it party – Jackson let's not chicken slam it party breathe oh yeah chop it out stop stop other side stop go on circle those arms in bri-bri two hops out out to well take a second breathe how do we feel like doing that again yeah oh yeah yeah one more time are you with us here we go grunts got you lit up CrossFit step touch flap up yes back it up here we go left side that's you guys beautiful step pink clap make a big punch it side side other side arms we zap it up here we go big travel back it up out snap it repeat it so go step hop back up are you ready second damn that peel it out step heel to heel repeat it run we shopping front corner big turn it out move it oh here we go left side keep going good repeat it step you cute chuffing it out it's nothing yes you can turn it keep going you slide it slide if it wasn't it to you slam it to you party tape Hey yes left side make it bigger yes it's slim it's party clap it out here we go oh whoa yes you guys finish it with us we're with you circle those arms and breathe and breathe to hop out out it's 2 & 2 yes sorry Thank You Lonnie yes you guys rushed it I know you did whoa awesome work so we're gonna take a nice big stretch because we work so hard you have our body some love take a big breath up and down one more time and again if you need a longer stretch feel free to stay here a little longer reaching that arm up and grabbing that leg good let's bend our left knee and up oh yeah my legs feel like jello how about you guys flex our foot so again lots of jumping today make sure you stretch your calves out and if you need more of a stretch of a calf stretch take it at the end of this all right let's bring it to that left side reaching that arm up oh my gosh my back of my legs feeling that bend that right knee and up let's flex that foot whoa oh yeah you've got four three let's take it to that lunge one more time just like we did in the beginning if you want to put that knee down for a deeper hip stretch or flex stretch take that good fool let's straighten those knees good micro Bend if you need to take a little micro bend here you can even flex that foot one more time all right let's take it to that left lunge oh yes you guys so much cardio work so hard work sweating over here take that knee down if you need it oh I'm still just like dripping just dripping but so fun right dance cardio is fun that's like a great way to get your cardio in but feeling good stretch those legs up you can take a micro bend in those knees if you need flex that front heel so nice let's take a big downward dog again just rolling through our feet they worked hard for us today you've got four three two let's walk those feet in take a moment and just roll that spine up yes you did it thank you so much for joining us you worked so hard and again that this workout was inspired by yogi mango at ginger tea which helps support healthy digestion please let me know what your favorite move was from this workout below in the comments and I will see you next time bye guys awesome job yes