yo yo yo CPA strength here back again day 15 of my live push-up challenge my 30-day push-up challenge is day 15 of it halfway there now so I hope everyone's having a great day hey my dog from my dog my Somali your friend what's up hey y'all how you doing today how's your Sunday going know your little ahead of me here hope you're doing great let's get this in today I'm doing pretty good I'm ready for I'm ready for this little stream hopefully someone gets some exercise with me this is gonna be my my only exercise of the day probably sometimes I do other exercise I haven't done it haven't done any yet today haven't done any exercise yet today that's for sure and yeah I'm just ready to get in alright oh shit What's Up B be nice I will – I will I will time I will time you out bro for reals like I got I got ready right now yeah I know bro I'll block you with quickness dog so that's about to get my work by for my work out out my workouts in here day 15 looking forward to this I don't know if I'm getting stronger or what's going on I've been I've been binge eating don't like it okay I get a lot of fluid in today I kind of binge 8:00 on Friday night I've been floating around 260 pounds i binge date on Friday night brought me up to about two hundred and sixty four or five pounds and then I just over eight yesterday on Saturday I had some chick-fil-a and then I had just some some unless I'm 11 run later so I was 269 today I'm feeling like just bloated not that great and so ya feel a little bloated nothing good drink a gallon of water a day yeah you know I need to I need to I really need to drink some more water especially right now that's a good that's a good tip I really need to drink more water I just need to be more cognizant of what I eat so let's say let's get a little make a little stopwatch here or yeah stopwatch stopwatch is anybody gonna get you exercise with me today here anybody live gonna get some exercising with me yeah bro quiet we go to somalia you come over to us you come over in Florida off to link up you're running today cool you running right now or did you already run or what you gonna run later how many miles how long you gonna run for I've kind of modified this down this workout I like to talk for the first five minutes but you just ran cool good for you bro get that exercising you ready for a really good Sunday I'm ready I'm gonna have a really good Sunday after this two miles nice I did two miles for a while worked my way up to two miles I did a bunch of running at different times my I guess my exercise career or I've been you know 41 nelson exercising for a while so let me get started in two minutes I'll just start five minutes afternoon and I've been doing 20 20 sets I'm sorry 20 repetitions this is a repetition each time you go up and down a sit just sit just sit you want me to just sit down I do 20 repetitions 10 sets of 200 reps tried your nice clean ones if I can't finish I do modified I work my way down to about a minute and a half rest period so the whole the whole lives the whole exercise part it takes about half an hour and then that I usually do a nice little protein shake and shout at the end and just go for a long I feel like we feel like going for so yeah I'm ready to get this in I'm ready to get some exercise today I'm not feeling that great like fighting on this live stream kind of struggling to to get any exercise there you don't really feel like it I feel like just kind of laying around but anyways I'm gonna get the first set in all right I don't know why I just did that okay let me get my first set in here okay felt okay that's pretty hard actually and go and go front I was set one doing one set so far okay nine more to go nine more to go let's get it in do I drink coffee no well I do sometimes I used to be a big coffee addict but I switched to uh you know we're starting in we got a minute left and then we're gonna do our second set I've been taking caffeine pills reply the past five years I was up to about 2010 tablets 2000 milligrams of caffeine a day which was way too much and now for the past two weeks i I've I've been slowly dropping down my caffeine intake base to dig Omar just subscribed I suppose goichi would it thanks for subscription thanks for everybody in chat today thanks for everyone viewing you guys are motivating me to keep going hopefully I can motivate someone else to get some exercise in as well but I'm down to 600 milligrams of caffeine per day my ultimate goal for my ultimate goal for what for right now I think my balls to just lose some weight and be in shape I like to get down to about 250 again alright set to I like that was pretty good clean set there keg now set to I will set to I do have I do have yoyoyo good vibes contagious let's go let's keep the good vibes going yes you helped me you motivate me have to motivate you as well until precious reprocess it here something I would like to do a power a power lifting event some day like I have to you know like a train and well right now I'm just trying to really stay fit I just want to process it yeah I just want to stay fit and probably drop about 20 pounds for I am now get down to 250 maybe ultimately 240 like that would be fun right yeah right I'm 41 years old yeah if nuts CPA exam who cares what the big words try to do something different it's so weird now that I've been CK and stuff I had a moving job the other day and loved it worked out my body get out good clean honest day's work I like to do a powerlifting competition at some point hmm right now I'm just trying to I guess mind body and soul to have a productive Jegs I just want to I just want a really YouTube a lot get my youtube channel going so nobody sits x3 let's go for let's go for a hot 20 don't okay that was set three and my sets are doing pretty good the red and a half rest time is a big big change from my earlier and my first ten or twelve workout videos here and yeah so the workouts Howard just run it out too much and it's like so now the workouts are about talked for about five minutes so you could like stretch or whatever for five minutes and