– So in today’s video, I’m gonna show you how to tone your underbutt with
these three best exercises. I’m coming from the beautiful Votsalaki Resort in Mykonos, Greece. Now, this hotel is perfect if
you wanna have a good time, but you also wanna stay on track with your health and fitness. (upbeat music) Now, they have an outdoor
gym area, with a mat section. They have tons of room in their apartments for your workouts, and they also have healthy food and drink
for you to stay on track. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so for the first
move what you’re gonna do is we’re gonna be on all fours. We’re gonna lift one leg
up, and all you’re gonna do is bend from the knee in and out. So lift that leg up,
and bend it in and out. What you wanna do with
this move is make sure that you’re really thinking
about squeezing your glutes, as well as those back of those hamstrings. So you wanna bring your leg in and out. Keep that foot nice and
flex, and really squeeze your glutes as you bring your leg in. Make sure your navel’s
sucked into the spine, look straight ahead,
and we’re just gonna do a few more reps on this side. (upbeat music) That’s it guys, bring it
in and out, great work. (upbeat music) You wanna just bend that knee
into a 90 degree angle, as so. Excellent job guys,
let’s go straight on over to the other side, it’s the same move. Keep that foot flex, bring
the knee in, and down. You wanna make a nice 90 degree angle. Really think about squeezing those glutes and those hamstrings. Keep that navel sucked in,
exhale on every single time you bring that leg in, and
inhale as you bring it out. (upbeat music) That’s it guys, keep concentrating. (upbeat music) Fantastic work, now we’re gonna
move onto the next exercise. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna keep that leg straight. You’re gonna twist, and then you’re gonna come into a crab-like position,
and really think about moving your bum up and
down, that’s it guys. So this is using a bit of your brain, but trust me, it’s a really
good exercise at targeting the entire body, but also really focusing on the underneath of that bum. So you wanna come down, kick
that leg up as high as you can, straight leg, twist
round, and then come into a crab-like position and
squeeze your glutes up. So twist, lift up, and down. Now this does take a
couple of practices to do, but once you have the
hang of it, trust me, you’re really gonna feel the benefits. So keep that leg up,
twist round, squeeze up, down, twist back around,
that’s it guys, keep going. (upbeat music) Let’s move straight on
over to the other side. Same movement here guys,
so straight leg, kick back. Twist round, crab-like
position, squeeze up and down. (upbeat music) Kick up, twist round, squeeze up and down. That’s it keep going, guys. We’re just gonna do 10 reps
per side on this exercise, but my advice would be
to always try and do around 12 to 15 reps per side, and then you can work your way
up to around 20, or even 30. (upbeat music) amazing job, guys. Now for the final and third move, we’re just gonna go back to basics, and keep it simple, with
a nice bridge exercise. Now this is one of my all-time favorites to really target the
underneath of the bum, as well as the glutes. To really challenge this exercise, and target those hamstrings,
what I suggest doing is coming up onto your heels, so that way your toes are raised off of the floor. You just literally wanna
squeeze your glutes straight up, lift your pelvis as high as possible, keep that navel sucked into the spine. So we’re gonna do around 20 reps here, and like I said, again, guys,
you can go for minimum 20, and work up higher as you progress. (upbeat music) That’s it, guys. (upbeat music) Fantastic work. That is the end of the
three exercises, guys. I hope you really did enjoy this. So if you guys liked this video, and the beautiful view
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