all right so you're looking to get the all coveted v-line abs you want those deep cuts when you take your shirt off that's gonna be the thing that's gonna get the girls go wow that is incredible good news in today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys a few exercises they're gonna be responsible for deepening and developing this area by one hitting your lower abs in two hitting your obliques so further ado let's just get straight into it and before we actually start if you guys can smash the bell notification icon right beside the subscribe button that'd be greatly appreciated so we're gonna start this off by first targeting our obliques when it comes to actually attaining my V lines personally this was the muscle group that I can attain some of the most results directly after that's when we're actually going to get into more of the lower abs and then to conclude our routine we're gonna go through a finisher that's gonna hit both the lower abs as well as the obliques and is really gonna pull this thing together so we're gonna kick this thing off here by getting into some cable side bends for the obliques now what we're gonna be doing here is by keeping our spine in a nice neutral position we're gonna tip our shoulders over to the side and mentally cueing ourselves by thinking about contracting the obliques as hard as you possibly can now because your boys got a low enough body fat percentage we're actually able to see Bleek's you can definitely see the demonstration of what immensly thinking for every single repetition I'm not just thinking let's tip over to the side and just perform the repetition for the sake of it rather it's to contract and shorten that muscle as hard as possible and then I also add in about a one-second isometric hold just so I can continue to increase time under tension and develop more of that mind muscle connection on every single repetition now here's an example of what some careless repetitions would look like you can see the time under tension is absolute trash the spine is not maintaining neutrality it's actually moving and pivoting forward and backwards and there's really no mind muscle connection going on here rather what's happening is the individual me is trying to just perform each repetition with as much speed as possible and very likely is trying to do so while lifting the most amount of weights that they possibly can I wanted to mention if you guys don't have a cable machine here you're also able to perform this movement with some resistance bands and actually the resistance bands would provide a very unique resistance curve because as you're pulling the weight as far as you possibly can getting to the point where the obliques are gonna be as shortened as much as they possibly can that's a when the movement is going to be its toughest because you have brought out and you've increased the tension of the resistance band so significantly now the next movement we're gonna be getting into here are some reverse crunches with some posterior pelvic tilt now the way that most guys tend to perform the reverse crunch is going to be as such simply by just bringing the knees towards the chest and dropping the feet towards the floor the main problem with this movement is one no posterior pelvic tilts meaning you're not actually getting your butt off of the ground and not getting some of that spinal flexion that's going to be really responsible for shortening the abdominals and mostly at the lower portion of the abdominals and as well at the end of the movement those feet are dropping the floor you're losing all the tension you want to prevent yourself from doing that and perform the movement as such to initialize the movement you're gonna lift the feet off of the ground heels will never touch the floor through the entire range of motion here now this is gonna keep tension on the lower abdominals for every single repetition during the center as you can see me demonstrating here I'm getting that posterior pelvic tilt where the butt is coming off the ground and we're getting that spinal flexion this is what's responsible for shortening those abdominals and really maximizing the effect of the reverse crunch as you can see from this angle the way I'm stabilizing myself is by having my fingers pressed into the ground I've got my arms close towards my torso and I'm performing each repetition in a slow and controlled movement again to increase time under tension for maximal results I suggest you perform this exercise for both three to four sets for about 15 to 20 repetitions now to conclude or v-cut abs workout routine we're going to be getting into our finisher and we're actually gonna be performing this under a 30 second timer the reason for such is because I feel the best way to actually train your abdominals is not by counting repetitions but by pushing yourself to complete as many perfect repetitions that you possibly can in a specific time period and trust me you're definitely going to notice the intensity that increases by performing repetitions for a time duration as opposed to just doing it for a designated number of repetitions now the exercise we're gonna be getting into here are some Russian twists now the way most people tend to perform this are with the feet on the ground which is gonna be great yes because you are gonna be able to mostly hit the obliques and a little bit of the lower abdominals but a method that we can actually utilize here to incorporate more of the lower abdominals is to intertwine our legs and lift them off of the ground this is gonna put a lot of a load on the lower abdominals while we're performing movement that's going to be able to hit our obliques now another mistake that tends to happen with guys that are trying to perform this movement is just touching the floor as quickly as they possibly can with no focus on actually getting trunk rotation that trunk rotation is actually what's gonna be able to maximally recruit the obliques when you're just touching from the right side of your hips to the left side of your hips with your hands on the ground you're not getting as much of that rotation thus meaning you're not getting as much activation from those obliques so for maximum effectiveness focus on getting trunk rotation have those feet up in the air and trying to maintain the position that they're in through it the entire sets performing every single set for 30 seconds getting clean repetitions where you're not going through fast speedy movements but rather controlled concise movements where you're focusing on contracting the obliques in the entire core actually for every single repetition again for this specific exercise in the workout I suggest you perform this movement for about three to four sets of thirty seconds apiece and if you guys are looking to get your hands in the exact same protein that I drink right here this is actually some vegan protein blessed protein from EHP then be sure to hit the link down in the description use my code barbarian at checkout knock off ten percent on your order so there you guys go that concludes today's video I really hope that I was able to show you guys how to get those v-cut ABS how to get them to show and most importantly how you're going to attack the lower abs and the obliques to actually do so now if you guys are looking for a full step-by-step training program then be sure to hit the link that's going to be in my description you can head on over to my website the Barbarian body calm were you gonna be able to check out a myriad of all of my programs are gonna be responsible for the results that I have as well as the results of thousands of students from across the globe well over 12,000 people have enrolled into my programs so if you want to be the next person that's gonna be on a transformation picture or a transformation video then as I said be sure to hit the link that's gonna be in the description head on over to the Barbarian body calm and that is pretty much everything guys if you guys enjoyed the video the be sure to smash that like button down below and also be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell notification icon that one is vitally important for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you will not want to miss thank you so much for joining me guys I'll see you all in the next video