then the actual workout takes about 25 minutes so I mean so in half an hour you can get a great workout you know if you do push-ups you do whatever and get a great workout from the from the comfort of your own home mmm-hmm I loved it man I love moving Brian I know you're green cool day where you live bro it's the private CPA practice two very competitive I don't know how competitive it is it's a lot though I'm very bad with pricing look I did I always give free information out I'm just bad with pricing I always feel like wrongly though if I know wait then like everybody knows it although there's not that many CPAs out there so three we got to go right I do got to go for walks I was thing about doing walks in the morning okay or in the evening whatever yeah step four 18:19 don't oh shit okay Wow Wow now let's step for now we're getting to start here yeah we're getting going here yeah I'm not uh how do i market myself well it was really just a lot of word of mouth I did market myself on like Facebook and stuff hey what's up simply that's okay bean we're all it's all good bro you're back now just you know it's all gravy train bro I ended up because I just wanted his I just have a solo practice I never really wanted a bunch of employees to work for me I actually turned away business Pinal the last two tax seasons but now this year I just won't assuming I'll get some referrals during the year during tax season thanks to wanna yeah I can make like a little like after my 30 days a little snip it or something of each video you know a little like five-second montage or whatever that's all you're welcome I'm glad you're enjoying a man I really am it really makes me feel good I never I never thought I would help so many people pretty much built through tax season yeah alright it's set five here okay sets five let's go let's go well last time I I'm struggling so I gotta push it aside let's go let's go let's get some hater reps in this bands go oh no I gotta modified okay right 17 18 19 20 now even if even if huh let me start my halfway there man whoa livin on a prayer halfway there so just because I put like going how I do go it's probably harder probably flat handed is easy it are the hardest or but knuckles anyways when you go on here when you when you do someone you do whatever to the angle like if you go on your knees when I do my modified it's an easier push-up and like if you can't do a couple of those right now you've been and that's fine you could start on think you can start on a wall see or so you could go like this a little bit bangle you could do this this is uh probably about a little bit easier than the knees you could even go find the easiest if you started against the wall Oh straight up with just a little bit of angle to start with if you guys start doing these okay and then once you you know what to do baby five sets of ten like this then you can make the angle a little bit of far a little bit farther out well this is hard right here that one's heart right there whoo okay Wow alright so that was uh that was five sets now I'm going to go for my six egg I'll burn inspiration thanks man with a I mean that's the thing it's like maybe kind of do a bunch of different things so I'd only know what what the inspiring thing is or maybe it's a couple of with album but uh you know I'll take it yeah that's how where I can inspire and motivate and with these I just want to show you that you can get a nice workout in no weights from anywhere I mean if you're just starting really you might be self-conscious or whatever going join the gym even going outside whatever I've been having some bad social anxiety so I've been just working out in home a lot got to continue do you see a blurring yeah alright let me go for set six here let's go what's up I got a lot of people a lot of people live stream everyday for me a lot of people picking up a little bit after two straight weeks I didn't know it's a little downturn because the other day I missed so that's just what happens in so same back the same time hopefully for the rest of this challenge as I go today twelve noon Eastern Standard Time alright six six let's go twenty of these let's go one more let's go oh yeah I was a tough one oh I even took a nice long break to salcette six Kate cruisin through these cruisin through these if you're following along whatever you don't have to do 20 reps you don't have to do ten sets you could do longer rest periods if you want you can always you can always play with the number of the number of repetitions you do the number of sets you do your time in between in between sad sets so you always want to be progressing a little bit I think trying to progress so maybe you're doing five sets of ten or ten sets of ten you complete that then the next day do ten sets of eleven or or you just want to maybe you know increase your rep a little bit add another set you can always twit change it up have fun with it anyways yeah since a couple more sets to go physical health is directly linked to mental health yeah I do a green has a Hannah Tasha what's up this house you back house looks good you go are you doing the exercise today there's today for you over in Serbia we already did six sets I'm going through these really fast now I try to get the whole workout it in 25 minutes talk for five minutes the beginning 25 minute workout so you know you can get I just want to show start showcasing your nice sweat a nice a nice um nice workout in in a half an hour 25 minutes half an hour okay let me go for set seven twenty of these whoo man I'm starting to arms are starting to feel a little bit a shoulders my chest all right let's go set seven good modified 18 – more – or left here whoa one more one more damn oh man ok so I got three more sets left eight nine and ten whoo feel good feel better I got I got a sweat go and that's the main thing I I just been eating a lot of sugary high sodium foods the past couple days and just um you know it's a it's always a work in progress and stuff but you got to start working on that but I am proud to have been doing these for this