Alright Guys We’re Back With the hard gainers Series and so far we’ve Covered the best Exercises for Chest Shoulders and Back and if You haven’t Seen Those Videos yet I will link to the entire Playlist Down in That Info Section Below but before, We get Started Be sure to turn on Video Notifications so you Never Miss a new Video Upload and Follow me on instagram for more Workout Tips and Motivation Now the next Installment for the Stretch Flex, Overload Series will be Focusing on Building Bigger Biceps Remember Guys This Advanced Technique was Specifically Designed To Help you hard gainers is build Muscle by creating a stronger mind Muscle Connection But Anyone Can Take Advantage of This Technique To Bust Through Muscle Building Plateau in fact Biceps Have Been A Weak Point for Me and I’ve Just Started Implementing These Exercises Into my Weekly Routine Because while my arms Look big When I flex like this I really want that Softball Look my Arms are straight Down so we’re Gonna get There to get up the way this Routine Works Is that you’re Going to perform a try Set Of 3 Different Exercises The First Exercise will place the Majority of the Resistance during The negative when the Biceps are a Fully Stretched Position The Second Exercise will Place the Most Resistance on the Biceps when Fully flexed then, after the Biceps Have Been pre Exhausted With Those Two Specific Movements the Third Exercise will Place the Maximum Load Possible on the entire Biceps When We know that They’ll be at Their Weakest Point and Required to do the Majority of the Work Rather than other Muscles Taking Over The movement so in A nutshell the first two exercises will Help establish a stronger mind Muscle Connection And the Third, One will Destroy the Biceps using as Much weight as Possible as for the Routine Itself you’re Going to perform 8 to 10 reps per Exercise and Complete 4 Rounds of All 3 Movements Only Resting 60 To 90 Seconds After you Complete One Realm of all Three exercises Remember it’s a try Set so There is no rest between the exercises Themselves and You’re Going to complete a total of 4 Rounds Alright Guys Before We get started with this Routine I do recommend that you do a nice Shoulder Stretch you’re Gonna be Putting your Shoulders Not in A compromised Position But you will be sitting them back Pretty far in The first Exercise so if You haven’t done a shoulder I’m up yet Now’s the Time To do it two Warm-ups i like to do that are super Quick one Is Shoulder Break Is just get a Bungee Go back and Forth Like This and go back and Forth 12 To 15 Times so touching your Thighs and Touching your Butt counts as One Rep Now do Two quick Sets of that and Another Thing you can do if your shoulders are Still Tight you Shouldn’t get Down on the Ground and you can do Dumbbell Shoulder Rotations and Once again Make Sure you do 12 to 15 reps per Side and Complete Two Sets of that and your Shoulders Should be Totally Warmed up so the first Exercise Is gonna Focus on getting that Deep Stretch and the Biceps and the Exercise you’re Gonna Be doing Is an Incline Dumbbell curl now The way I have this bench Set up right Now is about a thirty Percent Incline if You’ve Never Done This Exercise before it might be very beneficial for you to start Off at Thirty Percent Because like i said you will be Pulling your Arms back Quite A bit but if you have the Flexibility and You’ve Done This before I drop it down To 45 because Gonna give you a much Deeper Stretch Throughout The Movement so are you gonna do to perform this Exercise is to hold your Dumbbells in Each Hand Just like This and you’re Gonna Lean Back and as you perform the reps You’re Gonna Keep Those Elbows Back Like This so they’re Pretty much your Arms are gonna Be vertical when They’re in the down Position When you’re in A down Position like this Make sure your Palms are Facing Forward you Should Already start to Feel some Bicep Engagement if You’re Down Like this This is wrong Palms Facing Forward as Soon as You’re in Position You’re Gonna Come all the way up like this again, Pulling Those Elbows Back Coming up as high as you can Controlling on the Way Down and Complete all your Repetitions Using Form Just Like This all right all the way Down all the way Up and again go as Heavy as you can For Proper Form if You can’t do all the reps Maybe, you’re Going a little too heavy Remember, We’re Not so worried About weight right now We’re Trying to go for volume and Focus on that Mind-Muscle Connection So as you go Down on the way up really Squeeze Those Biceps and Control on the way Down Exercise Number Two is gonna be a Spider curl now What’s great about this Is we’re Going to be Focusing on the Flex that’s the whole Purpose of This Exercise? so you Can Keep the Bench in the Same Position I Turned it Around Obviously Cuz I’m Filming This for you Guys and you Can do this Exercise with a barbell or dumbbells if You’ve Never Done it before I Recommend using a barbell to stock but Once You get used to the movement and you’re able to really Feel That Flex at the Top I recommend Switching the dumbbells Because Gonna