– Hi guys. Hello, hello happy Wellness Wednesday. I am back for another hangout with you. This is our place to connect,
for me to share some tips, tell you what’s goin’ on in my life, and hear what’s going on
in your magnificent life. So I’ve got a great topic for us today but first I wanna start
with a little catch-up and tell you what happened last night. You’re not gonna believe it. Well maybe some of you
will believe it actually. So I got this gut hit and many of you know exactly what that means. You just know in your bones,
maybe it comes in the shower or on a walk or when you’re cooking and when your mind is clear and you get this feeling about something or ya know you get a message
from your higher self, from the universe. And the message was this. It was Kris, you need to
take down your bird feeders. A bear is coming tonight. Tonight my dear a bear is coming. A girl or a guy who is super hungry, coming out of hibernation. This is the time. You’ve got way too many feeders up, you gotta taken ’em down. It’s happening tonight girl. Then I got distracted and we went out and we had delicious
Mexican food and I came home and kinda got ready for
bed, didn’t think about it. Woke up this morning, guess what happened? Bear, took down all my feeders. Are you kidding me? Nope, I am not. Took down all my feeders. Hurt my Catalpa tree, which I love, my sweet, huge, massive,
gorgeous Catalpa tree. Tons of branches down
and I just thought wow, this is such an incredible
message. (chuckles) First I was kinda like darn it. I’m cranky I got distracted. But then I thought this
is just a reinforcement of everything I know. You have to listen to yourself whether it’s about your health or it’s about your bird feeders
or it’s about a bear coming, or it’s about a relationship
that needs to end or a job that needs to change or a job that you’re so, so happy about and you feel tons of gratitude. You wanna listen to yourself ’cause your intuition is
always giving you messages and our job is just to stay
clear so that we can hear them. So, if any of you listening out there feel like this is a sign for you then I want you to take it in, because maybe there’s something
that you need to act on. Maybe there’s a message
that your suppressing. Maybe there’s a feeling that you have that you keep going eh to. That feeling matters. That feeling is giving you
really useful information so if you see a bear on
a greeting card or a mug or a potholder or a magazine
or I don’t know where else you would see a bear,
you get a bear message, think about your intuition. I think that’s what this
experience is telling all of us. So, (laughs) Christine, oh my god Christine you are making me laugh my butt off. You just put a dancing
bear in the comments. I love you so much, hello. Hi Lisa, hi Gayle, hi Mark. Hi guys, I’m so excited that you’re here. Hi Amber, yes, we’re gonna
talk about cravings today. Hey Stephanie, hi everybody. Okay, so this is our topic. We are gonna talk about how to outsmart those sneaky food cravings so that you are in
charge, not your cravings. Now, you guys know that I run an amazing online wellness workshop that’s happening right now. It’s four parts and the first
video released, what was it? Where are we? Last week, where am I, who am I? And that was all about energy. So many practical tips in there including a free guided
relaxation and so much more. Our coaches are there, our
dieticians are there, I’m there commenting in the comments,
giving you guys free coaching. And today you can check out the video that’s all about cravings. It’s about 25 minutes long but it’s packed with information, the hows and the whys
and what to do about it. The thing is that your cravings have a lot of valuable insight for you and the goal is just to
learn how to decode them. So I’m not gonna get into all of the nitty gritty details here because that’s what those videos are for. So you wanna get your coupons over and check out that workshop. You can find the link in this post and there’s also a pinned
comment with the link and again it’s
kriscarr.com/wellnessworkshop. But I am gonna give you a few hacks today and then we’re gonna check in ’cause I wanna know how you
guys are doing and what’s up? So the first one is super simple and that is to choose
a healthier activity. So, let’s say you’re feeling down because somebody triggered you. Maybe it was your mom or
somebody in your family or a friend said something
that kinda hurt your feelings or you’re just going through
a stressful time at work or in your home life or maybe you’ve got some stress around what’s happening with
your health and your well-being and maybe you’re waiting
for a medical report and that’s got you flipped out. There’s a lot of reasons
why we get triggered. All of these external forces, right that seems like they’re happening to us and we’re just like