is my 15th straight day I started this idea two Sundays ago I really have this idea thanks Perry I do some push-ups on camera or a live stream and here we are a couple weeks later got a little rhythm to it now I've got a couple people that be exercising with me hopefully I've motivated someone to get off the couch or whatever you know get away from their screen for just okay I want to show you just a half an hour a day and you're good you know I mean maybe you don't have transportation maybe you don't want to leave your house maybe you have kids or something you can't leave the house or whatever the situation is or maybe you're not at home you can do this from anywhere do this workout from anywhere setup challenge nets okay yeah I really need the set up challenge I'm a beginner around the setup challenge so I will do a sit-up challenge next yes I will yes I will you love my consistency it's motivating thank you my ideal diet probably uh I feel good I have quite about 3,000 calories that's I could lose a pound and I'll do a 40 40 to 40 40 percent of my calories carbs 40% protein 20% of fat oh cool bro that's awesome that's awesome Adrian I'm glad that I can help motivate you and stuff let me get what we got eight nine and ten we've got three more sets left so we knocked this one out okay this is there are my eight set here it's getting tough I've been having to modify then my rest times we're going a little bit longer but eight I tell them just get this set in here let's go twenty of these let's go come on hater reps I'm gonna do is for the fucking haters but I always got some oh you got some shit to say oh I got some negative shit to say you drop some for them fuck them yeah damn one more dad oh there we go two more sets left two more sets left my knuckle again ready nothing's getting beat up Wow two more sets left I'm gonna tie try to do these with decent rest times oh man tardy 50 seconds I got crazy good sweat going now hello pump going feel like a pretty good girl pretty little pump going Oh crazy good sweat man ready to go oh we got to I got two more sets left we had two more sense man I don't read that much Oh Tasha rasty good thanks Mitchell I look stronger every day yeah I probably I'm getting a little bit stronger every day no no the girlfriend don't really be in chat how much so no okay oh my god we got two more sets right two more sets I've been going for 25 over a pussy push these so we can finish half no work out you got 20 right here probably have to modify these my arms are getting tired but that's okay that's alright seventeen black three more 18 oh one more set one more set woo no that's nice my rest times you have been increasing later on turn know we got one set left later on during the workout just because I'm getting worn out this is a little bit of cardio too so I'll show you guys you get a great workout in 25 minutes huh that's cool Adrian yeah man bro I I never do my accounting videos would be so good have a lot of people and it's awesome Akana and I gave me the platform and stuff to maybe you know branch down and do other things since you know I don't know but um yeah me and ECM the right DJ's are helped you so much huh when I teach a university I got a problem with authority and probably due to my um they might not primary not hire me I got a criminal history so I mean it's always like a thing like bubble bobble bobble it's just too much and I know the money would be good but I just really like with with my youtube videos I can um yeah don't ever miss your lectures that's good advice but um I really enjoyed this teaching for the whole world oh yeah I know money's not everything right oh man gate or missile seat your lectures me you don't miss a workout save a lecture okay Wow let me get this last set in I want to thank everybody for being here if anybody's doing this with Hansa smile at this is my last sack so I like to do a Burnout set I like to do as many reps as possible and then I'm somewhere to do regular ones and then I'm going to go to modified ones on my knee and do some more and then I'll probably go then I'll go back to the wall or I'll go on the chair and do some more then go on the wall and do some more so it's going to be like a big giant burnout Center and let's get it let's get it 20 let's get it Boop that was 20 that was 20 okay now I'm going to do without red even some more modified ones here all right finish this out here Oh two three wise are good I'm get a nice stretch here hey everybody I get such a nice stretch oh wow wow that was great okay so see I did I didn't break ler did my regular with my knees off the ground for about the 7 617 that I need modified for 3 or 4 and then I I guys huh decrease the angle a little more one on the one of the chair for some sets now I'm going to decrease the angle even more and do some on the wall ooh some rat people Wow okay I'm sweating profusely whoo you do the modify ones that's what's up you do the modify ones yeah man I mean there's no there's no excuses and you know you can always modify any exercises to do it hey what's up Lauren whoo now I just pretty much tuckered me out right there Wow [Applause] I'm pretty much tuckered me out oh my goodness okay yeah now we're going to a protein shake time hanging out chat about whatever and oh yeah well sounds my 15th straight day so halfway there halfway I'm living on a prayer for these man Oh trying to shed some light on the situation here whoo hell yeah yard needs mode anymore that yard okay forgot my glasses can't see nothing here oh lordy have mercy Lord so yeah we're 15 days so far we're gonna definitely do well I guess don't count don't count your chickens don't count your chickens tell the egg hatches ha that's what they always say all right full disclosure when Fat Boy last night you had Slurpee at 7-eleven feel like trash today had some had some cookies chicken wrap I mean sometimes I just feel like overeating I mean I wish I didn't but sometimes I do so I'm just trying to drink lots of liquids today I got to drink lots and lots of water try to flush some of that stuff out cuz i