16th of May and I'll get him to another 30-day challenge to do 100 sit-ups 100 pushups and a hundred squats [Applause] this is just a quick update so basically I did my 100 pushups and I did my 100 sit-ups I did not complete the squats because I was quite intense that's fine I still have 40 left to do and the day only just started so after about the fifth day or so your body starts adapting to the workouts and it gets easier so what you can then do to to mix it up a little bit is just do different types of squats different types of setups different types of push-ups and yeah just try and kind of challenge your body as much as possible because it is only a 30 day challenge so it shouldn't get easier per se but yeah try and get the most out of the work as you can see there hasn't been much results with the second week's measurements although I do look a bit more defined and that kind of space for improvement so let's see how the third week goes in 30 days and I can't wait to see the results I have always met Ben our any transformation journeys this is gonna keep starting into going back to Jim Moore CrossFit or just getting back into fitness challenge yourself will make 30 days and start that healthy lifestyle yeah