bystanders in the journey. And when you get triggered you
often want to feel comforted. You wanna feel soothed
and what we need to do is learn how to self
soothe in healthier ways. So when that happens to
me and it does happen. Maybe it’s I read a nasty
comment that somebody left me because they got really angry at me online and that happens. Like when you put yourself out there not everybody’s gonna like it, it’s true. Not everybody’s gonna like it. And maybe somebody hurts my
feelings and I feel triggered. I wanna grab that peanut
butter cookie ooh. Or maybe a glass of Pinot
Grigio or, that’s not my drink, my drink is gin, good gin,
organic tonic, that is my drink because I wanna feel better. But as you guys know, those things don’t make us feel better. I just did an Instagram Live
and I wanna say this here too. I’m not suggesting that
you can’t have fun, that you have to live
these clean, pristine lives all the time. That is not what I’m suggesting. Your body is way more
resilient than you think and so is mine. I am not perfect. I don’t wanna be perfect. I don’t strive to be perfect. Life is too rich and juicy for that. So we’re not doing that here. But, so while you might have those things, we don’t wanna use those
things as crutches, right? We don’t wanna use them
when we’re feeling down because oftentimes that
makes us feel worse. It’s not celebratory. It’s not like we’re
going out with our girls and being like you guys
let’s have fun tonight and then I’m gonna drink a lot of water and take care of myself. It’s like no, I need to use substances to get myself out of this rut. So, the first step for you, the first hack is to choose a healthier activity. So for me it’s always about
putting my sneakers on. Gettin’ my sneakers on, going for a run, listening to my favorite tunes, popin’ in an inspirational
podcast to help me change my mind about whatever is going on in my mind. Getting on my little mini trampoline. How many of you guys have
rebounders out there? They’re so great and my
house is pretty small so I don’t have like room
for a lot but they’re, you can fit them in almost any space and they’re a great investment to make. So I might just pop on my
trampoline for 10 minutes. In fact, I always jump on trampoline before I’m talking to you guys ’cause I just get so energize doing it. So choosing that healthier activity, changing your environment,
changing your state really helps change this. Another thing is to reach out to a friend, maybe give ’em a call or if you’re like me because I live in a very rural area, most of my friends are in
the city, New York City or in California or ya know
all around the country, I will text one of my friends. I’ll text my best friend
Marie and I’ll say hey girl. I need to process something. I’m totally fine it’s okay,
I just got like I don’t know, somethin’ buggin’ me and I need
to get this out of my body. And she does the same with me. And it might just be like a 15
minute little quick check in, pep talk, let it out so it doesn’t like
settle into your tissues. I do that with my husband
and sometimes I want advice and sometimes I don’t. I’ll be like this is
just one of those times where I wanna be heard and I want a hug but I don’t need you to fix it. Yeah! (chuckles) So again, you’re finding healthier ways to deal with what’s going
on that’s triggering you. So let’s go on to the second hack. So the first one is choosing
a healthier activity. The next one is choosing
a healthier thought. Now if you guys are
like me, there are times when you say pretty mean
things to yourselves. How many of you do that? Do you ever do that? Do you ever say something snarky or nasty or unkind to yourself? I hope you don’t but I
suspect that you probably do. All the I’m not enough stuff. You don’t even need to list what it is. So that’s a great opportunity. That’s basically a sign that says oh, I’m in the bad feeling neighborhood. My inner guiding system
is showing me this sign, just think about like
dashboard on your car and ya know an emergency light goes on or maybe the gas light goes
on and it’s like just a sign to tell you hey girl, hey guy you need to go to the gas station and you need to fill her up. Well, your inner guidance
system is also telling you oh hey you’re in that bad feeling place. This is your opportunity to
go to the good feeling place by choosing a healthier, better thought and that’s where affirmations
are so, so powerful. And that’s one of the reasons
why I love using them. I was talking on Instagram a
moment ago, like I told you, and I was sharing that
I’m also reading this book by Esther and Jerry Hicks. And this is the work of Abraham Hicks and how many of you
have ever read this book Ask and it is Given Learning
to Manifest Your Desires. This is all about the law of attraction. Let me check the comments here. Anybody have read, yeah okay. Thumbs up, here we go. Yeah, anybody else? Okay so this is an incredible book and it’s interesting