binge don Friday night I had a bad bad very bad binging episode on Friday yesterday I just over ate and ate some sugary foods and stuff but just trying to be like transparent and real that's all that's two days off you know and now I just got to get back on my grind it's like not gonna be like oh it's over now like x2 the you know I exercise it and watching what I'm eating is I'm not gonna basically I didn't raise five years of exercise and working out on that you know it's like I keep telling myself that let me get my glasses I'll be right back guys oh hey hey we back we back with it though hey we're back okay so I don't know protein shake super lazy I'm gonna do this let's see tomatoes from my own garden I should have been on that a while ago that's oh I need to do my own garden some tomatoes will be good huh I mean I would keep me some potted plants some Tomatoes you don't want to toss up I have to do that really working on getting my ain't no problem aid I really got to work on my my live streaming setup so I was in the Amazon this morning looking at some some microphones my sounds shitty I need a bunch of different stuff he lost 40 pounds a gallon of water trick that's also it just flushes everything through huh what up Darren yo yo yo yo yo what up dog Darren's back Darren's and all kinds Y different livestreams County ones pretty good music one's just a freakin mess I have a total addict of things and I you know I suffer from anxiety and whatnot so I just had to wash my wash this whatever thanks Darren so like how I've been dealing with my anxiety or last week I was dealing with it and then I got like this manic high because like I started having some interaction with my live streams dude Florida's expensive South Florida's way too expensive man frickin like a probably of a probably of one a one-bedroom apartment or condo somewhere is going to be like probably 800 to 1200 dollars now I live I got a I got like a small two-bedroom house with a front yard and backyard for 1300 a month but it's in the fucking it's in the hood I got to not no Road no one really wants to live here ila I like it though you're right back so yeah I don't have any I don't have any uh I'm definitely gonna do a lot more water I should just start with a gallon in the morning and just roll with that during the day that would be that would be the thing to do that's what I'm gonna start doing see how awesome we've got a lot of questions for the UM for my whoo I just got so I just got something delivered for my Amazon that's what's up I got hdmi cord for my phone so I can go um I don't I got hdmi cord for my phone so I can have that out of screen maybe when I'm live streaming or something I don't know a recreational marijuana I'm a huge marijuana smoker ever since I started really I start when I was 15 I used to smoke I mean ten blunts a day like that was my life for so many years as pot and I everything about it and stuff I don't use it quite so much anymore but I don't drink it all I don't do hard drugs anymore and I think it's it the way to open up your third eye a little bit like I'll make you see things a little differently I do agree I do I do think it decreases my motivation a bit and you know I just took I just took like about three weeks off from smoking pot and I don't know it's kind of just felt like I needed the break that's what's cool about pods just it's not really physical or really that were emotionally dependent on it and and now I've been smoking again for the past couple days and I am loving it did I study with test banks not until I didn't find him until like my thing senior year in college and I was like dang so it took me a while to find the test bang so once I found them then I started a stand everything brought my GPA up GPA up from like a two five like a two eight or something 290 so I started getting all A's yeah must do the water challenge I'll do I could do a water challenge I could do that maybe after the set up challenge I'll start doing water though I'll start drinking a gallon a day yo is that why I binge eat I know I been G because I'm an addict so all I'm all I'm putting in my protein shake today is uh two scoops of my approaching way water and then some ice I'm out of I'm out of banana I just had one banana left going to the store today and the only so I was hungry this morning so I ate the banana oh yeah neighbors bumpin some tunes today I like that I like my neighbor pumps and tunes he usually does decent ones so then it's like I don't get no ones like I just like listen to the neighbors musics it's not my Oh no alcohol for six years yeah me neither five and a half years so I mean that's I just I just do stupid stuff on alcohol so I don't really I don't really need the the fats from protein today or anything or maybe I should because that's a big big problem I guess you start you start under eating the day after the day after you binge or whatever but I don't know I just don't feel like peanut butter today so we're not gonna do any peanut butter so it's just a just protein shake and ice and water and that's it yeah dan that's how I that's how I like to do it to when I have no obligations you know I mean like it just doesn't work well when I you know for me like on a weekday you know I got mainly work obligations there are just obligations in general because I don't want you know I get I get I smoked someone I want to talk to anybody it stresses me out I mean I love it I love it after a nice a nice productive day you know I mean just wind down maybe watch some movie watch some YouTube yeah or like on the weekends I like to just you know start my day off with it if I'm if I'm doing it at the time so yeah cheers to everybody thanks for everybody being here we finished our workout in like just a little bit and that's a little chat getting my so this is only a like a 360 calorie protein shake so that's good Cheers I'm gonna put this a protein shakes a little thick and I need to drink more water here so I'm gonna fill this up with some more water and yeah I'm not a real good day I'm gonna try to work on my you