upper back pain is a huge problem
experienced by people who work at desks a lot or people who drive a lot it’s
really important to get on top of it because left uncontrolled upper back
pain will rise up and develop into neck pain and headaches
what I’ve got for you in this video is three really simple what I call first
aid movement stretches they will stretch out the muscles in your upper back that
are causing your pain however it’ll only give you temporary relief to get
permanent relief you need to be considering a much longer program to
rebalance the muscles in your back this is available on my website and if you
are interested in controlling your upper back pain long term and really getting
rid of it then do consider doing that program so how do you choose the best exercises
to do to give you immediate relief from upper back pain the rule of thumb is you
need to take the spine through all its ranges of motion so they are forwards
backwards sideways and a nice little twist or rotation in the case of upper
back pain you’re already in a slouched position so I don’t think it’s necessary
to take yourself forward to relieve upper back pain I think it’s important
to do the other three so we’re going to do the other three planes of movements
so let’s start with one very simple movement it’s going to be a side Bend
I’m just going to take your spine your upper back into a side Bend so separate
your feet hip width apart soften your knees tuck your tailbone under draw your
abdomen in roll your shoulder blades back draw up from the sternum draw your
chin in and just nicely lengthen through the back of the neck allow yourself just
to feel that beautiful plum line feel all your muscles relaxed place your
right hand under your navel just gently relax no tension in your arm place the
left hand above you imagine that you’re holding a great big beach ball inhale
lengthen your spine and as you exhale I want you to just gently side bend to the
right reach up with that left elbow that’s fantastic
push down through that right big toe raising up contract the abdominals and
switch around to the other direction as you exhale inhale lengthen the spine
separate the hands exhale drop down to the left and really reach up with that
right elbow stretch out through the rib cage push down through that left big toe
and back to Center okay you can repeat that in your own time so
that’s exercise number one exercise number two we’re going to take
your back into an extension which means a back bend we spend a lot of our time
lot of our days slouching in our daily activities and that doesn’t help your
upper back pain so we want to take you back you want to get your shoulders back
we want to extend that upper back and I want to get some movement in the
opposite direction so start with your feet hip-width apart
just bring the hands behind you clasp the hands together palms face the
ceiling gently roll the shoulder blades back
extend the hands down towards the floor make sure your tummy doesn’t drop
forward pull the tummy in pull the tailbone under extend their hands down
towards the floor take gently take the chin up towards the ceiling as you look
up really squeeze those shoulder blades together control that low back so it
doesn’t dip forward and bulge forward just let that extension occur through
the upper back to come out of that you just release the elbows release the
hands and shake out so the third exercise is going to get a
fantastic rotation through your upper back we’re going to lock out below back
and just force the upper back to do all the movement you will love this exercise
you’re going to need a really wide stance for this so start with your feet
really wide what about shoulder-width apart nice and wide bend your knees and
I want you to fix your knees your knees need to stay in alignment with each
other don’t let them drop like this okay keep them in alignment that’s absolutely
crucial if you don’t your low back the rotation will go through your low back
and we want it to go through your upper back okay so fix your knees fix your low
back now this is known as I named this the sumo okay so what I want you to do
is relax your elbows your upper back should be completely free you’re going
to aim for this midpoint between your feet you’re going to drop that right
elbow and shoulder towards that midpoint relax relax relax and we’re going to
turn the head to look at the ceiling your low back should be completely
locked out there should be no movement a huge rotation through the thoracic spine
releasing the lungs the ribcage and all those thoracic nerves getting a great
stretch up into the neck as well okay when you’re ready you come out of that
come back to neutral give it a little wiggle and then drop
down again to the midpoint in there with the opposite arm turn our head to look
at the ceiling you’re really freeing up underneath the
scapula there that scapula is being lifted off the rib cage the rhomboids
are stretching erector spinae is stretching that door size stretching and
even trapezius it’s a great all-round upper back stretch back to neutral
chin down uncurl shoulders roll back ah doesn’t that feel great if you’ve enjoyed these exercises and
you found that they’ve helped your upper back pain I’ve got a lot more available
for you on two websites one is soothe clinic calm where you can find specific
movement programs for neck pain back pain headaches disc injuries and the
second is a yoga website w-w-whoa you go online calm there you will find hundreds
of hour-long half-hour long 10 minute long yoga classes that will really
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