because when I held this up on Instagram Live everybody was saying can we do a book club? And I was like yeah, we
can totally do a book club. Do you guys wanna do a book club as part of our weekly Wellness Wednesday? And if you do wanna do book club just give me a thumbs
up or leave a comment and we will figure that out. This is my, where are we, we’re April. This is my March book
so I’m a little behind. I have to catch up. I have like 100 pages more to go. This has been helping me
change my mind so much and come back into that
good feeling space. That space where we create
the lives that we wanna live. When we literally magnetize
the goodness to us. So I highly recommend this. Choosing that better thought
because that is again, it is just a sign from your
internal guidance system that you don’t have to feel
this way, you can feel better, it’s just about changing this. Alright, now let’s talk
about the third hack. This one is so, so, so simple. I actually wish that I included this in the Wellness Workshop which
let me give another shoutout. You gotta check it out guys. It’s only available till next
week and then we take it away. So you go to kriscarr.com/wellnessworkshop or check out the link in this post. So this one is my favorite one and it works every single time. It’s basically I call close up shop. So what does that mean? It might be Sunday night,
I’m watching my shows it’s nine o’clock, I’m
full, I had a great dinner, I feel satiated and healthy. I know that if I start snacking it’s probably gonna keep me up and I’m gonna not feel
good and my belly will hurt and I might get indigestion and maybe gas. All this stuff can
happen but my show is on and I feel like snacking. I want popcorn and dark
chocolate and popcorn and dark chocolate and popcorn
and dark chocolate, ah! (chuckles) That is a sign it is
time to close up shop. What does that mean? It means for me brush
your teeth, floss, gargle, you can even brush your tongue, get that minty great taste in your mouth and two things happen. One, you’re like ooh I like
this minty great taste. I wanna keep this taste. I don’t need other tastes. I’m all good. Totally resets your brain too. And two, you just did a lot of work. Dental work, dental hygiene
takes time and effort and if you have a Waterpik, oh
my gosh, it’s even more time. My dentist just gave me that. Gave me a whole spiel about it and I was just like pack it up,
I definitely wanna get that. The point is is that
you’re probably less likely to go for the sweets or the
salty stuff late at night. So those are my three tips;
choosing a healthier activity, choosing a healthier
thought, and closing up shop. So let me check in with you
guys real quick and say hi to some of the folks I didn’t say hi to. Hi Lorena, hey Samantha. Oh my goodness, Samantha
from New Zealand, hello. Beautiful, so happy it’s sunny there. It’s sunny here too. Brianne (chuckles). Thank you Brianne, the
video of the costumes with you and your husband is hilarious. If you haven’t checked out that video it is on my Facebook page
and also on my Instagram feed which is @crazysexykris on Instagram and I just love the fact that my husband will basically do the zany
things that are in my mind and you guys responded so well to it. Like I think we had
60,000 views on that video that I think I’m gonna
bring a little bit more of the Kris humor to my videos and posts and even some of these
live Wellness Wednesdays. I’m just gonna release the kraken ’cause it’s kinda nutty
in here in a good way. Not always good, but
most of the time good. Okay let’s see here. Hey Mercedes, Shari is here, okay awesome. I’m so happy to see you and Christine. So many of you guys are here, so great. Let me just scroll down
and see if there’s any, yes to a book club says Alisa. Okay we’re gonna do that. You guys, start with Ask and it is Given if you need a read right now. Oh, my friend Sheri, hi Sheri. She says Erin Stutland’s Mantras in Motion is a great read too. It sure is and I wrote the
forward to it and I love her. I love her book. She is our, she is our fitness
coach in Crazy Sexy You and she’s just such a
shining light in the world and she helps me stay in
shape, which is really good. Let’s see here. This is great. You guys are so wonderful. Lots of love. Alright, I love you. I’m gonna check in with the comments later ’cause there’s tons of comments now. I’m not gonna be able to keep up. I can’t wait to check
in with you next week. I hope you have a great one. Think about these hacks. Go ahead and check out the workshop at kriscarr.com/wellnessworkshop. You are magical, magical, magical beings. You are magnificent. Everything about you is amazing. (sighs) The universe broke the
mold when you came out and I am just so happy
that we are friends. I will see you next time, bye you guys.