know what I found the other day the reason I don't drink or do hard drugs in orange because I'm such a bit I'm such an addict and I find something I like or and I just go so the other day I found out hey I really like the immediate feedback you know and and live-streaming and stuff like that I'm not leaving you guys dan your YouTube addict yourself alright I am for sure I am for sure so it's just like and um really I never I never thought of it like I didn't see it as I just saw I just noticed myself started watching a bunch of live-streaming probably I started watching a bunch of ice Poseidon and like CX network you know I think that whole crew out there started watching those probably about February March maybe about six months ago you guy really started watching and then I just started getting so bored look I filled this all the way up now so it's just really it's really diluted with a bunch of water but I need water today someone pound this down here yeah yeah oh yeah oh I always go right out the job man I have to joke you just did 60 push-ups that's what's go chew with it 60 push-ups is good oh but I didn't I didn't realize that get sucked I get an immediate feedback from doing doing the livestreams it's like more so that when I'm doing a recorded video because of these live streams I'm interacting with the chat and stuff and so what I'm doing a live stream I'm not really I'm not concentrating at all I'm like I'm an any of my anxiety or depression or anything like that I'm just 100% focused on the live stream so it really helps but you know because I'm keeping my mind busy and stuff so that helps with that and so I think the other day it was Thursday I woke up I did an accounting stream for like three out two and a half hours then I did this workout stream for hour and a half then I moved my office area around my stood my studio area around my house and then I went I did a music stream for about two and a half hours and I was just having so much fun with it pause every button engaged here right we need positivity button engaged what up Geo what I welcome welcome to the chat bro welcome to the video finish my workout now I'm just happened after I do my my workout my Pat of my push up workout have a little protein shake and just chat for a little bit we just we just chat pretty much well pretty much whatever chat about everything after a little a little post-workout meal you know I'm saying it's my favorite part really I really look forward to it I took I take a bunch of vitamins in the morning I'll show you my I only ever saw anybody my vitamin stack so I'll show you guys what I take every morning that's what I want to get I want to make it through my thought on the live stream then the next day I had a moving job with 180 and that went really good so I was unkind of like I'm really like a manic high because that's like that's gonna be another it's I didn't come revenues channels I'm an acai so that I did more more live streaming and and everything just you know I think I did a video driving to the job driving back home from the job push out push up video music stream and that one went that this I turned the sound off so then I got a uh I need potassium what a Vick I don't think I take potassium for my vitamins so anyways I was just too much live stream like I don't like because I was just doing so much the live streams and then I did a mukbang after that so it's just like constantly live streams constantly live streams in and I need to take time away and think about and educate myself on what equipment I need to get my studio how I want it to be and I'm never going to do I'm like a one-man band so anyways I just want to say sorry for that for going all these live streams and stuff I just got addicted to it and just not gonna do so many crazy live streams I'm gonna try to plan out my attack a little bit more on what I want to do with the youtubes so potassium I think I do need potassium I don't take any potassium all right Dan thanks for thanks for showing up thanks for commenting I hope you have a great day too bro stay blast study up be back here tomorrow at noon let me show you what I what I take every day every morning take one of these take a vitamin C I take this every morning when I get up I take a multivitamin here but I take a vitamin B when I take these are five these are vitamin G of 5,000 IU vitamin D so I take like two of the two or three of these a day let's do a book club because I have not been getting enough that natural sunlight which I think it's gonna change because I'm gonna start maybe I believe just go into a park getting some jogging in the morning and getting some outdoor in and then I could take you guys along too and then that'd be my my morning one I'm getting big macho man I'm getting fat broad will cause 270 today so all some of that then I have my caffeine pills which I'm down to three pills a day from ten pills a day about a month ago I was taking ten pills a day I was doing that for about four or five years and it just got to be too much and I was tired all the time so I went down to three of these in the morning I've been doing that for the past I think two weeks and it's gonna be about time to lower this down to two pills a day and maybe one and none yeah vitamin D is very important especially because I haven't been getting a lot of Sun that's like seasonal seasonal disorder like to have a non seasonal affective disorder like they have in the Pacific Northwest and the winter time because they don't see the Sun for a long time gotta get cardio yeah I need some cardio 15 minutes per day mmm I'm gonna start getting that like that's hmm I think for that for this week that's gonna be a goal of mine to start my day off and get out get out there and you know get some Sun well you don't leave the house get some fresh air now also be a doll also be very good start gardening to the one I mean it's a lot of different things gotta get cardio I like to mix up cardio and weight lifts and I find a different dopamine high Wow they both get you some cardio get you some some kind of strength training