hey guys is Robin welcome back to the 30 day Pilates my challenge today's workout is all about the booty so we're going to feel the burn but you're going to be so glad you did this and it'll be a great one to repeat whenever you just feel like you need a quick strengthener for that lower body okay so once we get started with me down on your mat we're going to lay all the way down on our back knees bent feet flat on the floor just take a minute to get situated take a few breaths again it's always good to just center yourself because usually we're rushing either rushing through the morning or rushing through the day so then when we get to our workout just take a minute to kind of let that all go give yourself as 10 minutes just for you so take a few big deep breaths let go of any stress that you're carrying in your body focus on your alignment here as you breathe if you need to adjust feel free and then we're going to start with just some nice pelvic tilts so all that's going to be is an inhale to prepare and an exhale to flatten your back and tilt your pelvis towards the ceiling just nice and easy nice way to warm up the back and start to engage those lower abdominal muscles so flatten the back and release and watch out for the temptation to tighten your shoulders and hunch forward as you do this so just keep those shoulders nice and relaxed get that little rock just in the lower part of the spine from here we're going to take it one step further into a full bridge or pelvic curl so continue that movement as you articulate your spine up off of the mat one vertebra at a time reach a straight line from your shoulders to your knees remember this isn't yoga so you're not trying to push up as high as you can you're trying to find that really nice long line ribs are closed and connected and now roll through your spine one vertebra at a time and let's do about six of those peeling up press equally into both feet reach the knees forward over the toes and that's your way back down inhale exhale roll up inhale at the top and exhale roll down good couple more and melting down let's just do one more and this one we're going to stay up at the top of our bridge so you're holding here if you feel like oh my gosh I'm already gonna cramp bring your heels a little bit closer to your body from here just lower the hips and press them up lower and press so no longer articulating through the spine just lowering and lifting nice squeeze there squeeze booty so you're getting that activation through the glutes and the hamstrings three more two one abs are still engaged at the top little pulses four ten nine eight seven really push into the ground with your feet four three two one now roll it down and walk your feet together so feet are together knees are together and we're going to do those same process just up for ten nine eight try to keep those knees glued together if it hurts your knees give yourself a little space there to move if you do it without pain oh you're going to feel the burn here in your hamstrings glutes and inner thighs two one little pulses ten nine eight seven six five four three two one roll it down and give you a quick hug it is release their release those hamstrings who there's more to come all right feet are flat on the mat knees are bent again take a nice big inhale as you exhale roll up through your spine knees reaching straight forward over the toes now I want you to picture connecting your left ribcage to your right hip up get those muscles connected that's your sling support it's going to help you stay balanced then just lift the left knee up off of the mat tap it down bring it up tap it down bring it up and three and four this is hard after that last exercise we did you're already tired hang in there seven eight press those arms into the net for support ten good other side so connect opposite rib to opposite hip sling system in place now it's much easier to lift that leg 10 9 you're hinging right at your hip crease here and 7 you've got this 6 5 4 3 stay lifted in those hips to one place the foot down melt through your spine one vertebra at a time coming back up again we're not done yet roll those hips up find that cross limb system left leg flips off the mat this time it goes straight reach it and raise it let's point flex point flex good 4 5 6 beat those hips high 7 8 nine one more time ten good foot comes down readjust if you drop the guy did get those hips back up straighten out other side we reach up woo come up take it up string already two and three and four use those upper arms for support six seven hang in there last one good comes down roll through your spine hug the knees in for a minute just rock side to side good take that left leg cross it over your right thigh you can just hang out here that's a good stretch for you if you need a deeper stretch draw the bottom leg in towards you and you're going to definitely feel bad in those hamstrings and glutes kind of a hurts so good kind of feeling so just hang out here for a minute and take a few big deep breaths let those hips release good one more breath good I can hang out here all day who know about you let's do the other side cross the ankle over the thigh and just stay here you're feeling a little bit tight that might be plenty of a stretch if you need a little bit more draw that whole unit in towards you and relax and breathe here for a moment nice big inhales nice big exhales relax your entire body letting go of tension and take one more big deep breath good hugging both knees and just gently rock yourself up to seated and that was your booty workout for the day I'll see you back here on your mat very soon