Make the exercise A bit more Intense so To Perform a, spider curl what you guys are gonna do Is eight to ten Repetitions Once Again Making Sure your Arms Are Pretty much vertical from the stat and then Come all the way up like this Squeezing your Biceps As hot as you Can Pausing for a second at the top get That nice Flex in and Then Control on the way Down Now you want to Make sure that as you do this movement you Don’t Come up like this and then do that and Have your Elbows Drop Backwards It’s almost like Once your Arms are vertical like this you’re Gonna Keep Them in That Fixed Position and They’re Gonna Stay There Throughout Every Single Repetition Now You guys Should know that this is A very Intense Exercise When You’re Going to have to Probably use, less weight than you Would if you Were doing a normal Bicep curl okay not Just because you’re Focusing on mind Muscle Connection But Because it Is a hata movement to do so as soon as you finish the first Exercise for the Stretch then We’re Gonna Move on and Focus on the Flex eight to ten reps and then Move on to the last Exercise Alright Guys so the Third and Final Exercise for your Try Set is going to be a straight by barbell Curl and This is Gonna Focus on the Overload The goal Here is to lift as Much weight as you Possibly Can for 810 Repetitions Now I will Say that if you do not have Access to barbells and you want to use dumbbells Throughout the entire Workout that Is Totally Fine Just Make Sure when You’re doing the curl you Keep your palms facing Forward the entire Time While using Those Dumbbells as Well okay but if You do Have Access to a barbell I recommend using that because you can Be able to do A lot more weight all right so proper Form here Guys And Remember This is the Overload so for Those eight to ten Repetitions You’re Trying to Use as. Much weight as Possible so stand just like this Keep your Glutes Tight Flex your Core bring the weight all the way up like this Make sure Those Elbows Stay in Front of your hips Just like that and as You go Down Make Sure You don’t do This okay That Gonna Completely Get Rid of the negative Which is where you Break Down the most muscle tissue for Regrowth and you want to Maximize Every Second you can in that negative so what you’re Gonna do is do your curl like this Keep your Elbows in A fixed Position It’s almost like the barbell Is Coming Down away from your Body Okay, so really quick the wrong way is like this the correct Way Is sitting Like that? and They’re Bringing the barbell Away from your body Now I will say if you guys Would like to use Utilize some Cheat reps When doing this because it is the Overload and we’re Focusing on more mind Muscle Connection and doing Both good Repetitions on the Positive and negative for first Two exercises if You want to Say do Four reps with as much weight as you Can using Proper Form Coming all the way Up and Coming all the way Down and then you start to get Tired by Maybe your fourth Repetition you Can Use some Cheat reps by Tossing it Up Repositioning Yourself Flexing your Core Flexing your glutes and Controlling negative The Last Few Repetitions okay so I don’t want you Guys doing Cheat reps on Every Single Rep for this Movement but for at least half of the reps do them Properly and then for the other half you know Overload as much as you Can and use A bit of Cheating to Help you Really Focus on lifting as. Much weight as Possible Throughout That negative Portion of the Movement Alright Guys So Remember that the idea Behind this Series Is to get you in and out of the Gym as fast as Possible While Dealing Maximum Muscle Damage for Regrowth Because as a hard gainer you, don’t want to be Burning Too many Calories With Long Workouts you need Those Calories to build Muscles Also Make Sure you’re Challenging Yourselves With Heavy weights you guys Ask me all the Time in the Comments Section how much weight Should I be using the answer Is that on Every Set you Should use the Maximum weight that you can Handle for eight to ten Reps So if you Can go Heavier and Round two then Increase the weight but if your Form is Breaking Down Then Go a little Lighter it’s that Simple One Last Thing if You’re not a hard Gainer and Still want to Add this Workout to your current Biceps Training try Adding Two Rounds as finisher After your current Bicep Workout if you’re Enjoying the Series Please Show some Love and smash that like Button Subscribe if You Haven’t Already and if You’re in Need of a new Workout routine be Sure to check out all my full 12-Week Muscle Gain and Fat Shredding Programs on and as always more good stuff Coming soon see you Guys One Quick Tip before I let you Guys go for those of you who want A refresher Course and some of my most recent Videos on YouTube Or maybe you just don’t have Time to sit Down and Watch them all over again I actually Post Them an Article Format on my Website all you got to do is click the Article and You’ll find the actual YouTube Video posted at the top But as you, scroll down you’ll See There’s A full Description of the Video Along With Photos to go Along with it