like these push-ups or strength training get you some some strength training lift with some weights some lifting some cardio and there's your exercise and then the other side I mean and then the other side get your nutrition right and then that's that's how productive world it's a cruel cruel world cardio activates cartas all yeah I don't like cart assault not fat but SWAT with muscle uh-huh I'm fat bro maybe you drop a hot 20 pounds already finish up my road to 240 thousand some of my beginning videos no Sun is depression seriously that's that's probably a big part of mine cuz I just haven't been I haven't been making a priority to go outside like I have you know leaving the house go to a store go to a gym inside so I need to do I need to do more yard work I can do some gardening more yard work I need to go outside and get cardio in one of these beautiful parks around here cycling I should get a shovel a bicycle then I can start cycling up and down the beach and I really should because that keeps me away from the beach I need to buy a bike too I need to buy everything but I need to make more money to buy everything damn it whoa that's an awesome idea I saw a sunlamp from Amazon get lean I'm gonna try to get lean I want to get lean that's protein shakes doing me good I gotta keep started up those uh my crushed ice like holds holds it together it's really I love this christ-like crust crush ice machine yeah I'm trying to get lean man do you have social anxiety as well right now it's probably like why we are like kind of Kent kind of kindred spirits watching the game today um probably not I might have might have some of it on yeah I would say it's pretty easy to find a job as a CPA yeah social anxiety is so weird I know it's just in my head because it's like I don't know I can hold a conversation with people I feel like I mean I can hold a conversation with people you know I got different interests I got a lot of varied interests I just get so nervous talking to someone face to face and it's like I don't even listen to what they're saying I'm just thinking like what should I say next what should i do oh my god I can't believe I just said that I have a hard time interacting with people that I never and I don't get a lot of social clues like when it's time done talking because like once I start talking I just keep going I think everyone hates me too I think they're like like the last I went to this I went to a concert on like Memorial Day and there's so how's the people and I wasn't I wasn't like dressed weird at all but I felt like the thousands of people behind me were watching me instead of the band there and they're dissecting like look at that fat let me that fat motherfucker bad haircut his glasses so his outfit sucks I know I just have Philly everybody hates me in public which is and so a lot of times I just don't do it I know no one hates me that's why it's like most mostly people write logically mostly people that really like me and it's just weird I don't think I always had the social anxiety as bad as I do as I've gotten a little older probably started getting bad what's weird is it started getting bad when I had less and less to be anxious about yo yo yo what up what I last feel like what I like what I really didn't have anything when I was just you know being pad you know working um manual labor job doing drugs selling drugs you know I really have anything going for me excuse me I didn't really have a lot of the social anxiety so weird weird yeah man this is a good push up day I kind of messed up my my shake here a little bit what I'm gonna do yeah I caught I um yeah I overcompensate I try to I try to always be a people pleaser like when I think about like I just want everyone to like me like the first my first reaction is like I don't want to tell the person that cuz I'm they're not gonna like me or I'm always like I just want them to like me so oh my go I hope they don't hate me now but what can help with all that I guess some sunlight right getting getting some Sun we're gonna go for more I'm gonna fill us up because the ice was sticking there so this is gonna just be a big water thing sunlight exercise doing stuff you like everybody just kind of force myself for the social anxiety yeah oh man I know the corporate jobs or social anxieties it's just like new people after new people up for new people like those big offices man I can get comfortable with you know takes me a while to warm up if there's like you know five to ten people in the office and I can meet them yeah I'm right now I'm really sorry because I don't have the a/c on or anything and I just did a bunch of push-ups so yeah so now this is going to be mostly water yeah it's exhausting the corporate lifestyle is exhausting exhausting yeah I missed the from like an old old childhood friend that I don't talk to anymore and seem like all his group of friends are like now 202 of my to my friends who I do see on a good a good chunk we're going to the party I knew a lot of people at this party but then I didn't a lot of the people I wouldn't had seen for like 10 or years or something and I didn't feel like I don't know just give me anxiety to go like Oh everyone's gonna you know what am I gonna just gave me so much anxiety like what am I gonna talk to them about and I'm never gonna see them I'm not gonna see him for another 10 years so why am I gonna waste my time talking to him I don't like going to birthday parties I don't have birthday parties why should I go and so I missed it and I felt bad about it like like bro you couldn't even just go to a fucking birthday party and like just show up and say hi to everybody like but the thing is I pushed myself to do activities like that say well just be normal just go you know I push myself to do those kind of activities the whole time I'm at those activities I'm thinking the best way to escape do I have to say goodbye to everybody how long do I have to be here everyone hates you on here and then the best time with that for me is what I'm driving away at home and I'm like I did it so I don't know yeah I just kind of wish I what it went though now now let up now that I'm thinking about it and hash it out with you guys I guess a lot of my social anxiety came to the fore for I always had social inside you but I started doing I started drinking and do drugs had a voracious amount when I turn when I was like 15 and oh I did hear something about that I listened to a little bit of I'm not gonna listen to that Henry wrong good looking out bro I know but Henry models like travels the whole world by himself and stuff I didn't know he um had the social anxiety I'm gonna chug this down now this is mostly just water Oh oh my goodness Wow all right have a nice out oh I did hear a little bit out of the party he does hate parties how you normally go to parties I hate parties though it's like I don't know I will I will rewatch that j-jason did you see the one with dr. Lane Norton on I don't know if you really follow like what weight lifting or power lifting but I've been following Leigh Norton for years and year like I'm hanging four or five six years on social media then he was just on Joe Rogan but anyways I used to hide my social anxiety with that's really I wanted to fit in and I wanted to hang out with like the cool kids in high school I just want to fit in so bad and I thought well they all drink and and do drugs and stuff and that would be a great way for me to fit in I can do that with them and then I turned into a full-blown addiction not long after that and it's gotten really really bad probably culminating with a massive meth addiction and you know I could drink I could drink a little bit oh you saw that yeah he didn't know what to do dude Cassidy Campbell's the best right I love Cassie Campbell what's your favorite character I like I like Chester burn America America of course white will wipe away from Oakland I bet I bet all right bet anyways stop stop drink you stopped stop drinking doing hard drugs and then I guess that's really when I started having a lot of social anxiety a lot of not liking to go to parties because that's you like the gay guy I know how funny oh I like oh stop honey or hey I like the Harvard guy was his name chester bennington the third he's like um he calls everyone peasants and stuff who's like peasantry I love that shit I'm not I haven't called someone a peasant I don't think in person I'm just waiting for the right time just really Oh cuz peasantry away from me Chester Wellington the third from Harvard he's like yeah you like Titan II like shakes hands it touches somebody then he has to get his hand washed and stuff yeah Cassidy camels a great prank channel everybody but you know for I'm just coming I'm just realizing now that a lot of my social anxiety kind of started or came back to the forefront after I stopped drinking because that would definitely like you know I could start off I could say you know you go up you go up to the the store whenever get a six-pack or whatever you know you have have two three four or five six beers start feeling a little loose and then you're ready to go to the party and drink some more and stuff and so yeah anyways man day 15 of the push-ups I appreciate everyone being here I can't believe that I've done 15 straight days it's way different way different than I thought it's harder than I thought yeah exactly I just I just kind of realized that now cuz I'm like I didn't know wait look I used to like going to parties but I do remember being yeah you're you're totally right they uh the alcohol just just suppressed to my anxiety and I'd have to confront now I have to confront it which you know I do sometimes and I did I just didn't feel like it the other I just wanted to just wanted to do YouTube and yeah man but yeah cuz I could remember you know be in aa I just kind of be in my own zone or whatever anxious about going somewhere and then you get two or three drinks four or five drinks and you know pregame everyone free games you know and the thing is the thing is with that so I'll do the pre gaming I'll do the main stuff and then I really knew I had a big problem with drinking like when I was just like wow because it would always be like me at the end of the night you know everyone Ellie we get some pizza guys go to someone's house you know we all met up and eat some pizzas stuff and everyone is passing out you know going home to bed going to bed whatever and I would just be like up just drinking everything like just whatever is there still drinking all the alcohol just drink from the bottle and then I would call anybody I would do hard drugs all night so it'd just be and I was just like why can't everyone else just go to bed right now I remember just watching everyone go to bed when I was just like still still just drinking I want to drink everything looking for hard drugs and yes that's why I just can't do it like I can never really rarely rarely have a couple drinks and stuff so anyways yeah my social anxiety gets bad yeah exercise exercise and I need some sunlight I think so I'm getting my exercise I don't need to work on getting some sunlight so that's gonna be my thing oh yeah cool I'm after looking into that I really I really should because it's such a weird social anxiety such a weird thing because it's just it's just really a made-up thing I mean it's it's real for me with the like when someone's like hey you want to go to the party or something like it's like immediately in my head oh my god but like it just gives me a lot of anxiety so I definitely need to start working on it because I can't drown my drownded away anyways what uh someone asked me the football game I don't know if I'm watching a football probably won't be watching the football game I know dolphins are it's three no though I roads anybody know who the Dolphins are playing problem the same way of Jason when I'm the same exact way like it's just never happy with it it's so crazy like no matter even I was sure I was sure that if I could do something seemingly impossible like actually be a licensed CPA that I'd be proud of myself then like I just I just thought for sure like I knew you know like getting getting a new car I just thought for sure that would be such a huge goal and insurmountable but now I feel like I feel like oh I have a CPA license so it's not only that hard like if I could do it then really anybody could do it like it's not that big of a deal alright just forget about it sometimes or that's the thing I'm just trying to be happy with myself I'm trying to work on I know I know that exercise has helped me out a lot I know that exercise has helped me I know it's it's good for the body I know it gives me something else to focus on sit in the backyard to get some sunlight yeah I really should I don't know why I don't I really should I should do that today I really should sit in the backyard well I wanted to do some some gardening and stuff I don't know why I haven't been doing it yeah thanks bro yeah Jason um thanks a lot bro I mean the way the way I had to do it was I just had to start like trust me because once I started studying for it like I just wanted to be over so I go back to my life and I I saw this one thing it's like for you know for like stuff I kind of take studying this kind of like an art like a like a creative outlet like basically what I'm trying to say is um what am I trying to say uh when was studying or for creativity or whatever you just have to sit you have to like on Sunday night or whatever or are you gonna study for you're gonna study for a CPA exam now you know you got an hour okay forty minutes when you wake up thirty minutes at lunch two hours at night and you're gonna do that every day and then you um you plan it in your next week or like your week you're like this is when I can study this next week and then you just got to do it because you're not always gonna be in the mood for it you know studying for the CPA exam you're really never gonna be in the mood for it there's gonna be some days really go okay there's gonna be some days where you're just not gonna be want to do it but you just gotta force yourself to do it it's gonna be professional and just force yourself to do it help you out with the CPA exam I don't want to remember much about the CPA exam at this point to be honest I have I have some videos on my my channel about the CPA exam when I had when I remembered it a lot more yeah what else man what else is going on what else going on in the life dad life here little protein shake 15 straight days live streaming from this I can't believe that I thought I was going to be I thought I was gonna be more of just going going live that's almost the easier part now I look forward to it see who's gonna be in the chat who's chatting with me today and whatnot when's the next music stream um I don't know dad that probably not for maybe a little a little bit like a weaker like a week or something or I just that set up I had was was bad like I didn't like that set up at all really it was okay and the audio was trash and so I'm gonna wait until I got a couple more pieces for my my studio and interviewing and and stuff like that I need some mics and probably a week or so I need to get some more I need to upgrade it and that's the thing I was talking about like way way earlier in the chat or in this video today like I started doing way too any live streams and that's all I was doing then I wasn't thinking about how am I gonna get my studio better oh I know that's the big thing that's snowball mic that thing sucks sucks ass I guess the cords loose in there or something I could tie that up but I'm just getting new mics Manor I'm just getting some new cheap mics with like stands and stuff that move around and then a little power cord thing so also like it's really weird it's all a learning experience to excuse me because sometimes in these streams I'll play music that'll be copyrighted but it seems like if it's like one or two copyright songs they'll still play the video and I can just remove the audio that the little songs were playing maybe a minute here a minute here like an hour video or something but the music stream it have like like 20 different copyright songs and then they would block it block it from viewing it all in all countries so you couldn't even see it anymore and then I started wondering like am I gonna get a copyright strike from this you always hear people getting copyright strikes haven't got any copyright strikes took the videos down but I just I gotta be more I'm not sure well it needs to be better anyways mic ain't really gonna make me a lot of money in that's just it's just different with the whole copyright strikes and all these things but it's just you got to just keep on doing it getting up early I'm a fan of getting up early because I just I can plan my day out before the whole day get started you know definitely take them town yeah I took them down because um you know like I did take them down and that's the thing so I don't know how many music streams like that there's gonna be but who knows I do some more I definitely want to kind of just try to set set it up a little bit different I didn't like that way at all just the audio you couldn't really hear the music from the TV couldn't really hear music from the TV but yeah it's all learning process like you just got to start cuz you don't know what's gonna be good or what's not gonna be good like you think all these problems arise that you don't even know so I'm just glad I got started that's kinda why I started doing these live streams and stuff and working with the stream labs and stuff like that so I can get acquainted more to the live streaming and what I want to do is after I get my studio set up with a nice a nice setup I want to take I want to take my take the stream out like I want my phone now so take this out and about and then I can I do like Cassidy Campbell and ask questions and stuff well anyways guys I've been in here for about an hour and a half hour and 20 minutes I appreciate everybody being here I hope everyone has a really good day I'll be back for sure for live-streaming noon tomorrow I'm going to do my 16 straight day of 200 push-ups alright though tell tomorrow everybody deuces